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 Good evening, Prospero.
[Now here's a familiar, snarky expression to match a voice that seems to have been silent for some time. She'll have propped up her little video device so as to be able to enjoy a cup of tea as she speaks.]
Here's the thing. This place has gotten too drab of late. I've taken it upon myself to fix this...and I've enlisted some help. 
[She'll tilt the camera to include a view of her teatime company; a cheerful looking Saori who wasn't quite expecting the attention to fall on her so suddenly, but will wave just the same.]
Ah, hello everyone.
[In the meantime, Saori is fussing over the new kitten she picked up.]
So, we've decided that what this miserable little island needs is another party. One to celebrate the coming of a new year and new possibilities. 
Saori has graciously agreed to help me turn Gilgamesh's condo into party central annnn~d she's promised to make some delicious food for the occasion. 

I’m just glad we had the same idea, especially now that last event thing happened.
[Beatrice will pause for a sip of her tea before continuing.]
Some things I want to point out: make sure you dress in your finest attire; you all need to make yourselves worthy of a witch's party. Also, anyone who gets this message can consider themselves invited so I don't want to hear any excuses.
I'll be sending out a text with the time and directions and we'll see you there.
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[After a long visual absence, a certain witch will make her presence known on the local video feed.]

Good evening, Prospero. If I may, I'd like to request a bit of assistance.
You see, I'm moving. Not only this, but I'm taking on some roommates and we all have quite a bit of things to carry.
So, I'm looking for a few strong men or possibly women to move some of the bigger items.

I will, of course have refreshments for anyone who is up to such a task. And this witch would be forever grateful.~ ♥

I'll be in room 709 packing with the girls.

Oh, but one thing. The reflection figurine...please don't touch that. I'll be glad to move that on my own.

[A pause.]

Anyway, I'll be waiting~! ♥

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[ Anyone happening to check the network this afternoon will be greeted to the grinning face of a certain witch, who currently happens to be hanging off the side of Gil's bed while kicking her feet happily. Never mind that she isn’t the actual owner of the device. It seems the king that is usually present is occupied otherwise. Behind her are a couple of suitcases that look as if they'll burst any second now. And there's two more that lie open and currently have items being thrown in them from off screen. ]

"Hello, everyone~! This is a courtesy message from yours truly and the brat prince over here. We'll be out of town for the next week or so. I know you'll all miss me terribly. [ With that she’ll glance away from the phone.] You're kidding, right? You are not going to need a third pair of those awful pants. You have plenty. Pack something halfway decent or I'll refuse to be seen with you."

"Does it look like I'm kidding, woman? If I'm going to be traveling the world and hauling your ass around, I'm going to look good doing it. You can just deal with it."

"Siiiiigh. Do you see what I have to put up with? He's impossible and we're going to need two people to come with us just to carry the prima donna's bags.[ That last part might have been purposely loud.] At any rate, I'm sure you'll all be able to hold down the fort until we return.~ "

"Tch. I can carry them myself. I'm not as weak and feeble as you apparently are. And don't forget to ask."

"Of course not. You should be terribly buff from carrying the weight of that ego around all day. Hm? Oh, is there anyone who could possibly check on the lions now and again while we're out? They're very tame. I'll be sure to bring back presents for whoever agrees~! I’ll miss you all. Play nice while we’re out, okaaaay~?
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[Seems like the phone still records things without people being unaware, as the phone flickers on and shows two women, Beatrice and April, who both seem to be in Beatrice's room. And April, well... seems to be wearing a red, lace teddy and looking incredibly flustered and nervous about it. Especially when Beatrice just casually goes to readjust April's chest.]

... What're you doing?

You're squishing them. Let me fix them. It doesn't look right unless you're almost spilling out.

... W-w-w-why do they have to be, uh, s-spilling out?

You want to be enticing, riiiiiight~?

I-I guess, but... T-t-this just feels kinda embarrassing, and what if h-he doesn't like it?

Then women aren't his preference and you should consider moving out.

I-I couldn't move out! …
… A-are you done, um, f-fixing them?

Juuuust about....there. [Beatrice stops with the readjusting and moves away from the incredibly nervous looking redhead.] Perfect. A little dusting of powder and you'll be a knock out.~ ♥

...... Y-you sure?

Of course! You look like a delicious gift. All you have to do is go home and let him...unwrap you.~

W-w-w-what? I-I, um-[And this is when April spots the phone and notices it's recording. She promptly makes a sound that almost sounds like vocalized key-smashing and is hiding behind the curtain within the next moment. Beatrice, on the other hand, is completely calm about this and just smiles as she turns to look at the phone.]

Oh, my, my, my! Look at this! You have an audience. Now we can get a proper opinion, hm~? ♥

W-WHAT?! N-n-n-no!

