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 [It's the middle of the Dark Hour and little 8 year-old Saori is hiding underneath her bedsheets, using the phone's backlight as her only light source.]

I can't sleep. Is there anyone up right now? Hold on, I heard something outside.

[She pulls off the sheets and goes to the window. There's the loud squishing noise outside that should be familiar to everyone. A Shadow pops up from below and Saori screams. She even rolls off the bed and runs out into the lobby with a smaller blanket in tow.]

W-wh-what was that?!

[There's a heavy bang at the front door and the Shadow from before has an arm reaching out at the poor girl. Saori goes to hide behind the couch.]

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 Good evening, Prospero.
[Now here's a familiar, snarky expression to match a voice that seems to have been silent for some time. She'll have propped up her little video device so as to be able to enjoy a cup of tea as she speaks.]
Here's the thing. This place has gotten too drab of late. I've taken it upon myself to fix this...and I've enlisted some help. 
[She'll tilt the camera to include a view of her teatime company; a cheerful looking Saori who wasn't quite expecting the attention to fall on her so suddenly, but will wave just the same.]
Ah, hello everyone.
[In the meantime, Saori is fussing over the new kitten she picked up.]
So, we've decided that what this miserable little island needs is another party. One to celebrate the coming of a new year and new possibilities. 
Saori has graciously agreed to help me turn Gilgamesh's condo into party central annnn~d she's promised to make some delicious food for the occasion. 

I’m just glad we had the same idea, especially now that last event thing happened.
[Beatrice will pause for a sip of her tea before continuing.]
Some things I want to point out: make sure you dress in your finest attire; you all need to make yourselves worthy of a witch's party. Also, anyone who gets this message can consider themselves invited so I don't want to hear any excuses.
I'll be sending out a text with the time and directions and we'll see you there.
[OOC: Beatrice and/or Saori will answer all posts. The log for the party will be set up on the 5th to allow people to plan.]

[Edited for some dialogue and pretty color coding!]
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 [The phone is propped up by some books and the feed starts with Saori at her hotel room's desk. If anyone could read upside down, they'd notice the desk was littered with Japanese-to-English translation notes with a large old book. Saori looks at the phone, making sure it's recording.]

Hey, um, guys? I don't know if it's just me but it feels like someone's watching us. More so than usual. Maybe it's just my imagination. 

Anyways, the real reason why I'm recording this. Would it be alright if we combined all the winter holidays including New Year's into one party? I noticed the full moon is coming up and honestly a party afterwards sounds better. Of course, everyone is welcome to do your gift exchanges at your own pace.

[There's suddenly scratching coming from her door. She sits up and reaches off screen for a small knife.  The scratching continues as she gets closer and looks into the peep hole. Quietly, she opens the door but just a crack and then looks down.]

Sirius...oh geeze, don't scare me like that. Wait, what's that you got there?

[The Australian Shepherd walked in but there was something in his mouth. Saori goes on her knees to takes it and she gasps. She suddenly rushes to grab a towel to put down on the desk. It's very small with black matted fur and sure enough it turns out to be a kitten. ]

My word...Sorry I'll get back to you as soon as can.

[She reaches to turn off the phone.]
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 [The Dark Hour was almost ending and Saori was out for some fighting against Shadows. While having her actual powers back was nice, she didn't want to fully rely on them. Ever since this event started, she couldn't help but have a nagging feeling about it. To suddenly regain powers they were denied before just seemed so fishy. ]

That should be the last of them. Oh, to all the new people who have arrived here: I'm Saori and I run the Elysium tea house. If you need a job for some cash, I'm always hiring. And we do have a special base of sorts upstairs of my store. We use it to plan out sessions to explore Caliban, this area that only appears during the Dark Hour, and also to camp out before the Dark Hour.

[While Saori was finishing up one of the last shadows, the video feed managed to pick up a tall silhouette of a man looking at her. Spoiler alert: It was David Xanatos. Suddenly there's a cloud of smoke.  When it disappears, Saori's there but she's looking younger. As in she's the eight year old equivalent of her.]

Son of a --you got to be kidding me!

[And you know what they say about Murphy's law? Yep. The smoke gathers together and suddenly forms into a rather pissed off wolf that starts chasing her. Naturally Saori breaks off into a run, using her parkour/free-running skills but since the wolf is made of magic, it won't tire so easily. Her own persona, Brigid, aims some agi spells but it's still going.]

I could use some help here! Anyone got  wind or water magic?!
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[It's the Dark Hour when Saori starts the feed. She just finished dealing with a round of Shadows, so she's slightly short of breath. It's rare for her to do an audio post but she didn't want her powers to revealed just yet.]

