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I have finally decided it's high time to move to a bigger space. I have nothing against about my current accommodations, but in all honesty, you can only store so many paints within an apartment. I shall now occupy myself with house hunting, as it is apparently called nowadays.

Archer? The golden one. If you are still dwelling around, I think I could use your expertise in "big, shiny things"; you will be paid accordingly.


[Much later, during the Dark Hour.]

[Well, the title said "moving", right? There's a lot you can do with a word, like burning your enemies to a crisp. Saber has been too much time fooling around to let herself fall out of shape, so she can be found taking on one too many enemies like a total badass, red dress shamelessly flapping around.]
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[See Saber.

See Saber, dressed with painfully plain clothes, checking out a number of fabrics in what looks like a textiles' store.

Admittedly, I didn't expect to receive as many requests for a Valentine's oriented party. And while I had not trouble when it came to inform myself about the whereabouts of such celebration... [She takes a little pause to let her awesomeness sink in.] People are weird in this time and age!

[And she throws the light pink piece of cloth she was holding to a side, a bit too much dramatically to be completely honest.]

They babble of love, and yet they all want a very much typical party. I had suggested something more special, more intimate, but it seems to me that such a special occasion is being used as a vile excuse to make noise. Inconsiderate simpletons...

[Well it seems somebody had been keeping that for herself for a while. She maintains her composure though, because that's unsightly of an emperor.]

Ah, I almost forgot the purpose of this message. How are you all planning to spend Valentine's Day? I hope you all have a special someone, or someones to keep you company and devote yourself to love in a proper way. [That coming from her probably means something completely different though. The feed ends with Saber making a dreamy face for a moment.]
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Early night. Video. Open.

[Oh hey, is that Saber. You know, the one with the boobs. It looks like something is troubling her. Note how she is holding a paper sheet on one hand.]

This numbers have stopped making sense since last night. Oh, I have no idea of how long have I dedicated to analyze all the spending throwing a great party would take, but apparently taxes work differently in this time and age. Not to mention other details...

[Well, she's not going to say it from the get go, but Saber here has been spending massive amounts of time to create one wonderful party for everybody to enjoy, new arrivals included. Dancers, exotic animals, free food; it was going to be awesome you guys, but then she remembered that the space she has to set everything is rather limited, and so the money she has, Gilgamesh financing her or not.

She she has been trying to decide what to cut and how, but Nero isn't really one to let go of luxuries if possible, no sir.

The way things are, I shall have it set for next weekend. I might have to reserve a bigger room this time though. I will prevail though!

[A beat, in which she sighs and leaves that paper sheet over others.]

I must admit, times like these make me yearn for a good public bath. It has been long since I had the chance to refresh myself on the luxury of a marble floor, hot streams of water caressing me with never ending delight. Umu~! Those were the days.

[You know it's not a Saber post if it doesn't get slightly PG at some point.]

Ah, I suppose I shall take a bath now. Praetor? If you are around, you are invited to join me. And actually, whoever feels like sharing a sizable bath tub should come around! It shall prove to be a nice evening for everyone.
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[The first thing that comes to view is Saber. The one with the chest, of course. By now some people should be able to tell them apart, if only for that sole reason. At any rate, she's sitting in what looks like a huge bathtub. Don't worry, she's fully dressed, and the bathtub -actually a Jacuzzi, but the looks of it- has no water in it. She's just sitting there, legs crossed in front of her...and somebody is feeding her grapes. Yep, just another day for crazy Roman-y antics.

A muffled voice complains about having to feed her, but Saber pays no attention to it as she faces the camera -being held by someone else of course- with a triumphant smile.

I had been feeling rather down as of late, which led me to consider the different reasons that might be causing such a change in my mood. Of course, life in this island has proved to be harsh, but at the same time interesting. One as me must take every chance to get to know different kinds of persons if the possibility is at hand. And who wouldn't want to make an acquaintanceship with me anyway?

[She pauses as a hand feeds her grapes for a little while.]

That was not what was keeping me down. A genius like me, to be faced with such banal and vastly pointless trials, I reached the conclusion this place was clouding my usual brightness, which in turn was reason enough for me to come and acquire this. [And she motions to the Jacuzzi.] It's not like the ones we had back home; terribly smaller in comparison, even, but I think this will do. Maybe I forgot to tell you all, but now I am being employed to organize gatherings where I used to work as a mere waitress, and I will surely expand the business all over this piece of land, and then, the world.

[So now Saber is trying to be the King of Parties. Well, she figures that taking over the worls must be easier if everyone is happy. The one holding the camera asks if she has much more to say, and the blonde shoots a deadly glare in its direction.]

But alas, I can't waste more time talking like this, for I need to properly purchase this fine bathing equipment. Before I depart though, I wished to ask you all if you wanted to have another of our meetings somewhere in the near future. I think we all could use some time to sit and discuss some matters, don't you all agree?

[She used a tone that meant obviously Personae and the Dark Hour, but also wants everyone to have a good time. That said, she stands from her place and walks over the camera, grabbing it from the hand that's holding it and cutting the feed.]

[ooc: Replies will happen a couple of minutes later.]
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All these bodies...this is disgusting.

[The only reason she doesn't say Yuck is because she's not familiar with the word.]

