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[The full moon seems a little larger than usual as it rises in a clear sky on this warm night. And as it rises, some very small occurrence seems to take place.]

[All those in Prospero share three material objects in common: their phones, the card of their personal Arcana, and a key. It is the third of these items that seems to respond to the moon's rising tonight; the small metallic item glows faintly and seems to almost vibrate.]

[If in the course of one's actions it should be brought near the door of their assigned hotel room, a small keyhole will appear that most definitely was not there before. It seems to fit the silver key perfectly, and should one turn it in the newfound lock and open their door?]

[They will not find a hotel room at all. With a bright flash of light, they will find themselves transported to an elevator they may have seen in their dreams, or perhaps they haven't yet experienced it. The music is as present as ever, but only Elizabeth stands in her usual place with Igor nowhere in sight.]

[She smiles in the usual mysterious way, as if she'd expected this all along and you haven't merely stumbled in without warning. In the usual high-pitched and formal yet relaxed voice, she speaks:]

Welcome to the Velvet Room.

[You will immediately find that unlike the past few times, this is no dream. You can move and speak freely--in fact, the expectant stare her gold eyes fix you with implies that Elizabeth expects you to.]
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[Again, you are asleep and dreaming. And again, you find yourself visiting the Velvet Room.]

[But this time both the chair and the space beside it are empty; everything is still and silent, as if the elevator's come to a stop and the residents simply got off at their chosen floor. The music is still playing, though its source remains just as unseen.]

[Upon the table are two things--a card of your own personal Arcana, whatever it may be, and a note:]

To our esteemed visitor:

Forgive us for not greeting you in person, but we all have obligations to be seen to elsewhere at the moment. We hope that you will understand.

When last we met, my master told you that you would soon be able to enter and leave here of your own free will. Look before next the moon shines brightest for that opportunity to present itself--until then, take this as a gesture of good will and of my own elation at the prospect of again seeing you grace our presence.


[A few moments pass...perhaps long enough for you to read the note over again, or to examine the card Elizabeth left for you.]

[Not long after, you again wake from the dream--but in your hand is the specific tarot card that was on the Velvet Room's table, and with it comes a vague feeling that it is specifically yours.]

[note: These cards are such that if they're burned, torn, destroyed, or somehow lost, they'll reappear the next morning on the nightstand in your assigned hotel room. Even if you don't currently live there.]
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[You are asleep.]

[Whether you turned in for the night, decided to take a short nap, or maybe just dozed off for a minute or two, you are sleeping. Often paired with sleep is dreaming, and that is just what you do. For it is in a dream you arrive on your own here, to a tall and narrow room of deep blue--though it is spacious and somewhat furnished, it appears to move upwards like an elevator. Piano music and an accompanying woman can be heard as well, quietly and with no visible source.

Before you there is a chair facing a table--sit down, make yourself comfortable. A long-nosed man in a suit sits opposite you, leaning on the table with his hands folded. Beside him holding a book stands a too-pale woman in blue with yellow eyes and silver-white hair.]

Welcome to the Velvet Room. )

[Note: Consider the World Arcana event to have officially begun! I know, it's about an hour earlier than I said it would be--as it happens, I am mildly concerned I won't be awake at midnight. Better safe than sorry~]


The Velvet Key

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