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[Paranoia may be getting other people to stick close to home, but for Gaignun it seems to be driving him out in the open. So the video opens up to the view from the roof of the hotel. It's his voice that people hear however.]

Christmas. Just after the longest day of the year, it signals the slow return of the light of day. I think that's what we need right now.

So Merry Christmas, and look forward to the return of the light.

[He lowers the phone so that he can turn it off, but it catches the image of a bottle of red wine, white wine, and a dark bottle of beer before the video clicks off.]
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For the past few dark hours, people around town may have caught a brief sight of a young woman disappearing in to the shadows. Her movements are fluid, and practiced, and she is clearly tracking someone.

It's the Dark Hour between Friday and Saturday that she catches up with her wayward prey, dropping down in front of him. Gaignun's phone drops out of his pocket, flicking onto Video once it hits the ground, the camera staring up at the two figures. The woman is the first to speak, the first words out of her mouth were not a greeting, or an insult, but a simple question.

“Why are you in control? Where's father?”


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He knows this is coming. Seeing other peoples memories pop up on the network has just cemented the fact that it was going to happen whether he wanted it to or not.  That does not, however, mean he was prepared for his turn to come up.


Childhood - Death, gore, siblingcide, insanity and angst )




Transition from Nigredo to Gaignun )


At the end - Warning Xenosaga level angst and suicide )

Tight lipped, Gaignun exhaled sharply and shut the connection off.]

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[Gaignun looks unusually somber right now, though he'll reveal the reason in his next few words]

So it seems like Edgeworth is gone now. While this does make sorting this mess out harder, I'm sure we will be alright.
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[Early one evening, if one happens to walk through the hotel lobby, they may notice something that hadn't been there when they had left through those doors.

A pool table.

Thanks to that odd offer of the powers that be to give them back something from home, Gaignun (somewhat jokingly) asked for the pool table from his office, and got it much to his surprise. It's a well loved pool table, well made with a few nicks and scratches in the wood work that speaks to the fact that it actually got used.

So there it sits, in the side of the hotel lobby, fully decked out with a sign posted saying "Free to play, just take good care of it."

It's owner, a face familiar to mosmt is right now just happily noodling around on it, making random shots. Feel free to join him, he's always up for a game.]

[[ooc: So the hotel now has a pool table, which is free for anyone to use. It's now a fixture there until he finds somewhere else to put it so feel free to appropriate it for other threads and what not.]]
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[[ooc: This post spans Thursday until Saturday morning so let me know what day you're responding to]]

Thursday - Voice - Locked to Saori, Minato, Ryu, and Orihime )

[Forward dated Saturday around 2 am after : warning, this log contains gore,suicide/self destruction and other possible triggers]

[Action for the hotel lobby, open for anyone]

[The door to the hotel lobby swings open and Gaignun walks in. However he isn't as neat and presentable as he usually is. He's covered from head to toe with drying blood, and if you look closely there is a bloody kiss mark on his cheek. He also looks absolutely exhausted and really could use a shower.

He will however stop and talk if anyone manages to get his attention.]

[[ooc: Also, Gaignun has no idea of Albedo's other...activities those three nights, so feel free to bring them up]]


[TEXT forward dated to Saturday morning around 9 am]

I'm afraid that Jr and MOMO have left the island, and that Albedo has made himself somewhat unavailable. If they have left behind responsibilities that can not be shifted to someone else or can not wait, please contact me and I will be happy to render any help needed.


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Voice : Locked to Minato, Ryu, and Orihime )

[TEXT : Open to all]

We're getting close to that time of the month again, but we didn't hear that voice this time.  Do you think we're lucky enough for it to pass us by for yet another month?


The Velvet Key

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