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[Shit shit shit shit. Corwin's running back for the hotel as fast as he can, deeply regretting "Just one more round of [noncopyright name here] Kart" with some kids from Prospero middle school. Why didn't he keep a better eye on the time? Now he's out during that time, and with his luck...

It takes him a second to register the silhouette at first. A middle-aged man, balding, wearing a business suit. But the second he realizes who it is, he only begins begins to sprint, breaking out in a cold sweat. This man shouldn't be here. He shouldn't. Everything is wrong, this world is wrong, and he has to run, because if he doesn't-

His breath leaves him as a hand grabs the hood of his jacket, dragging him backwards and making him lose his balance. Before he can react, the person's turned him around and grabbed at his collar, lifting him into the air and snarling into his face.

It's your fault. If you hadn't run, I would still be here!

[Between his choking and own sense of guilt, Corwin is unable to respond. All he can do is struggle to pry those cold hands from his neck, his fingers slipping against their steely grip. The man gives him a shake.]

You worthless brat! If you'd been eaten instead... I would've... I would've-!

[He's losing his strength. He can't fight it anymore. Part of him doesn't even want to. Not really. He always did wonder if, had he been the slow one, that man's soul would have been the one to escape instead. And part of him thinks that maybe, that might have been better somehow.

When he begins to hear the whispering in his mind, it's no surprise he believes it to be a dying hallucination at first.

I am thou, and thou art I...

Together, we shall battle those who would unjustly harm us.

[He's only hardly aware of the glow of blue and the appearance of a small floating figure by him. The Persona gives a giggle before ramming into the Shadow, knocking Corwin free and causing the Shadow to disappear.

As the Persona vanishes itself, Corwin remains on the ground, sputtering. It would probably be good if someone picked him up before more Shadows appear.


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