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[The thing about Hakuno? The more agitated she is, the more... vocal she becomes. Especially with her usual inward snarkiness. She's lying in bed right now feeling very under the weather, so that's hardly presentable. Therefore, she vents her frustrations through an audio call.]

Ugh... is it normal to feel like utter crap after summoning a Persona? My whole body feels like lead and just moving a bit feels like a chore. Why in the hell do I either get hurt or completely exhausted every time I discover something new?

[Being protagonist is suffering...]

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['Sup. Hakuno stares blankly at the screen, standing in the middle of what seems to be a kitchen. She stands out more than usual due to her wearing a fitting red cheongsam and a white frilly apron. Her hair is also styled into a pair of buns at the sides of her head. Guess who got a job at a local Chinese dim sum restaurant? After a few more seconds of uncomfortable staring, she breathes in and finally begins to speak:]

... Saint Valentine's Day. Shortened to Valentine's Day, it's a holiday on the fourteenth of February to celebrate love and affection between companions. This is expressed by giving romantic gifts like flowers, sweets, written poems and such. In Japan, where I assume I'm from, it's customary for girls to give chocolates to boys they like. The more they like the boy, the better quality the chocolate. However, it's best to give chocolate that's handmade because of the sentimental value. Since we're in America, though, don't worry about it too much.

And for those who are wondering about the holiday's name, it's named after the legend of Valentinus, who was beaten then beheaded for assisting couples of a persecuted religion to marry during the age of the Roman Empire long ago. I'm guessing the marrying thing is why we celebrate love.

[Phew. That was a lot to say. Which means... another moderate period of silence before Hakuno speaks again.]

... Anyway, there are a lot of couples here. So I'll show you all how to make a few easy kinds of chocolate truffles since I'm done with work. First, I'll start with a basic recipe for ganache, then coating. After, I'll show you some ways to decorate the chocolates.

[Even though she doesn't remember her past at all, for some reason she remembers how to cook. She sets her phone down onto the kitchen counter to show the necessary ingredients and equipment needed already laid out:]

For ganache, you'll need 200 grams of chocolate, one tablespoon of melted butter, 60 milliliters of heavy cream...

[... the rest of the video goes on as she carefully shows, step by step, how to make chocolate truffles for Valentine's Day. Much like this video, minus the Engrish thanks to translator microbes and minus expressiveness. Minus that very weird ending of the video too.]

... as you can see, this recipe is very variable, so there's a lot of room for creativity. I'll be at the high school's Home Ec Room after school tomorrow, so if you'd like to make Valentine's Day sweets in groups, be my guest.
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[The video feed turns on to show Hakuno giving a small bow to the camera. She straightens herself up. She seems to have quickly recovered from both shock and her cold, since her only expression right now is a blank stare.]

I'm Kishinami Hakuno. From now on, I'll be living with Saber... the shorter one. Nice to meet you.

[Yep. Short and sweet. There's a veeeeery long pause, before she decides to add:]

... If she made you angry at any point in time, I apologize on her behalf.

[That's about it.]
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[There is no network call or the usual screaming demands of where, why, and how. The newest arrival to Prospero does nothing to make her presence known. Though, anyone walking along the shoreline of the island this afternoon would probably notice the new face.


Thankfully close to the beach's shores, at least. Still... Help would be nice right about now.]


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