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Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? Aside the fact that there's bodies at the shore. It's creepy and how did they even end up there in the first place?! Something tells me this isn't a stupid coincidence either.

Whoever did this is going to pay. How could they do this to innocent people? They did nothing as far as I know....

[ Ignore the fact that she seems bothered by it more than she should be. Considering Ishtar, seeing people like this makes her blood boil and it hurts to watch innocent people be hurt like this. She can't stand it for too long. ]


[ She's taking a breath to calm down a little. ]

...How's everyone though? You guys aren't injured or anything right?
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[ She spent half of the day sleeping through most of the classes. The teacher scolded her and she had detention and relearning half of the day's lessons. Not that she cared about it too much. Another yawn as she leaves the school building a few hours later. It was getting dark but it didn't seem to bother her.

Nothing gets worse than during the Dark Hour. The Dark Hour was when she feels rather uncomfortable and annoyed with.

Still she happened to attract a lot of trouble regardless. She groaned a little as she picks up her phone....maybe someone can help her with her classes and training too. Well Asuka was helping her train here and there stuff like that. Still she doesn't want to be yelled at for having terrible grades on top of the manager ]

...This sucks...is school really necessary anymore? I don't need to use half of this stuff. Not to mention most of these teachers are pretty old and boring.

...eh....can anyone help me out a little here? I'm kind of in a pinch. Does anyone know how to do 'Math' or 'Science' well. OR maybe everything else...? I'll make it up to you somehow...someway. Yeah er please?

[ She's avoiding talk about the previous week and all that fighting. She wants to leave it a lone for a bit. ]
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[ Ishtar nearly topples over as the feed accidentally records her being almost fully dressed for her job but it seems like she was having difficulties seeing eye to eye with her Manager and the stylist, but she couldn't argue too much since she needed money. Never in her life had she wanted to do this kind of work but jeez. She thought it was going to be easy. ]

I told you I never worn these stuff before... especially shoes this high!

[ She's walking in a pair of skinny jeans and rather long heels of some sort with buckles. Her upper half had an off shoulder shirt with a tank top underneath and a belt around the waist followed by interesting gloves. ]

Miss Ishtar. You certainly don't want to be fired right now do you?

[ She makes a face. ] ...right... [ Before she could say anything else she notices the recording and runs over while tripping halfway to turn it off and well the feed cuts while her phone device is flying in the air.... ]

[ ooc: needs some humor sooo xDD;;!! ]
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So uh...can someone tell me what's it like going to school?

[ Since she grew up in a household that did mostly home schooling, she has no idea how to react to school as a normal person. That and it sucks when you're of high class because you are ignorant. Ishtar seemed to fit that category very well. She rubs the sides of her head. ]

I really don't know how to do this...and since I don't got much of a choice...I guess I might as well learn about it right?

[ UGH...learning. She hates that word but she has to. ]
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[ basil's been ignoring his notice to go to school for a days now, but ever since, he's constantly hounded by the so-called authorities about his plans. what he'd really like to do is just go home, but that doesn't seem possible at the moment. he's done with school and there's nothing more he wishes to do or learn, and yet there's always something adamant on getting in the way of his free time. not cool, man.

he's also not very interested in getting to know the people here, but even he's smart enough to realize he needs at least one person that has his benefits in mind. maybe two. it doesn't seem like he can get anything done here on his own, in any case. so here's a audio-only broadcast to his fellow prospero inhabitants. ]

Uuuuh- so, summer classes. Anyone going...
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Has anyone seen or experienced anything strange lately?

Stranger than usual?

Also, I heard some people are missing things. Did any of you arrive without any changes?

Even if you don't have anything to say, please message me back. I'd like to get an idea of how many people are actively using this as a means of communication.

Thank you.
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[There's a few seconds delay before a man speaks through the voice feed.]

It seems I can't access my own system configuration. I think it's already broken, and I can't fix it without the tools. Furthermore, I don't how describe this but I feel very alive, and I've been granted a real human body upon my arrival.

Whatever it is, I need to check my configuration immediately. Does anyone know where I can find a laboratory in here?
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If we're going to stay here for a while, we should find a place to live.

The hotel is apparently free of charge. I have asked the staff there, but they don't seem to know.

[Which is both surprising and suspicious.]


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