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[Adachi can be seen wiping his mouth off with a handkerchief before talking. Not to mention looking rather freaked.]

R-right. We're investigating this mess down on the shore line but...s-since this obviously isn't natural, I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinion too, so...

What the hell happened?! Everyone at the station is freaked. They hadn't even had a murder case for ten years before a few months ago, and now we get something that looks like a mass suicide?

Jeez. What a great first case for me...
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So, guess I have some good news for once.

[Adachi holds up a shiny new police ID - not a proper metal badge, but clearly official.]

It turns out the Prospero PD has really low standards. For, uh, paperwork, I mean. I managed to convince them I've come here from Japan for a detective training exchange program. Long story short, I've got a job, and you guys have an "insider" on the police force now.

Yes, I am the man, I know.

Although really, I think they might have just wanted the extra help from someone with homicide experience. Not totally sure I'm comfortable with that, but I still know more than the Mayberry types here.

Aaaaanyway, long story short is, if you want a detective's help with anything related to this Dark Hour bullcrap, I'm your man. Feel free to rely on me and everything.


Now, just need to wait two weeks for my paycheck and I can afford to go celebrate...
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Okay so, I've been here a bit and I think I've got a handle one the situation. I got some binoculars from that weird guy's store, been scoping out the situation during this "Dark Hour" nonsense. Basically, there's these monsters that come out at night and stuff, and they're only around for an extra hour in the day, and only us "kidnapped" people can see them. Did I miss anything?

Looking around, it just got me to thinking...wouldn't be easier if we all just, ya know, stayed inside? Or left town? I mean, they're not a threat to anyone but us, right? And while I enjoy the all-expenses-paid vacation in America, it's not like we owe this place anything anyway. What exactly is stopping us from just sitting back in nice, barricaded hotel rooms and letting these "Shadows" or whatever mill around every night? When you think about it, we probably provoked them all wandering around outside those coffin things in the first place.

Well, anyway, that's just my opinion. I understand if some crazy people want to have fun with all that fighting and stuff, just...try not to rile them up too bad, huh? I'm just going to work on a bar for my door here at the hotel and enjoy the cheap-slash-free food. The restaurants here beat the hell out of Inaba's, that's for sure.
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Is there somebody there? I didn't get a dialtone, so...



[A surprised-looking man in the kind of suit that says "office coffee bitch" even if you don't look for the stains stares out of the camera.]

Wow, a video phone? Fancy.

Listen...does...anyone out there know how I got here? This looks suspiciously like a foreign country, and even if I was drinking last night - and I wasn't! - I am positive I didn't get drunk enough to go to America or England or something. How would I have afforded a plane ticket, first off...especially since Dojima's gonna fire my ass for not showing up to work today...

Uh, anyway...help?


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