Mar. 23rd, 2012 03:45 am
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[Ingrid looks amused. More of the happy-amused and not the I'm-going-to-troll-about-sex sort of amused that she normally shows.]

I'm a little surprised the forces that be would remember my birthday and actually care to send a gift. Don't I feel special?

[She holds up a badly scratched and scorched hourglass with her free hand.]

I can't do anything with it here, but damned if it doesn't bring back good memories. And I believe, when one's knocking on seventy, good memories are a wonderful way to chase off those age related blues. Though I suppose that philosophy would work better for someone who thought about getting older more negatively. I'm only disheartened by the fact this is the year my family and students would have gotten such a kick out of my age, and they're not around to make the joke. Hmm.

My ramblings aside, as of yesterday I'm sixty-nine and I find that to be a stellar occasion to get a drink. Would anyone care to join? There's something a little depressing about an old lady drinking alone to celebrate her birthday.


Jan. 18th, 2012 11:16 pm
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Since I already have one person interested, I might as well open this up to the public. I will be teaching anyone whom is interested and doesn't annoy me, how to use a gun safely and appropriately for battle. I've arranged a space for practice tomorrow at the range. Be there promptly at five if you are interested. 

I will have a number of guns there for the lesson, though I suggest purchasing your own for protection. 

Filtered to April:

I know you have some expertise with longer range guns. Care to drop in and help?

Filtered to Ledah:

Your lesson will begin at eight. We'll be using a classroom at the high school. 

[OOC: Log for gun lessons here
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On New Year's, provided nothing occurs, we're going to be having a little party at the hotel. Nothing to fancy, just some drink and food while we watch the ball drop. I expect most of you to be there. And yes, Kanda, that includes you.

[Certain persons will find these gifts on their doorstep on Christmas Eve.]

Klaus > A monocle and porn. Porn set in a science lab.
Issei > A chain for his glasses and homemade baked goods.
Neah > No detention. A book about respecting your elders, and homemade baked goods.
Saori > A sweater and homemade coffee cake.
Kaiji > Receives a coffee set and a note congratulating him on his relationship with Saori. It sounds vaguely threatening.
Lancer (Dia) > An Irish travel brochure.
Devola > Baked goods and a reminder to come by the school for the piano.
Tatsuma > A gift card to a local restaurant.
Garvi > A gift card to Felix's.
Kanda > Baked goods, a restaurant gift card, and rather girly ribbon for his hair.

Everyone else she knows > Candy


Nov. 30th, 2011 01:21 am
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I swore to do anything for my students. I've been their advocate, confidant, trainer, and teacher.  I've been a mother to them. Isn't that just a shining example of selflessness? Aren't I doing so good, playing the concerned mentor to these poor children after those bastard parents abandoned them at the school? All of my old students come back and give praise on what a good job I've done. My colleagues think I'm a saint for all my work. Haven't I done so well? Just a few more, I think. A few more children to play parent to and it will make up for abandoning my own children.

[Shrill laughter]

If you can't fix your own failures, fix another's.


Nov. 16th, 2011 12:07 am
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Well, I was going to ask about Thanksgiving some weeks ago but this and that kept coming up, and now it seems everything's going to hell in a hand basket. So I suppose I might as well start asking anyway. With the track record being what it is around here, I doubt things will get much better anyway.

Assuming enough of us are in one piece next Thursday, I've decided we're going to be having Thanksgiving dinner at the hotel. If I don't have reason to kick you out, you're invited. I'm a fair cook and I'm used to making dinner for large groups but if anyone wants to lend a hand, you're more than welcome to .

I have a feeling this debacle we're facing now and the fact we're going through the holidays without our families will leave us all in a sour mood, so after the main dinner I'm going to be drinking and anyone of the proper age is welcome to join me. Bring your own alcohol though, I'm not spending that much money on you lot.


Sep. 15th, 2011 08:02 pm
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[Ingrid's looking uncharacteristically somber today, staring into her coffee mug as though it held the secrets of life.]

I'd always thought myself as someone who could adapt to anything. Working with the children I did, living the life I have; I thought I could handle any change. But it seems I've grown so accustomed to my routines without realizing it.

The people, places, and the things of grand significance. Those things are easy to miss when they are taken. I expected that; I was ready for that. I thought I was ready for that. But I find myself missing the small things too. The way my husband made a cup of coffee, the walk to school, reading the morning paper in the courtyard, listening to the students chatter about things that always seem so intense and important when you're young. I think I may miss those small things more than the big ones.

[She chuckles, but there's no joy in it.]

This may just be the talk of an old lady feeling her age, but indulge me so I don't feel so dramatic for this little episode. What are the things, big and small, you miss?
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[Ingrid's sitting in a small coffee shop, hands around a steaming mug. She's looking rather perkier than usual.]

It looks as though I've missed quite a few event this last week or so. I apologize, but it seems you younger folk weren't so bad at taking care of it. Even though two of you were kidnapped. [A pause as she sips her drink.] Are you two alright, by the way? I'd hate to hear two of my potential students are still shaken by the events.

Yes, students. It seems the local high school has given me a teaching position. I'm to take over a few science classes. I do hope to see many of you there. [Her tone implies that's more of an expectation than a hope.]

I'm also a little concerned that they allowed me the job considering my lack of credentials in this world. Have any of the rest of you encountered something like this yet?


Aug. 12th, 2011 08:53 pm
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After everything that has happened lately, I think it might be wise to keep from traveling alone at night. If you need someone to walk with, well these old bones could use the spot of exercise. I'm sure that there are others here that would say the same.

For those of us that do our traveling at midnight, I think that keeping in pairs or groups is already a good idea, yes? I would like to walk with some of you during that time, if you'd permit it. I'm a much better shot then I look.


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