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A - Gil's Bookstore, Afternoon.

[An increasingly frustrated Miki spends most of her shift stomping around and snapping at coworkers and customers. Any time she spends standing around during a lull is spent with either her arm or leg twitching in an impatient manner, as if there is something she wants to do, even though it is simply "something that isn't work". Even petting the various cats that populate the bookstore aren't enough to calm her nerves. Feel free to try to deal with her or talk to her.]

B- Gil's bookstore, Later in the Afternoon.

[Eventually, it all comes to a head when she gives a stressed scream and shout out to her fellow co-workers,]

"OK Jackasses, I'm tired of this. I'm taking the rest of the day off."

[She stomps over to the register and mashes her fist down on the keyboard, causing the tray to open up. Miki pulls out a few bills before slamming it shut and attempting to walk out the door.]
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[It had been a few days before Miki's body had recovered enough from the large amount of alcohol she had consumed a few nights previously. Every noise she heard was pain, but, unfortunately, she needed to go to work at some point today. So she managed to drag herself out of bed and out to do some errands before heading in to feed the cats at work.]

A. Shopping District.

[Miki is dragging herself around the shopping district, a long look in her eyes, and obviously tired. Occasionally she stops in front of a clothing store's window and gazes in, looking immensely confused before moving onto the next store. Eventually she pulls out her phone and makes a call.

B. Phone - Fail filtered to Devola.

[Miki is practically whispering over the network, even if she thinks she's only only talking to Devola. Her speech is fast and somewhat slurred: obviously she'd very tired.]

Ok, you said that I needed to get some more clothes and now I have money but there are too many types of clothes why can't I just wear the same things all the time and then wear that to this ball?

C. Bookstore, Evening.

[If you come to the bookstore, there is a 100% chance you will find Miki next to the cash register with her head down. Anyone who comes in, or even makes some nose, be it cat or customer, will silently and angerly be asked to stop makings so much noise.]
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[Thanks to the, uhh, "generosity", of Gilgamesh, Miki has finally found some employment. However, sitting behind a register at a bookstore late at night, no matter how ridiculous and golden that register may be, isn't really her idea of fun. The books do nothing for her either, as books are also rather boring to her. After two dull nights and desperate for some excitement in her life, as her injuries have made constant nightly shadow hunts unwise, Miki has decided to throw herself into her second passion which has seen little use since her arrival at Prospero: getting people to visit her store.]

Video, sometime around 8PM Friday.

[Miki's phone is propped up against a pole in such a way that the viewing angle shows both her and Gil's bookstore in full behind her. Smiling, Miki begins speaking loudly and cheerfully as she makes exaggerated gestures towards the bookstore.]

Hey! Are you bored? Do you like reading books? Do you like coffee? Do you like cute things with cat ears? Well now you can have all of them at The Bookstore! Come on down to the Kitty Cafe inside and we'll make sure you'll have the best time you ever had inside a bookstore! T-this definitely means you too Lion! Nyan~

[Miki brings her arm up to her face in an imitation of the Maneki Neko pose before she runs up to the phone and shuts off the feed.]

Action - The bookstore

[The inside of Gil's bookstore is now filled with about two dozen stray cats that Miki has headed in off of the streets. Most of them lounge about in the way that cats are wont to do, with dispositions ranging from affectionate to disinterest. None of them look overly sick or diseased or infested, Miki did screen these cats personally, at least. Miki herself is running around, wearing her normal clothes and completely absent any sort of superfluous ears, handing out coffee in cardboard cups to the few bewildered customers inside. She has a few bandages on her hands and face, as well as a few minor red scratches.]
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Action - Hotel Kitchen

[After waking up somewhere around noon, as is the luxury in being unemployed, Miki sets off on making a batch of shio ramen, as she promised she would for Issei after he helped her out. Aside from the various vegetables and cuts of meat that Miki is slicing up for her soup, there are two bowls- one plain and one red with a fancy design on the side- a large plastic container, and two carnations sitting on the counter.]

Action - Hotel, Outside 507, Iseei's room.

[Miki is knocking on Issei's door while holding the plain bowl.]

Video - Faillocked to Lion

[Miki appears on the Videophone, looking rather sheepish.]

H-hi Lion! I was just making some shio ramen and it seems I made a little bit too much. I was just going to bring it to you, b-but I remember I don't know where you're staying, hahaha! If you would like some I'll be in the kitchen cleaning up for a little bit. M-maybe we could go to the arcade after, heh, y-you know, so I can show you around, that is!

[As she mentions the going to the arcade Miki's face starts to redden with embarrassment.]
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[Miki had spent a few days in the hospital recovering from the injuries that were beyond the ability of Issei's Persona to repair. Being young an healthy, and having had the worst of her injuries magicked away helped immensely in her recovery, so in two days the doctors had felt that she was able to be released. Miki hobbles out of the hospital wearing a brace on her left knee and wrist sitting down on a bench outside before making a general call to the network.

While Miki seems happy, it's not her usual manic high. Everything from her voice to her body language seems undercut with a tone of nervousness.]

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I disappeared for a few days, I didn't mean to worry anyone. I...I was wondering if anyone could come get me and walk with me back to the hotel. Umm, My leg, yeah, my leg still hurts and I don't want to fall over on the way back. I- I would really appreciate it.

[Miki ends her request with a few moments of nervous laughter.]
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[Well, its been a hard week of thinking, but Miki's finally been released from prison she doesn't know how her... mother? (that doesn't seem quite right to Miki, but Saori was her mother, wasn't she? Whatever.) She didn't know how her mother was able to come up with the money, but she really owed her this time.]

