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Mar. 14th, 2012 08:52 pm
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[ In the many streets of Prospero ]

[ Today happens to be Elsie's birthday, and what does a demon do on their birthday? Well nothing really it's like any other normal birthday. Only this time Elsie had somehow gotten a ride on a firetruck from one of the local firefighters who thought it was be in the spirit of things to let the birthday girl have a trip around town in a firetruck.

Only now Elsie is somehow in the driver's seat after they made a brief stop and rolling throw town not knowing how to drive. ]

T-this is really bad, I don't know how to stop a firetruck...

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Feb. 19th, 2012 08:46 pm
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[ back-dated to the 14th/15th ]

[ Something is quite odd today in Prospero, what is it you might ask. Well currently a cute little demon is chasing all the firetrucks in the city. Why is she doing that? Because firetrucks are awesome and really cool and what's not to love about them. That's why. ]

[ Video] - Sunday the 19th

[ It's been a few days since Elsie had chased all the firetrucks around and now she had some sort of angry expression on her face, well trying to be angry she's failing at it. The little toy firetruck she bought was on the floor and it looked like she was trying to break it. Though it was hard to do that seeing as hating firetrucks all together. was a bit farfetched for her. ]

This is for the best, if I get rid of this firetruck then maybe I won't be tempted to find the ones driving along in the city.
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[ Anyone staying at the hotel might notice a table set up in the lobby, Elsie's been cooking all morning and ended up making a ton of food for a breakfast / lunch gathering. Because everyone must be really hungry right? She couldn't let people be hungry she'd be a terrible person if she didn't make sure everyone was well fed. ]

I made a lot of food if anyone is hungry! Everyone must be busy and it's important to eat three meals a day.

[ Elsie's gone little sister mode and will be trying to take care of anyone who decides to sit down and eat / talk to her. ]
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[ It's the dark hour and Elsie stayed out a little to late, but now there's a Pyro Jack following her around that happens to be her persona. ]

Awah~ You're so adorable, I've never seen something like this before. Maybe you're from a new anime that's airing soon?

U-um, does anyone know what this is though? I'm a bit worried because it came out of nowhere and started following me after I heard some really weird mumbling noise!
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U-um, excuse me! I should be practicing Kanon-chan's lines for the school festival but it seems that I'm not at school anymore.

[ Elsie looks a bit worried and she can't find Keima anywhere either. ]

I really need to get back, I don't want to miss band rehearsal as well!


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