I've been thinking, now that we go most of our abilities back, maybe we should do a run or two into Caliban. Considering we can use them along with our Personae, we might have the potential to make major progress. If we have enough people, we might split into two groups again. One for training and the other for exploring. I'll be hanging around Caliban's entrance this whole week barring Thursday since I got a huge Thanksgiving dinner I need to make. 

Speaking of which, it's going to be held at David's castle around 7. I hope everyone can make it.

And Margulis, what do you say if we have our sparring match while we still got our powers? I'm thinking either this Tuesday morning would work but I can always schedule it to your convenience. Hope you're ready to have  a taste of my special "Too Hot for Hell Boxed Lunch" when I'm declared the winner. 
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 Hi everyone. I know the Christmas decorations and everything are going up everywhere, but we do have Thanksgiving coming up! The students will have that Thursday and Friday off, so everyone should come!

So last year we had Ingrid take care of the all important dinner, but this year I'll be taking charge. Let me know if you would like help out.
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[The feed starts with Saori in the upstairs base in her shop just at the end of the Dark Hour. She's sitting on the floor and her eyes are bloodshot but not from a battle. Her voice is hoarse. ]

I'm sorry.

I-I didn't get to Issei in time. I know saying apologizing like this isn't going to change things and he will come back but...

He died last night from his wounds. My healing spells weren't enough. I couldn't save him...

The shop is going to be closed today. I'm sorry for the sudden decision. And for now I want everyone to have someone with them if they do want to go to the Dark Hour. We can't afford to lose any more people.

... I'm sorry.
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[If anyone has noticed, the Elysium tea house has been receiving a lot of packages from Japan in the past few days. Heavy packages actually with contents labeled 'rice', 'tea', and a few other things. Finally  the owner arrives. Instead of going through the back, she went through the front, suitcase and all, seating herself into the nearest open seat with a sigh.]

I'm back...Oh and if there any foxes that followed me, don't mind them.


Hi guys, I'm back. I have a few stuff to give out to people. Um, I might've dropped out of your contact list for a bit since I went back home for a short time apparently. Sorry if I worried you guys for a sec. Anyways, I need time to recover so the cafe will resume normal business Thursday.

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Sorry for the sudden announcement but I decided to take the upcoming weekend off. I'm going to be traveling to Japan this Thursday and I'll be back on Monday.

As for the cafe, if you guys are up to the challenge, you can keep the shop open but try not to burn it down. I can show someone how to set it up for the day if anyone's interested. Also I'll need someone to take care of Sirius.

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Okay who took the rest of that pheromone coffee?

Not funny guys.

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 [It's mid-day and Saori has taken refuge the upstairs base of the Elysium tea house when the feed flickers on. Of course, Saori doesn't realize it's on. She's looking a bit ragged than usual and lying on the couch. Why's that? Everything in her daily routine has been going just fine.]

Ugh....seriously, what just happened out there? It's like all of a sudden, everyone suddenly got so...charming and it's freaking me out. Had to restrain myself from flipping some of those guests. Nothing's really different the usual though.

[She notices some of the paperwork she left on the coffee table and takes the first paper. It looks like an invoice of sort. She skims it and then sits up.]

What...Pheromone coffee?! I never order this! No wonder....the address was off. I doubled checked and then.... Great now what?

[She slumps back down on the couch when the feed cuts off. If anyone is in the tea house, they're welcome to pester her. Everyone on the network would've eventually gotten a key by now.]
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[It's the Dark Hour when the feed starts but not by the user's hand and it's the door that leads to Caliban. Saori stands outside looking at the place before attempting to open the door. She pulls but it's locked tight.]

That's odd, Caliban won't open up now? I wonder...

[She takes a step back and  BAM! delivers a strong kick to the door which doesn't even budge the door. In fact, it was the opposite effect she wanted. Guess who's on the ground, holding her foot?]

Ow ow ow!!!.....Diarama!

[While she's healing up her foot, a larger shadow approaches from behind. Without even looking up, Saori spoke.]

I'm getting really sick...of everything changing all of a sudden!  No new answers about why we're here or anything else. And you are not helping!

[Wait, is that a killing aura coming from her? The poor shadow doesn't see that kick coming that sends it flying. When it becomes nothing more than twinkle in the sky, the feed ends.]
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I might as well pull the bandaid then. I was going to ask more about that dream of the Vel--

[The video feed turns to static.]
Cut for length and violence )

Four different sets of memories... That was a bit over-excessive. Maybe we can discuss about the Velvet Room later when this is over.

