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[Long time no see, inhabitants of Prospero. This young scientist girl is speaking to you straight from her room and if you squint, you might notice the labcoat thrown carelessly at one of the chairs. The owner? Kurisu put on a warm dress in attempt to look cuter and not freeze in wintery weather. Look, she even tied her hair! With a ribbon that matches the dress!]

Good morning, everyone. Could someone fill me in on locations of good food stores in Prospero? I've checked a few shops around but none of them carried the ingredients I need, so I'm looking for a store with a wider variety of goods.

[video, filtered to Okabe]

[Kurisu stares at the camera and does not say a word. The awkward silence continues for at least a minute until the blushing girl gives up and turns the device off.]

[text, filtered to Okabe]
Please ignore that previous message. Do you have a free afternoon? There is something important I need to discuss with you.
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[[The video starts with a girl, dressed too lightly for today's weather standing in front of a building. She's shivering slightly.]]

To anyone watching this - can you provide us with some information regarding this town and reason why we've been brought here? Other than this town being located somewhere in America since I've figured out that much. Any tips or pieces of info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

[[She almost presses the button to end the recording, but remembers about something and returns to the screen.]]

Oh and I apologize for Okabe's behavior, since if some of you met him, there's a high chance you would be either scared or offended...

[[She sighs]]


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