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Apparently, there's a need for arms training.

My name is Abel. I've been a soldier all my life, so if you get your hands on a gun, call me and I'll teach you how to use it.

I'm a martial artist too, so if you want to learn how to fight, I can do that too.

Just not until the 25th, the police is...very upset at me right now. [ Yet it's clear he doesn't give a damn. ]

Au revoir.

[ And the call ends. ]
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[ A very scarred, very muscular shirtless blond appears. His slightly accented, polite soft-spoken tone confuse the purpose of the transmission. ]

Please, stop using colored, typewritter text. It throws off my translator, I have no idea what you're saying, and it's annoying.

...thank you.
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[ Abel sits on top of his bed, legs tucked beneath him. It'd look meditative, if he wasn't surrounded by candy wrappers and a half-sewn lion plushie. ] I'm having trouble fighting a certain type of...Shadow. Visceral Mara, I think it's their name. [ Or so says this dossier. ]

...I need a partner to fight these things. I promise I won't slow you down. [ Abel trusts he doesn't look like someone who can't fight. ] I've been doing well against the Shadows that aren't immune to physical attacks.

I'd...appreciate any sort of help. [ He grabs at the phone, blocking the camera's view with a scarred, blurry palm, until he mutters something in French. ]

I almost forgot. [ His tone shifts into steely seriousness. ] ...there's a woman Juri Han who arrived not too long ago. Please, try to avoid her, and if you can, don't fight her. She's... [ A pause. ] ...not your typical fighter.

Thank you.
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Has anyone seen a puppy? [ The mortification coming from the speaker's voice is palpable. He sounds tired and upset. ] We became...separated when I arrived here.

She's white, floppy ears, fluffy, about a month old. I think...she's a Great Pyrenees, but I can't confirm it since she's a stray.

Any information is appreciated.

[ Abel remembers he should supply people with a way to reach him. ] ...my name is Abel.


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