Jan. 2nd, 2013


Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:35 am
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Do you have a New Year's resolution?

I thought about trying to get stronger, but I thought I would get hurt that way if I pushed myself too hard, so I think I might try to get a boyfriend this year and see what it's like.
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 Good evening, Prospero.
[Now here's a familiar, snarky expression to match a voice that seems to have been silent for some time. She'll have propped up her little video device so as to be able to enjoy a cup of tea as she speaks.]
Here's the thing. This place has gotten too drab of late. I've taken it upon myself to fix this...and I've enlisted some help. 
[She'll tilt the camera to include a view of her teatime company; a cheerful looking Saori who wasn't quite expecting the attention to fall on her so suddenly, but will wave just the same.]
Ah, hello everyone.
[In the meantime, Saori is fussing over the new kitten she picked up.]
So, we've decided that what this miserable little island needs is another party. One to celebrate the coming of a new year and new possibilities. 
Saori has graciously agreed to help me turn Gilgamesh's condo into party central annnn~d she's promised to make some delicious food for the occasion. 

I’m just glad we had the same idea, especially now that last event thing happened.
[Beatrice will pause for a sip of her tea before continuing.]
Some things I want to point out: make sure you dress in your finest attire; you all need to make yourselves worthy of a witch's party. Also, anyone who gets this message can consider themselves invited so I don't want to hear any excuses.
I'll be sending out a text with the time and directions and we'll see you there.
[OOC: Beatrice and/or Saori will answer all posts. The log for the party will be set up on the 5th to allow people to plan.]

[Edited for some dialogue and pretty color coding!]


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