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Once again, a video is broadcast across the network without either party's knowledge due to carelessness. Viewers may first notice a rather striking young woman sitting upright against a flurry of pillows wearing what appears to be a certain king's shirt. The second thing they will notice is a fairly fancy looking bedside table with various dishes sitting upon it. And lastly, there's the said king moving to sit on the opposite side of the bed wearing nothing but heart print boxers.

"Oh, you're finally awake? I thought you might sleep all day."

The witch will gently wipe the sleep from her eyes and give him a quizzical cant of her head.

"You made me breakfast?"

He’ll just laugh, pleased with himself.

"Of course. Even if you eventually returned to the land of the living, I doubt you'll be able to move around too much for the rest of the day."

His words would stir a yawn.

"Nn. You're right. You were far too hard on me for my first time, you know."

"Don't expect me to lower my standards just for you. If you want to play with a king, you have to keep up."


"But, you promised to be gentle, liar."

"So, I got a little carried away. You can't blame me, can you?  It's been a while since I've had anyone as willing as you."

"I guess not. But you didn’t have to dirty my dress like that."

"Not my fault. You have to be prepared for anything when dealing with me."

"You'll at least be a gentleman and make me some tea, riiiiight~?"

"What am I, your personal butler now?"

"Yes. And I expect you to serve it to me as well. You owe me."

"I owe you for teaching you how to actually use your body? What kind of bullshit is that?"

"You never told me you'd be working me so hard. I think you just liked watching me struggle. You really are a jerk.~"

"Well, it's not every day you get to see a beautiful woman sweat and pant so hard."

"You should feel privileged to have seen me in a position no other man has.~"

"You should be the one who feels privileged. After all, how many women can brag about The King Of Heroes being their first partner?"

"Whatever. Just get me my tea and I'll be happy."

"And you dare call me the brat. Fine, princess. Just give me a moment."

Of course, now that the king's attention has broken away from the troublesome witch, his eyes just happen to catch a glimpse of a certain phone that must've  been knocked over sometime earlier. He'll simply give it a dirty grin and greet any viewers.

"Oh, good morning, Prospero."


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[Filtered to pretty much everyone except for Gilgamesh.]

[This is an unexpected sight. Here sits one usually haughty witch tucking her hair gently behind her ear and looking quite subdued.]

So, I have a personal dilemma with which I'd like to consult someone who might have...more experience.

[God, this is embarrassing.]

It's one thing to gain a man's attention...but say it's someone who is very difficult to talk to. Or better yet, someone you've teased relentlessly.
How would one go about convincing him your feelings have changed?

I want to bring over a dessert for us to share...but at this point he may think I poisoned it.

How can I assure him it's just a strawberry? Any advice appreciated.

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[There's an oddly gentle expression on the face gazing into the screen.]

Ah, V/V, my beloved daughter, I hope this reaches you.
I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize our relation.
Forgive mother for being so forgetful, hm~?

[If she's not a mother, she certainly looks the part. She's simply beaming with maternal pride.]

I'd like to make it up to you by going out for lunch, if you have the time. ♥

[Shortly after, she'd lean a bit closer to the camera. It's a bit of a quizzical look but a content one nonetheless.]

Also, April Sinclair?

Pardon me for not contacting you sooner, dear sister.
Perhaps you could join my daughter and I for lunch? It would be nice for all of us to catch up...or in our case, actually meet.
Please do get back to me as soon as you are able.~
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[Beato had been a very busy girl the last few days. Some kind soul pointed her to the nearest store and that was good enough to get what she needed. She hadn't a lot of money, but she had managed a nice spread of sweets and enough tea to meet demand, she thought. She had promised to have V/V over for a tea party and though this wasn't the kind of finery she was used to, it would do just to have a few people over. After a bit of fiddling, a very accomplished looking Beato will now show up on the handy device everyone uses so much.]

Good afternoon, all.
I know you're all busy so I'll be brief. I promised my little angel friend a tea party in her honor. Apparently something like that isn't common here? At any rate, V/V, I'd love for you to come over. I'm in room 709 and I have fresh tea and cookies waiting. Oh, and also that girl with the red hair who I talked to recently. She is personally invited as well.

If any of you would like to join, you're welcome to. Just don't expect much. This is quite a small room, after all.
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[The screen would flicker on with the sound of a few things hitting the wall. It would seem that something had knocked the device to the floor with some force and accidentally powered it on. Though whoever might be listening is getting a view of the ceiling, a particularly irritated voice can be heard ranting about her current circumstances.]

...unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable. When I find out who is responsible for this, I'll tear their heart out and feed it to them.

[Another broken cup, perhaps? Either way, it's in pieces, now. Seems like it's taken some of the wind out of her sails, though.]

No furniture. No Ronove. No magic. What kind of hellhole is this? M...maybe this is hell. ...No...but this definitely isn't Rokkenjima.

[And then the device on the floor caught her eye. To the viewer, the angry voice would give way to a stately looking blonde with an inquisitive stare.]

A tape-recorder...?


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