[She cuts off the feed, looking discouraged. Some memories were better kept secret.]
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[Saori has closed the tea house for the day and is up in the base, lying down on the couch. When she had placed the phone down on the coffee table, she wasn't aware it was recording. If anyone notices, they might see a gold band on her left ring finger.]

Ughh...what am I going to do? At the rate I'm going, Hiyono and the others are going to get burned out since I don't have that many people working here to rotate shifts. I'd rather have people on the network work here than the locals. I don't want to look like I'm discriminating them but I can make sure everyone has some sort of income here.

Hm? What's that flashing li--ack! It's been recording this whole time?! I was gonna do a proper post and then!

[She reaches over to shut off the phone but misses ends up falling off the couch. Her hand is back in the frame and she sits up.]

...I'm okay. I've been through worse.

Well since this is filming, I guess now's a good time to offer to be anyone's sparring partner if there are people interested.
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[Things have gone back to being quiet after the Caliban run. The news of both Gilgamesh and Beatrice gone still weighed a little heavy in her heart. Fatigue from fighting during the Dark Hour frequently got to her as well. When the tea house gets a little slow, she goes upstairs to the attic to take a nap. Wake her up?]

Text (back dated to 24th, locked to April):

Hey, April. I just saw Beatrice is gone. I know you're going through a tough time now and I want you to know you can always come to me for help. Let me know if you want to play with Sirius to cheer yourself up, okay?
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[The video feed starts with Saori standing outside a building with several rose bushes  surrounding it.]

Hi guys. I'm here to announce that my tea house will be officially open one week from today. Truth to be told, I still need more workers if people are interested and I'd rather hire as many people from this network as I can. It's mostly wait and some minor kitchen help.

Also, I discovered another use for this place.

[She goes inside and brings the phone with her, placing it on a table but disappears off screen. There's a click! and a staircase descends and unfolds from the ceiling.  Saori comes back to pick up the phone and ascends the stairs. The attic is pretty spacious considering how deviously small the building was. ]

I came across this when I bought this place. I was thinking, since this place is pretty equal distanced between the hotel and Caliban. Oh, for all the newcomers, Caliban's what we call this certain building in the business district that the shadows seem to be coming from. I figured we could use this place as our base of sorts. You know if you need a place to rest up or get together to form a team. While I might not be here all the time, everyone on our network is free to use during the Dark Hour. Just don't try to set the place on fire, alright?
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[Saori was tired the other night and spent with Kaiji, skipping the Dark Hour. When Saori woke up this morning, she was the only one in bed. She snatched up her phone and looked at the contact list for a specific name.


No. No. Damn it, not this again! First Ingrid, then the Baron, and now him....

Once she calms down, she turns on the feed.]

I know there's some people who were expecting the cafe to open soon but, it's going to be delayed for a few more days due to the past events. I'm sorry for the inconvience. It's just....

[Her voice cracks and she struggles to keep herself from crying.]

Kaiji's gone.

[She turns off the feed before anyone could hear anymore of her as she breaks down again.]

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[Dark Hour of May 2nd]

[If anyone had noticed, Saori had gone missing for a few days. During the Dark hour, a video feed flickers on. Several shadows have appeared in the area. They turn their heads when they hear the sound of footsteps approaching them. They recoil at first but one of them decides to charge at the newcomer.

Bad move. The Shadow was sent flying back after a few moves. The rest of them attempt to escape but they're finished off as well. Once they disappeared, the victor speaks.]

Well...they're rather odd for Ayakashi but no...that's not what they were. They look familiar somehow. Hmm? A phone?

[The person picks up the phone and now it's revealed it's Saori. There's something different about her. Her face looked the same but her eyes say other wise. They seem much older. Her clothes are different as well.]

This phone...that must mean...I'm back in Prospero?

[She would ask more questions but there's another wave of Shadows coming in and drops the phone to get into a fighting stance to deal with them.]
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[Unlike those who rushed to help after the last video posted, Saori froze up. No, not again. Why did this have to happen? Enough was enough for her. She doesn't put her phone to video since her eyes are red from crying.]

This is just getting ridiculous. First we had Ryuunosuke and his little murder spree, then someone takes down Arturia and now this?

What the fuck is wrong with you guys?!

We shouldn' t be fighting and killing among ourselves! We have to deal with the Shadows, the damn church, and we've lost so many people already! I know majority of you want to go back home but this isn't the fucking way to do it. I don't care if you have something against a person due to their past, or they did something to someone you know, killing them is not an option! Nothing will be gained from killing each other! Learn how to negotiate and talk to each other for goodness sake!

And if you guys can't wrap your heads around that concept, I'll be glad to pound it into your skull if I have to!


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