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[action; 3:00 PM]

[With no why or how he got here and the last thing he remembered a bit fuzzy, Yosuke had stumbled around asking random passerby for information. Did it help? Not in the least. In fact, it only made him even more confused. But, that's why he just put on that fake smile of his and went along being his obnoxious self to only further hide his nervousness. After moving from place to place for a good while, some time in the afternoon you'll find the teen sitting down against one of the hotel's walls. He has his knees bent and pressed to his chest rather lazily, his hands behind his head, and his eyes closed.]

Man... just where the hell am I?

[video/audio; 7:00 PM]

[Some later time, at night, the loud sound of a trash can rolling to and fro can be heard in Prospero's evening glow. The person inside of the trash can? One Yosuke Hanamura. At first, he had just been spacing out and trying to run back to the hotel. Somewhere between a turn and a skip, he collided with and subsequently got stuck inside of a trash can. A lucky (?) turn of events, however, was that his device had been knocked from his pocket and now lays there on the ground getting a good amount of video for the rest of Prospero to see. Loud yells, which can at times be made out as 'Help!' and 'I'm stuck!' strike the audio feature of the device, albeit muffled by the trash can. C'mon, Prospero. Help a dork out.]

[action; 12:00 AM]

[Why yes, that is in fact Yosuke Hanamura running through the streets of Prospero with what can only be described as a face of utter horror. What had started out as basic curiosity toward the coffins standing up around Prospero has now turned into a full out chase by two low level Shadows. Are there tears from Yosuke's eyes? Yup. Two, one in each eye in fact. With no idea what is going on, and feeling like he's running for his very life, Yosuke lets out a scream that could damn well be heard by the majority of Prosero.]

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[As the video comes on, a very agitated high schooler appears. Faint music from the headphones around his neck can be heard over the video.]

What the hell is going on here? Is this some kind of “hazing the city kid” ritual?

[He glances down at his watch.]

Look, my old man expects me at the store in fifteen minutes; I don’t have time for this game. So can someone kindly tell me where the hell I am and GET ME OUT OF HERE!

[He pauses.]

Unless you’re gonna bring in some hot girls or something like that. Now that’s something I wouldn’t mind skipping work for.


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