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[ ♚ text | private to Shizuo ]


remember me? you owe me a favor and aim to collect. i want you to do me a tiny favor. (^_-)≡★
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[Cue one socially awkward guy appears on the screen. 'course, he looks as... uninterested as ever.]

What is your opinion of milk?

[Congratulations, this is his first post that doesn't have any RAGE or IZAYAAAARGH anywhere here.]
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[Alright, as idiot as Shizuo is, weird and horrible posts around the network goes noticed even by him. Also not to mention, some frickin' dream last night...]

'lright, it seems I am not the only one--

There's absolutely no mention of violence here. Nope )

That reminds me... You're fucking dead, Izaya Orihara.

[Click! Video ends. There might be some action post included in here if you meet him on the street. Don't lie to me, guys, a bartender with a steel table in his hand surely go unnoticed, right? Ready for the same old Shizuo, Izaya-mun?]
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Waking up in the beach. )

A) [Video Call | Everyone | Dawn]

[Then he notices the strange object laying on the ground. Picking up the device, he hits a button and a video screen turns on.

He puts his face close to the camera and shouts.]

Hey! Hey! HEY!

Are you behind this? Where am I?

B) [Action | Bayview Hotel | Morning]

[Next step is finding a place to stay. Strangers thankfully point him to the hotel.

He doesn't bother to check in at first, just going up and banging on doors at random to see which ones are empty.

Probably disturbing quite a few people.]
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[Midnight... Dark Hour... Dark... Whatever.

Okay, guys, so everything's event'd that everyone gone terribly mad. Guess who's not quite affected by the event, yet still act like he's affected? Shizuo Heiwajima. The guy in bartender suit was surrounded by minor Shadows. Now wait a minute-- Who said he needs any help for this? For those who are around, you are presented with the beautiful scenery of Shizu-chan punching the life out of those Shadows, with bare fist.

That, or he sometimes might resort to fight like a beast and grab whatever that close enough at him, either it be a trash can, billboard, etc etc. Shit be damned because while at it, he kinda... notices that he cannot pull street signs easily.

After he's done with the Shadows though, he's going to hunt for a certain someone.]


[What is noticing the phone, Shadows, and this is not Ikebukuro when you're mad. Hello, phone, have frequent sound of things thrown and IIIIZZAAAAYAAAAAA since Shizuo is going in circle. No BS, everything is Izaya's fault.]


[This is officially the most peaceful intro in TVK ever.]


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