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[For once, Sola-ui's voice is missing her usual harsh tones.]

-can't. Wretched thing-

[A voice in the background- "Hey, are you-".]

Get away from me! [...welp, there they are.] I do not require your assistance! [Her voice sounds almost frantic, and there is a rush of air. It sounds as if she is waving the phone angrily at someone. Once they're gone, there is a series of annoying beeps as she types a message one-handed. It is slow, painful work, but-

-yeah, she doesn't know that it's recording. Beep. Beeep. Beepbeep.Beep. Erase. Type. Mistype. Erase. And all the while, she is muttering complaints that seem a little out of place. It sounds as if she's exceedingly shaken. Then she notices the little symbol on the phone. It's calling.

I... require three things. Firstly, what is the date? Secondly, I am enquiring as to the status of Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.

[Nope, she can't stabilize her voice. There's a muffled noise, almost a whimper. Silence for a long moment. Just heavy breathing.]

...thirdly, I require the short-term loan of a long-sleeved coat or shirt. Style is irrelevant. I will repay the assistance when I can.

[She shuts the phone, expecting it to cut off, and lets it drop. She feels like a fool. She feels disfigured. Her pride is in tatters.

And worse-

-She doesn't know what happened. She let her guard down because of him. Let her obsession lower her will to fight and make her into a fool. And then, there was nothing but the faint memory of pain. And this.

What happened?


Jan. 24th, 2012 10:01 pm
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It seems warm, fuzzy feelings are going around lately. Not that I expected differently from you- [non-magical peasants] -curious people. Is it merely something about this time of year? Some sort of holiday?

[She actually sounds rather relaxed for once.]

Issei, my dear. Can I take you out to dinner tonight? It would be so nice to spend time with you. If you come early, I can take you clothes shopping and we can see if we can't get you some decent clothing.

[...what do young non-magical peasant people even wear these days?]

...clothing that is far more suitable of you.


Jan. 17th, 2012 04:04 pm
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Now that I have finally regained this infernal communications device-

[No, she will not call it a "phone", that is a shortening of the name and it is a name that annoys her, no less. It looks like she's dusting it off. There is an expression of annoyance on her face.]

Really, I've spent days hunting this wretched device down.

[Clearing her throat, she lifts a hand to brush the hair from her face.]

Now, I had a question for you. Has anyone been attempting to document these "shadows"? Or have you all merely been attempting to kill them like wild animals defending your territory?


Sep. 21st, 2011 08:53 pm
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This phone is so much smaller than it should be. I wonder how far advanced this place is...

[Ordinary technology, no magic, what was this place? She'd spent plenty of time raging already. More than enough. She had to find him. Although the woman's voice is rather ordinary, there is an odd coldness to it. She speaks like an aristocrat, authorative and cool.]

Excuse me. My name is Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri. [A pause to let that elaborate name sink in.] You may call me "Lady Sophia-Ri", or- [Her voice softens a little.] If my Servant, or my fiancè happen to be at the other end of this call, you may call me Sola. Please do respond.

I doubt there is an easy way out of this place. However, if there is, I would be delighted to hear of it. I am sure my dear fiancè would be willing to offer a reward to one who would help me in this situation.

[And then a brief pause before she adds.] If you happen to be the owner of this phone, please return the call and claim it. I will repay you for the use of it once I manage to acquire the means to.

Lastly, and I do appreciate your patience - I'm looking for a man. [...] A particular one. With dark hair and a mark below his eye. If you have seen him, please do respond immediately. It is imperative that I find him.


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