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[ Another one, that barely sleeps, makes sure to poke the device and start another video feed after such strange dream. Only that.. she has some other pointers to take before that... ]

Such a strange dream! And to think I would dream with such ugly maaaan! The only thing that was nice was the outfit of that girl. It was so cute~ ♪ Ah--?

[ Static.

The first part of the memory seems a funny memory for Asmodeus.

At least, in this way, she could prove others that magic existed now. And that she find killing people sort of amusing too. ]

Ara, ara~! To think that such cute memory would appear~ ♪

[ But then... A second one shows up.

It's a scene that she never wanted to see again. Her face doesn't show fear, but her smile is not there anymore. She knows that she's human here, otherwise she would be scared to disappear after remembering such fragile thing. ]

What's going ooon?! This is not fair at all! Why would that kind of thiiiiing!

[ Sobs, she ends the feed now. ]
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[ Hello Prospero, you get to see one (1) Stake of Purgatory giggling because she figured out how to turn this phone. ]

Finally it's workiiing! Such a funny thing this is~. [ Have another giggle. ] But it's not cute at all, that's really a shame.... Oh, is it recording now? Hello~! [ Have a playful wave of her hand. ] I'm really lost here, and that's not really nice! Maybe my prince can come and rescue me~? Kyaa, that would be so niiicee~

[ She smiles again after she ends daydreaming for a bit. ] Yes, you. Over there, help this cutie girl to know where she is, okay?

[ Yes, she was talking to the screen and to anyone watching this... With a playful wink, she ends the feed. ]


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