I'll be doubling my rounds at night from now on, so if anybody plans to be outside during the Dark Hour, let me know. I don't trust anybody outside us at the moment.

And another thing; I trust you all to remain alive from now on. It's seriously annoying to sit and wait for one of you to return, confused and hurting. Have a little more pride, people!
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[Saber sets the camera to video, and quickly after places it somewhere in a standing position, walking away from it, as if she were just going to tape herself doing random stuff. Unfortunately for the perverts checking it out, Saber isn't into that. She seems to have just entered her room, dressed with a light brown jacket over the trademark simple tees, jeans and shoes completing the image. She hasn't grown used to the fabrics yet, but she's already convinced she won't get much else if she doesn't make an effort.

At any rate.

I suppose I don't really need to remind anyone of the events we all went through on the last weekend, correct?

[Her voice comes from somewhere on the left, where she last walked out of the screen, and Saber reappears shortly after, staring at the camera. She starts unzipping her jacket as she speaks, suddenly looking away.]

We were many, and yet we failed to protect the building, and were hurt in the process. While some decided to team up, others rushed into battle mindlessly, risking everyone. Even worst was the fact most of us were unaware of what the others were fully capable of doing. This Persona creatures, we all have one, apparently, and that includes the ones that haven't manifested it yet.

[Saber throws her jacket to her bed and quickly gets rid of her shoes, socks following suit. She seems to be in deep thought, though.]

This is why I have talked to my employers- Ah, right, I have to announce that I now work on a café in downtown. Anyway, the owner has allowed me to user one of their private rooms for a gathering of sorts.

[She walks outside the scree again, and moments later her tee flies into view and falls on top of her jacket. Saber's voice comes from a side.]

I hereby propose to you all this: On Friday night, at around nine o' clock pm, I will wait for you, and those willing to learn more about others Personae and to explain their own will come and do so. Those without a Persona should come as well, so that we can learn how is it that they can make theirs appear perhaps.

[...and those are her jeans landing in the bed. At least Saber isn't visible anymore?]

To anyone interested, please reply here so I can add your name to the list for the room. It's a pretty big space, so don't be shy and at least pass by, I'm sure everyone will learn something out of this.

[The sound of a bath tube being filled appears in the background. Saber doesn't fling her underwear over the bed, though. She's going to be at least a bit considerate, yup. That's when her head pops on the leftmost edge, only a portion of her right shoulder visible. She's smirking like a devil...and by the looks of it, not wearing anything, but only imagination will tell.]

Now if you excuse me, I need to take another bath.
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[The feed starts by showing an open space, quickly identifiable as the park. It's apparently a nice day, so everything is clear and clean-looking. But that's not the important part of the video, no. That's just the scenery, the same way the people that seems to be gathering and looking at the center of the video, only to resume their walking after staring for the while. They are staring at Saber.

Or rather, where Saber sitting.

Why is she sitting on the park? Well, she was walking back to the hotel after buying some food when she spotted a kitten. A little stray, apparently. While she isn't particularly susceptible to all things cute, the damn thing was surely endearing that she had stopped close to it and handed some tuna she had bought. Because honestly it was tuna and she wasn't even sure she would eat it. Saber hadn't expected that the kitten wouldn't be alone though, and soon it wasn't just one kitten, but three, and then six, and then there were kittens everywhere. Everywhere.

So what are we watching? Well, it's basically Saber covered in kittens, her bags safely aside but otherwise bound to the floor. She doesn't look entirely bothered by it, but she's not having the time of her life, that's for sure.

I need some assistance, if possible...
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[Suddenly she's not deleted data anymore. Suddenly she's face down on the floor of what she has yet to describe as an incredibly dull hotel room. Saber stands up slowly, her now human body exposing itself to her; when did she last feel such frailty? Too long away to truly want to look back. Her red dress flutters around her, now nothing but a mere piece of cloth with a rather showy front; now that she's certain her Heroic Spirit prowess is gone, Saber feels the need to replace the front; showing her undergarments has no appeal to her a just a mere girl.

She snorts; she'll never be just a mere girl.

With quick movements she gets rid of the clothes, and dons the simple jeans and plain shirt; necessary measures she will endure until she can get her hands on the materials she needs...and more expensive clothes, too. At least the shoes are comfortable enough.

By the gods, this is truly a dull room. It lacks color, it lacks contrast, it lacks...

[Saber waves her hand in front of the bed, a frown on her face.] It lacks me, but I am here now. On that topic, where is here?

[Only now she catches sight of the cellphone; she's used to technology, and it seems this era is not as advanced as the one she last visited. A quick survey of the device and she decides for the video function.

She then turns the function on. The camera is fixed on a wall frst, and then it quickly turns to focus on her chin.

Strange is the life of us bound to serve, that I can accept. This nonsense, though? Humanity? While I welcome the memories of those years this body was my true one, I find this situation troubling. Servants, after all, are not meant to become humans again. I ask, then, if others like me are in this situation; anybody willing to share information will be repaid handsomedly.

[All the while her tone has been cool, yet charged with emotion, as if every word matters. And they do. Apparently satisfied, Saber moves the camera away, momentarily focused on her dress before showing the ceilling, as she threw it on her bed. Showing her face or exposing her identity... it's too early to trust she can be herself.]


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