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Video [ Garviel broadcasts over the network. ]

How many of us are left? I'm taking a survey of everything we have at our disposal. Others can worry about the truth, I just want to see us all survive.
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[ A brief flash of video on the phones of the residents of Prospero opens to Garviel's face. ]

A question for you all. Why do you fight the shadows, or stay away from them?


Jan. 10th, 2012 11:16 am
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[Someone is standing in the last place they ever expected to be again - Prospero's streets.]

Wh-what in the...

[She reaches into her pocket and finds, of course, a phone - just not the one she was carrying a few minutes ago.]



I was busy, dammit! Finally actually doing my job! Are you telling me this stupid place still needs saving too?



...these phones still work the same way, right?
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Yo, everyone! Atsuro here with your monthly update!

[Here there be Shadow Database attachment! People will either find theirs updated or a brand new one if they’re new.]

If you haven’t heard already from others or Madoka earlier, I’m currently maintaining the Shadow Database. It lists all the Shadows we discovered so far, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Meaning you can study up on them before you find them outside, or you can try looking it up during battle. But I recommend having a partner with you if you do that, just to cover for you.

As for other recommendations, make sure you know you and your partners can do in battle. Physical attacks, magic, healing, scanning... just to cover your bases against the Shadows. You never know when you meet a Shadow that can possibly strike your weakness.

On a similar note, this might be obvious and most people already know, but we gotta say it again. There are some Shadows that are immune to physical blows and moves. If you can’t use any elemental spells, you better find someone who can or run away from those Shadows.

[He pause, before looking serious.]

Last month’s mostly uneventful, when it comes to the full moon. [HE WON’T BOTHER MENTIONING DRAMA IN AMONG A CERTAIN CAST] But that doesn’t mean this month’s will be the same, so keep an eye on the moon cycle. Particularly the week before the full moon, things normally happen around that time.

[Then, a grin!]

Other than that, I’m also open for people to help out with the database! So if you can work with programs or can gather information from the Shadows, please speak to me or Madoka if you’re interested.

Now then…if there’s any other questions, ask away!


Jan. 8th, 2012 10:30 pm
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*Kaoru turns on the video...*


Explain "special service".

*...and shuts it off. Well, then.*


Jan. 6th, 2012 01:41 am
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[Miki comes on the video screen while running late at night out in Prospero.]

So what's the best place to eat in this city? If I have to go on a date with some dude I want to--

[She pauses and the phone goes blank after being put in a pocket. You hear the muffled cries of running and battle and a bit of Miki panicing about a box being ruined. She pulls the phone back out, still covered in evaporating shadow stuff or blood or whatever they squirt out when destroyed.]

-to at least get a good meal out of it.

Also, Eater, is it alright if I borrow those clothes I hid from your female side? I was told I shouldn't wear my work clothes and I don't really have anything else. Her stuff was pretty fancy with all the ribbons and stuff and it should fit, so I'm gonna borrow them.
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Hey, does anyone know a good way to make money?

Or know of any place that will hire thirteen-year-olds?
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[Not too far from the hotel stands a woman in rich orange and and blue robes, staring at the rolling grey waves in the distance. It's a good thing the safety rail is there, and that she's clutching it so tightly, otherwise she'd have already toppled herself clear over it and onto jagged rocks. She's leaning forward. She's shaking slightly, possibly from the cold.]

It's quiet.

It's... so quiet.

[This place is too unfamiliar to immediately comprehend. Her head throbs from the sudden lack of what was once there and is now gone. Having to ask "why" and "where" and "how" will come later, more slowly. Waves, she knows. The sea, she understands. She can watch the waves, and think.



[The video feed flickers on, catching the blue-haired woman in the middle of figuring out the new device. She seems to be in a hotel room.] ...ah, and by pressing this, I... [Her expression shifts from curious to deeply pleased. She sits back in her seat, holding herself in a regal fashion.]

I have been informed that this device will allow me to communicate with the others who do not belong in this city. Am I correct? If so, good. Let us... communicate. I have many questions.
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[ What's this, Prospero? A huge, 8 foot tall being stalking the streets openly, during the dark hour. Heavily armored, and very well armed, it hunts for all the enemies of humanity it can find. Including, perhaps, itself. The being growls, and the armor it bears buzzes in concert with it, searching for someone. Searching for something. Searching for you. ]
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[Lion had admittedly been harboring the feeling that something unusual would happen today. Randomly appearing in a place that wasn't even the least bit familiar wasn't exactly it.

