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Feb. 1st, 2012 10:18 pm
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[Have an indignant snort as the video feed starts. The person on the other end is an older woman, possibly in her mid thirties.]

I have experienced several odd occurrences, but I dare say this is quite the most extraordinary. It's one thing to kidnap someone, but to drop them off in an unknown location and not restrain them at all? Is this some sort of joke? If so, I am not amused. Speak! I demand an explanation for this. I won't tolerate this foolishness a moment longer.
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[...This is ridiculous. She shouldn't be alive - not for a third time, and not without Souichirou. Everything about this is wrong.

Caster can't feel the connection to a Master, either, and she doesn't have to try to realize her magic has been stripped from her. All of her power is gone; she can feel that much. She hasn't been so helpless in all her life.

She finds a phone next to her on a bench, and without thinking she picks it up. She doesn't have a number to dial, so she just puts the phone to her ear and hopes someone's on the other end.]

...I seem to be lost. Is there anywhere I can find shelter here...? Heh. I doubt I'll be as lucky as I was last time...

If anyone's there, please respond. Even telling me the name of this place would be a help. I can't repay you right now, but...

[She trails off, and stops talking. She doesn't really have any intention of owing someone a favor just because they decided to tell her the name of the city though.]


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