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[There's a grinning Alice on the screen—she looks very happy because of all this family business since she's never had anyone besides Alice that was even remotely like family in a long time.]

Hey! Big brothers, mommy! Alice's real happy we're all together here so Alice wants to play! Especially with my daughter miss Ingrid! Alice didn't know Alice had a daughter...Alice doesn't know when that happened, but Alice's glad it's miss Ingrid.

...I dunno one of my big brothers, though, so It'll be good to meet him, too. Alice will be waiting at the park for everybody to come and have fun, so don't be late, 'kay?

((ooc: Sooo sorry this is so late, I was too busy to really tag in on the family event much last week!!))
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...Ready or not, here comes Alice!

[Have an eyeful of shaky, blurry scenery. It seems the video feed of the phone has accidentally been turned on, and the person holding it is running around without realizing she did it.

The little girl stops and examines the spots behind dumpsters and benches, as if she's looking for something. She seems to be...playing a game? After a few moments of this fruitless search, she comes to a full stop.]

Where is Alice? Alice didn't think Alice would be too far away...Alice thought Alice was just hiding. [Her voice becomes sad and a bit tearful.] Alice has to be around this place. Alice wouldn't leave Alice all alone. Nuh uh! No way! [But she quickly becomes determined again, after a small sniffle. She takes a look at her surroundings.]

...Where is this, anyways? Alice hasn't been here before.

Did Alice go through the looking glass?


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