Phone, Locked to Saori

Hi, mom. I'm sorry. I won't do it again.

Phone, Open

All of you punks better get ready to straighten up, since I'm no longer in prison and I don't want any of you ending up there.

So you better go to school or I'm going to hunt you down.

[She begins to sound a bit more embarrassed.]

A...also to everyone who I trained last week, I'm sorry if I hurt you. I'll take it a bit easier next time.
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[After a bit of fumbling Miki manages to send out a mass text to everyone in prospero, even though it's contents only really concern the Minors of our fair city.]

fyi 4 all you skoolkids im going 2 hav a fighting class aftre schol two day attendence is manditory lol so be there 2 learn 2 fight shadwos


A. At the hardware store.

[Miki is walking around with a basket full of chains and padlocks, humming contentedly to herself.]

B. Prospero High, around 1 pm.

[Miki is walking around the high school, stopping at all the doors except for the front one, and chaining them shut from the outside.]

C. Prospero High, at the end of the school day.

[Many of the doors have been chained shut, save for the front doors. Outside is a sign that says "Be Prepared! I'm grading you!" (If your character is a high schooler, when you walk out will probably be ambushed by a crazy person.)]


Jan. 6th, 2012 01:41 am
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[Miki comes on the video screen while running late at night out in Prospero.]

So what's the best place to eat in this city? If I have to go on a date with some dude I want to--

[She pauses and the phone goes blank after being put in a pocket. You hear the muffled cries of running and battle and a bit of Miki panicing about a box being ruined. She pulls the phone back out, still covered in evaporating shadow stuff or blood or whatever they squirt out when destroyed.]

-to at least get a good meal out of it.

Also, Eater, is it alright if I borrow those clothes I hid from your female side? I was told I shouldn't wear my work clothes and I don't really have anything else. Her stuff was pretty fancy with all the ribbons and stuff and it should fit, so I'm gonna borrow them.
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[Sometime in the afternoon, Miki can be seen sneaking out from behind an alley behind the pizza shop a certain [ profile] genius_idiot works at. She is carrying a wrench and chuckling evilly to herself as she sneaks away.]

[Later on in the day, while working the counter at Prospero Packages, the courier company she delivers for, Miki is messing around on her phone whenever there isn't someone inside who wants to make copies or have a package delivered.]

"Halloween was fun, but I think it lacked something. There wasn't a race to see who could finish fastest, or a competition to get the best candy. I don't know what this Thanksgiving thing coming up is but I'm sure it's probably just as boring. I think we need to liven it up with some kind of competition that I will win."
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[The video feed pops on to Kaiji this night, who is sitting on a ledge overlooking the ocean. The phone sits next to him, pointed upwards. He's smoking a cigarette and looking thoughtful.]

A whole month now. That's how long I've been here. Hard to believe. It's gone by so fast. Especially since the last place I was, time seemed to stand still.

I know sometimes shit gets crazy here. The shadows every night, people getting hurt, big fights like at the casino... But trust me, it could always be worse. Hell, I'm sure a lot of ya know that already. We've all been dragged into this. A lot of us have nowhere else to return to. But that means one thing - we're all in this together. We can all help each other out. We can figure this place out, maybe make it safe again someday. No more shadows, no more Dark Hour.

[He takes a long drag of his cigarette and finishes it off, tossing it into the sea and watching it fall.]

I need to go back sometime though. It's already too late - what's past is past, and even though it's not my fault, there were some guys back there that were counting on me. I don't know what I can do to fix it, but... Shit, at this point, they probably think I'm dead anyway. Does it matter anymore? By this point they might--

[Kaiji cuts his muttering off, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut. It might be hard to see from the angle and the light, but there might be some tears there.]

I've fucked up a lot, and I probably will keep fucking up too. I'm not smart, or lucky, or brave, or anything like that. But I can promise you guys this: while I'm on this island, I'm on your side. I'll fight by your side. Let's show these monsters what we're made of.

[Kaiji absently wipes a sleeve at the corner of his eyes.]

Fuck it. I'll be at the bar.

[Feel free to meet him there. Like a lot of you, he's in a talkative mood and doesn't want to sit alone, for a change.]
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[Kaiji is still new to the world of fancypants cell phone ownership and occasionally forgets he has this thing. So have a call today!]

Hey guys. So, um, I hear a lot of people making calls about lookin' for fight training. Anyone out there actually giving lessons? I figure it's in my best interests if I wanna keep living here.

I don't really have a lot of experience - Well, I mean, I know how to throw a punch right and stuff like that - but I'm willing to give something a try.


[Action 1:

Later on, Kaiji will be found at the library! He can't even remember the last time he was in one. You can tell, since he looks lost. Help him find his way?

Action 2:

Kaiji has gotten himself an illustrious career in Prospero as a pizza delivery man! If you made an order, you might find him at your door. Or you might find him zipping on town on a bicycle with some pizzas strapped to the back of it. LIVING THE DREAM.]

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[The screen turns on to the image of a young woman, Miki, holding the phone somewhat too close to her face. She looks momentarily shocked as she pulls it away.]

So I guess this is a phone. Um, whoever this is on the other end I didn't steal your friend's phone. I found it on the ground next to me when I woke up.

[Miki's expression goes blank.]

Why I am here anyway? Am I in Osaka? I can see the ocean. I guess my mother really did manage to mail me off somewhere...


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