The poor headphoned boy had ended up wandering for about... what was it? An hour? Two hours? Before finally giving up on the thought that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere. However he got here, it wasn't a place he'd ever seen before, and not a thing here was familiar, though he could sense some strange, foreboding feeling, like his gut was telling him there was something weird about this place.

Not that he had any idea what, and he had simply dropped onto the nearest thing that seemed even remotely like it could be sat on (what was that sign he had just passed? Felix's Finds? He didn't remember). However, a quick, unusual pressure against his leg made him dig into his pocket curiously, coming out with... a phone that certainly wasn't his. Had he been reversed pick-pocketed or something?

Curiosity had gotten the better of him, though, and a quick look through the phone offered some sort of conversation option, and it was better than wandering around like a lost rat in a maze, even if this idea seemed silly.]

Could someone tell me exactly where I am? I'm kind of... lost. [A pause, then a second text.] Atsuro, Yuzu, if you're here somewhere, let me know, okay?
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[ Gender-flipped King Arthur and technology don't really mesh too well together, seeing as it's been kicked on by accident again. This time she has her legs curled up on the couch, a tiny lion cub nestled around her battle gown and limbs. A hand idly scratches behind it's ears and the other side of her body? Resting alongside the man sitting next to her. It takes him a moment, but it seems as though he's struggling to figure out how to work a remote control.

Suddenly there's very loud noise. The phone's angled enough to get a good look at the television - are those credits vaguely familiar? ]

I was told this was the most accurate portrayal by the man who sold it to me, Lancer. [ Calmly spoken. ]

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[ Garviel walks long the docks of Prospero, as the time approaches the Dark Hour. His blade slung over one shoulder, pistol at his waist, expression cold. Dare you approach the grim warrior? ]
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[ Garviel stares out at you through the videophones, his expression grim. ]

My friends and comrades. Given the recent deaths... and even more mysterious, resurrections in our midst, I propose that we all meet at 22 Harbor Street. It is a warehouse, and provides us with enough room to discuss the matters at hand. Matter the first: One of us was murdered and returned from the dead. Matter the second: Organization. While we have people who patrol with one another, and champions who fight for all of us, we are not organized. In the end, this will spell our doom. Just meet me at 8 in the evening tomorrow, so we can discuss battle-tactics, and a way to actually take the offensive against these shadows which plague us.

Action, 22 Harbor Street. ]
[ Inside a rather burned-out looking warehouse, that might once have been a place where freight was stored and shipped. The warehouse is lit only by a few guttering flashlights scavenged from somewhere, Garviel sits at the end of a long table, in a heavy wood chair. He has a hand and a half sword reversed in his hands, point down between his legs, a clear sign that this is a war coucil, though, as always, his clothing is simple, and unwarlike, the whole effect somewhat strange because of that. ]
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[ Video A slightly face-bandaged Garviel winks in on the video screens of those who have their phones on. ]

Excellent work the other day, I propose we all meet at Kelly's Tavern Sunday night for something of a feast and discussion of our tactics and what we have learned. Bring any new people we have found as well.

Also, I have found an abandoned warehouse in the business district that will work well for communal physical training, if we wish to undertake such things. They aren't the sparring cages of the vengeful spirit, but I think they'll do for the moment.

[ Action, business district Garviel is practicing in an abandoned warehouse in the business district, running through unusual and rather alien sword forms that also include a pistol movement as well, though obviously he's not firing a gun off, it is there, however. Sometime between the initial climb and now, he's acquired a serviceable spatha and automatic pistol. He is in short pants and a white T-shirt, and they sag against him, as he's lathered in sweat. At the moment, he hasn't noticed anyone approaching yet. Or at the very least, he isn't letting it interfere with the rather brutal forms. ]
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[ This wasn't exactly the sort of mission he had imagined, when called back from the brink of madness and damnation by his brothers. No longer a superhuman, no longer even aware of where he was, he looks over the small communication device, and the simple clothes that have replaced his battle-plate, and activates the odd little cogitator. A huge, craggy face, pale and lightly freckled, stares out at the world with grey eyes that have seen far too much already ]

It would appear I am once again alone. Are there other Adeptus Astartes in this place, or have I gone beyond everything that I have known? If I have been captured, I would speak to my captor, and if I have been set adrift in the warp... I would know if there are other castaways. So, speak, and explain this strange situation to me.


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