Dec. 29th, 2012 01:26 pm
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[It's daytime. Eater is sitting at a desk with a deck of Tarot cards in front of her.]

Excuse me, but would anyone like a Tarot reading?

[Like last time, these are real readings unless specifically requested otherwise.]


Oct. 27th, 2012 03:23 pm
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Oh, miss Saber~

There is an eating contest at this lovely burger restaurant near the hotel. Would you take me up on a challenge?
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I see you have all been well since I left you last~ Tell me what great deeds have occurred in my absence. There must surely have been a few. After all, we do fight ferocious monsters every night! In the trials of combat, heroes rise to glory. Ah, I can only just imagine how brave they must have been~

...and I suppose I should ask now, to save time, if the bar still has that bartender my other half dislikes.
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[In the commons at Deacon Hall, there is a young brunette standing there in a bit of a huff. Her arms are crossed and it looks like she's giving some poor attendant an earful. Honestly, her yelling is probably echoing up to the rooms upstairs...]

What do you mean I have to share a floor with some other girls! That's completely unacceptable! Do you even know who you're dealing with?! One call to my father and you can say goodbye to that desk job of yours!

Ugh, why am I even bothering with you. I want to talk to your manager! Right. Now.


[And now for something completely different! It's the same brunette, but instead of wrecking havoc, she is smiling brightly at the camera.]

Hi there, Iori Minase here! I'm sure you all know me, so I was wondering if I could ask a question. Anyone who answers will get a special surprise, nihihi~!
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I forgot to keep a hold of my charms last night and I woke up covered in women.

...Does anyone else think this is payback?


Mar. 2nd, 2012 10:56 am
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[Action, Dark Hour]

[Can you hear the shouts, Prospero? Of a small-bodied yet large-voiced Eater as he draws as many Shadows to him as he can? They probably sound a lot like this:]

Ahahaha, I finally got one! Time to kick some ass! Man, have I waited way too long for this... Come on and get some! Odr!

[Investigate to help kick ass, berate him for stealing your targets, or tell him to keep it down?]

[Video, Morning]

[Eater looks a bit tired and run down as she turns on the camera and sighs.]

He drank too much in celebration... I understand that receiving a Persona is a special occasion, but he needs to remember that some of us get hangovers.

Why can't I keep him under control?
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Hypothetically speaking, let's say there's a two-timing woman living in your body who's been using your face to go have her 'dalliances' with whoever she felt like it. How ethical is it to tell an entire city over the phone, and should you care at all about the fallout?

Yeah, this is totally hypothetical, guys.
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I feel a remarkable change in the air. It is the unmistakable omen that my job is about to get an increase in sales.

You see, I've taken up as a florist. And this season of love is a perfect time to buy your beloved a token of affection! From the classic red roses to flowers with every particular meaning you would like, I can help you understand the language of flowers and speak eloquently to your loved one.

I still do tarot readings as a side project, of course.

[Call to Gawain]
My dear Gawain, would that I heard your voice again!

[Call to Robin Hood]
Robin~ I do hope that you can spare some time for me.
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[It's night. Eater, dressed in his usual, looks distinctly annoyed.]

Alcohol. I want to get some and I want to drink some in the company of people who will not use any feminine words for me like 'babe', ask me what I'm doing in a place like this, or express a desire for me to flash my tits.

I mean, it's not like I don't flash my tits sometimes - a guy who is given breasts should take advantage and I have to say they're pretty nice - I just don't want it to be a required part of my getting wasted experience.

The bar with the creepy bartender is not an option.
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I see we have an influx of posts related to our families lately!

[If she sees anything strange with that, she doesn't care.]

I may as well be topical. Please tell me more about your loved ones, dearhearts. There are things that they may not say honestly about themselves that you can tell me - and I am a storyteller after all, who gathers the stories of the people before anything else.

Oh, and, Souji! Your father would like a word with you tonight.
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[Eater is spending most of the day in the hotel lobby. She has a table set up, and the curious can come and see that she is giving readings with her Tarot deck for anyone who asks.

She's also wearing pants today, which is probably more remarkable than that.

(If anyone has a specific result they'd like to get from their Tarot reading, they can tell me - otherwise, I'll whip out my new real-life Tarot deck and do the reading myself.)]
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[It's night, but not the Dark Hour - just regular old night. Eater is in a clothing store, recording various arrays in the men's section. He stops by a display of leather pants.]

Hey, Prospero. Think I could maybe convince her to put these on in the morning?

[He turns the camera on himself - ribbons, lace, bows, a hair decoration with a flower, earrings, and pink everywhere.]

'Cause honestly, I'm getting kind of sick of this. Is anyone really good at arguments? I could use some advice.
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[Not too far from the hotel stands a woman in rich orange and and blue robes, staring at the rolling grey waves in the distance. It's a good thing the safety rail is there, and that she's clutching it so tightly, otherwise she'd have already toppled herself clear over it and onto jagged rocks. She's leaning forward. She's shaking slightly, possibly from the cold.]

It's quiet.

It's... so quiet.

[This place is too unfamiliar to immediately comprehend. Her head throbs from the sudden lack of what was once there and is now gone. Having to ask "why" and "where" and "how" will come later, more slowly. Waves, she knows. The sea, she understands. She can watch the waves, and think.



[The video feed flickers on, catching the blue-haired woman in the middle of figuring out the new device. She seems to be in a hotel room.] ...ah, and by pressing this, I... [Her expression shifts from curious to deeply pleased. She sits back in her seat, holding herself in a regal fashion.]

I have been informed that this device will allow me to communicate with the others who do not belong in this city. Am I correct? If so, good. Let us... communicate. I have many questions.
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[It's daytime, the day after the last message they sent out. However, the way she's carrying herself is totally different from the last message. With bright eyes and a smiling face, she addresses the camera, sitting underneath a tree and strumming her harp.]

Excuse me, but I was unable to find any real information about my situation last night, and all of those who I asked about it this morning looked at me most strangely! Now that you are no longer in peril of your own, I assume, would anyone be willing to assist me?

My name is Eater. I go by Eater the Minstrel, and am a traveling bard looking for stories of heroes to retell and wonderful gentlemen to, err, retell stories of. However, this land is most unlike any I've visited before!

...and please forgive me if I spoke to you last night. I was a bit rude, wasn't I? I beg your pardon.

[Feel free to have seen Eater's last post or even continue replying to it.]
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[It's the dark hour, and what appears to be a girl in elegant clothing is absently strumming a harp.]

All right, let's cut to the chase here. Where the hell am I and what am I doing here? This is definitely not where I went to bed or where she left me - oh, hang on, let me take care of this first.

[That last bit is mentioned when a Shadow appears on screen a mild distance away. Rising quickly to their feet and hoisting up the harp, they dash over to where the monster is and smash it with the harp until it dies.

Yep. Coming back over to the phone totally casually.]

Yeah, so, if anybody'd like to tell me anything about this creepy place, go ahead.


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