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[ The Dark Hour.

The perfect time for someone to show up brand new to Prospero, right? Of course! What a fantastic welcome: horror-movie levels of creepy, Shadows crawling about, and the darkness being somehow inexplicably darker than normal darkness.

Yup, definitely the best time to show up.

KYAAA! What's going on?! This has GOT to be a nightmare! Aaa, I knew I shouldn't have eaten that spice takoyaki like Mion dared me to! That sort of crap always gives nightmares, right?!

[ Keiichi jumps when he sees a Shadow move in his periphery. Doing the only sensible thing available to a person in such a circumstance, he screams like a girl and bolts. Soon after, he comes to a halt and looks over his shoulder.

He just passed the police station!

Thank you, thank you, thank yooou! Oyashiro-sama, if you're watching over me, thank you! Also, kill the monsters!

[ He gets to the police station doors and...locked! Closed! No entry! He cannot get the doors to open. In a panic, he double-checks his possessions: nothing. Nothing except for the advanced-looking phone he has been carrying in his hand this entire time. ]

Haaa, haaa, gotta stay cool. You've got no idea what's going on or where you are or why you're here, but you need to be cool and keep it together, Maebara! Maybe this thing--is it recording? I guess it's been doing that this entire time. This is some expensive electronics here. Seriously!

[ He hunches down into the shadows--the normal kind--of the police station and speaks into the camera of the phone. ]

I'm not sure where I am or what's going on, but I get the feeling I'm going to die! Again?! If anyone gets this message, tell Rika and Rena I love them! Tell Satoko she's a good girl! And tell Mion she's not nearly as much man as meee!!

[ He screams when he thinks he sees another movement in the shadows and the recording stops there.

Probably because he hit a button. Or died. One or the other.


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