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[The video feed opens up to a police officers standing in front of Shriou and Saber. Whoever is recording the video is offscreen.]

So basically sir, you’re being charged with the identity theft of Shriou Emiya and harboring the runaway child Arturia Emiya. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you in.

Arturia Emiya’? [ That’s the sound of one displeased Saber, who stands before the officer with a scowl. ] It is Pendragon. Pen. Dra. Gon. Arturia Pendragon. Please try to understand that.

And what exactly did you mean by identity theft? [That would be the sound of an utterly confused Shirou.]

Sorry mam, but your name is Arturia Emiya, son of Shirou Emiya. He said.. [He gestures over his shoulder to the person recording.] That he named you after one of his favorite mythological figures. Odd name, but that’s what he named you. Once you’re older you can have it legally changed.

As for you. [He turns to address Shirou.] You’re guilty of impersonating Shirou Emiya and trying to kidnap his daughter, or at the very least aiding in her running away. It all depends on what the courts decide.

What!? That’s just ridiculous! [Shirou definitely looks surprised at this revelation, and took a step forward.] I don’t know where you got this information, but you’re wrong!

Ah. [ The knightly girl is just going to shoot a look towards the camera - one that was clearly meant for the person behind the phone. ] Cease with this madness or else I will be quite sour with you.

Actually according to this documentation... [He pulls out a nice stack of papers which he hands to Shirou.] You’re clearly guilty of trying to impersonate Shirou Emiya. I don’t know how you thought you could get away with it since you looking nothing like him. You kids with your computers nowadays think you can get away with anything, but this time you’re busted.

[Meanwhile the man who was standing with the camera makes some kind of gesture, most likely some sort of casual, apathetic shrug.]

What, this doesn’t make sense at all! Unless...

[...a look of realization sort of dawns on his face, and he’s just going to stand there, looking at the document with a perplexed face. The feed cuts before more can be shown.]
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... what would you say is a pretty good way to pass the time? Sure there's the whole Dark Hour thing, but I can't really just sit at home doing nothing during the daytime. It doesn't really have to be anything important, but just knowing that I'm spending my time on something productive would be nice.

[No he's not sad that Ayaka left... okay well yeah no HE REALLY IS BUT ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS TO BE ABLE TO KEEP HER SAFE OKAY??? LIFE IS HARD AN NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!] I'd appreciate any help with this. Thank you.
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[Unlike a majority of you non-hipster Servants, Saber here doesn't come from post-canon or post-death or any of that--no, he was in the middle of something VERY, VERY IMPORTANT like SAVING MY MASTER'S LIFE important. So aside from suddenly waking up here being 1) very strange and 2) very unexpected it is also 3) VERY UNWANTED. Technology was never his forte but at this rate he needed information somehow.]

Assuming this will reach other people, I would like to request assistance. Specifically, where this city is and whatever transportation services there are here. [Since it sure didn't look like he'd be able to go back to where he was by foot and whatnot.] I apologize for the curtness of this message, but I'm afraid I've something very important that I have to do.

[He pauses, a difficult sort of expression on his face, but... well he'd feel bad if he didn't at least give out his name since he's asking for help, even if it probably isn't that good of an idea when he has no idea what's going on. But he's a knight okok, GOTTA BE POLITE.] My name is Saber, and thank you for your time.


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