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[ Remember that girl that spends most of her time stealing food out of the various street markets? Her other hobbies include leeching internet from the cafes and libraries in the area, as well as trolling all of the other Servants. Because honestly, if she wasn't living out the life of kicking everyone's butts, she may as well play up the rest of her title. After all, Archers were notorious for not being nice (That [personal profile] rocker fella doesn't count, alright?) and there's one thing she's noticed during her time here. So when this Archer opens her mouth to speak, it's as good of a guess as any to assume she's going to say something cocky. ]

I have noticed that there are a fair amount of Servants here. Ah, for those who are unfamiliar with the term... [ Archer takes a pause to moisten her lips, thinking over how to explain it best. ] ... it is one used during a specific type of battle. There are seven individuals summoned under different classes - Archer, Saber, Lancer, Assassin, Caster, Rider, and Berserker. Honestly speaking, Archer is the superior class, so that's really all you need to know. The other six are worthless, which is why my ire has been earned this very day. We have far too many of the other classes within this realm, especially that of the Saber class. How vexing it is to open up this artifact and discover that another has been welcomed here.

Therefore, on behalf of all of the honorable knights under the class of Archer, I challenge each and every one of you lesser-classed Sabers in every competition known to the mortal races! My feelings won't be hurt terribly if you decide to flee this isle to prevent your inevitable loss. Your memory will be mocked however though.

[ A pause. ]

I suppose it is rather unfair of me to address only a few individuals. As for the rest of you, tell me of the games of this world so that I may excel at all that I do!
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[ Everyone will receive a text message that contains the following: ]

are you a lady?
are you interested in a long time commitment?
do you want to make the world a better place?


[ True to her word, she has officially created a 'social networking website' devoted to getting another Archer a wife. There's too much free time and way too many resources available at her fingertips. Public libraries, bored teenagers during winter break, crazy ads on the television in her hotel room - all of these things factor into the horror that is this website. She's forgotten the most important thing of all though.

How to get in contact with the stud. A shame, ladies. ]
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This is stupid.

This is how stupid the lot of you look.

This penmanship isn't all too bad though. With ease any fool can read it. What do you think of it?
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[ While 'she' had made a brief appearance on the network before, this time the video shows her entire face and human-like features. Not a trace of ears or a tail in sight which might account for the frown of disappointment she carries on her face. ]

This realm is strange. [ Stating the obvious: check. ] It only allows me to be my true self for a hour and even then, I feel a significant loss of my power then. Has that father of mine thought so ill of me as to place me somewhere to be a mortal? An uncouth figure as always in my life.

It also appears as though I'm not the only Servant within this realm. How interesting would it be if we were all stripped of our Noble Phantasms and left as powerless mortals? Surely then no one would stand the chance to best me. Ah, such a thing was hardly an option available in the first place. Thine name is one of victory and power so it'd do you well to remember it.

You may call me Archer.

[ Oh look, another over-confident, ego-inflated Archer. Bonus: this one has boobs. ]
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❝forward dated to the dark hour❞

[ G'evening Prospero. Here's an interesting figure who's never made her presence obvious before and it's right during the Dark Hour. How suspicious!! Facing away from the device, it seems as though she's discarded it in favor of cleaning a Nice Bow. For those who tend to focus on other things, they may notice the ears resting on the top of her head. ]

Are you loved?

[ A simple message before she turns around to grab at the phone with yellow eyes and a gaze so sharp it could pierce titanium. ]

Or are you loathed?

[ Click! ]


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