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Okay, first of all, I think some of you neglected to mention that we can't fucking die. What am I supposed to think when I turn on my phone and somebody's going "oh yeah, I got murdered but I'm all better now"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to go out and get my ass killed just to see what it's like, but that's kind of an important detail to leave out. Jesus.

[ There's a bit of an awkward pause here. He sort of doesn't have a segue for this. ]

Aaaaanyway... somebody wanna help me set up a keyboard? Some fucking Shadow dropped it, and I'm not going to ask what it was doing with my keyboard, but I'll take it. I'm in room 414 in the hotel.
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[In the commons at Deacon Hall, there is a young brunette standing there in a bit of a huff. Her arms are crossed and it looks like she's giving some poor attendant an earful. Honestly, her yelling is probably echoing up to the rooms upstairs...]

What do you mean I have to share a floor with some other girls! That's completely unacceptable! Do you even know who you're dealing with?! One call to my father and you can say goodbye to that desk job of yours!

Ugh, why am I even bothering with you. I want to talk to your manager! Right. Now.


[And now for something completely different! It's the same brunette, but instead of wrecking havoc, she is smiling brightly at the camera.]

Hi there, Iori Minase here! I'm sure you all know me, so I was wondering if I could ask a question. Anyone who answers will get a special surprise, nihihi~!
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[ Look! A video! A video of... a piano? All that's on the screen is the row of black and white keys, at a slightly odd angle. If someone is sitting at said piano, they can't be seen due to the proximity and the angle.

Somewhere in the background an MP3 is playing. One has to really wonder if this was an accident, until a pair of long-fingered hands come int view, and begin to play, the piano easily drowning out the background music.

After the song is done, one of the hands reaches for the camera, the whole scene shifting wildly for a moment before coming to rest (mostly) on Lindsey's face. His cheeks are red, and he's obviously embarrassed. ]

So. Uh. Usagi, that was my was of asking if you maybe wanted to go out.

... With me. Go out with me.

[ You can see why he let the piano do the talking- the feed abruptly ends there. Yes, it was likely this was supposed to be filtered, but he doesn't know how to do that. Enjoy your free show, Prospero. ]
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[ Lindsey sighs, sounding far more subdued than he did when he first arrived. ] I can't believe I'm asking this but...

I need a tour guide. I can't... find my way around this fucking place. The hotel lobby's as far as I've gotten.

Incidentally, that's where you'll find me. I'm the tall guy with the blond hair and sunglasses.

Crazy people need not apply, thanks.


[ And lo, there is Lindsey, seated somewhere inconspicuous, white cane leaning against his chair as he fiddles with a cell phone. It's not the phone he was given upon his arrival, but rather his own, for all the good it does him. At least he knows how this one works.

He'll glance up every once and a while when someone passes too close, wondering if they're someone here to answer his call ]
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[ The video clicks on thanks to some scrambling fingers, which temporarily mar the view as they close around the phone. There's a moment or two of silence, the video largely blurred thanks to those still-exploring fingers, until it shifts as the person brings it to their ear, where it's obscured further by a curtain of blond hair. ]

Hello? Operator? Police?


Fuck. Please tell me this thing works-- HELLO? I think I've been kidnapped or something. This sure as hell isn't my house, and I'm pretty sure I don't sleepwalk.

[ A beat, as he waits for an answer, and possibly to think about how ridiculous he sounds. ]

Throw me a fucking bone here. What am I supposed to say? "Siri, call the fucking cops?"


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