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[And another unbidden post begins. There is no prompting, it merely begins broadcasting like some kind of documentary. Unfortunately (or would it be fortunate?), this one's a bit on the abstract side.]

Cut for length )

[Not long after the imagery ceases, Devola, apparently having found her phone on and broadcasting, speaks up, her tone flat.]

Well that was great to see again...
I might as well ask since this thing's on already. Had anyone heard of any kind of "Velvet Room" before that shared dream or whatever you'd want to call it?
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[G'evening, Prospero. If you know her, you know Devola's not usually the type to initiate calls on the video feed, so perhaps whatever seems to have poisoned the water supply be in the air this time's started to effect her as well.

Or, perhaps, it has to do with the fact that she seems to have duplicated herself.

On screen are two women who look completely and utterly identical. Devola's usual wavy red mess of hair is combed straight, and is in duplicate. Two pairs of blue-gray eyes set into the same face are looking into the phone's camera. Two sets of the same clothing are being worn by two people with the exact same body-type. It's enough to make a person wonder if their phone isn't on the fritz.

Or maybe somebody did put something in the water after all.

Anyway, the one on the left shifts, starting to talk.]
So, good news! If you're seeing double, that means you've got 20/20 vision and your phone isn't messed up, either.

[The figure on the right also shifted, albeit with something that looked like discomfort.] I still don't know why do we have to do this in such a confusing way. [This one, while looking all the same, speaks in a way more delicate tone.]You even went and combed your hair. You...are not really fond of combing your hair. Usually that's the last resort people have to tell us apart.

[Leftvola paused for a few seconds, staring off into space as if enthralled before she slowly responded.] ...It seemed more amusing this way.

[There was a long pause before the twin on the left reached up and began to muss her own hair, speaking almost petulantly.] They can figure it out from mannerisms too, I'd hope...

[Rightpola sighed in contained distress. Things never changed that much, apparently.] I suppose you are correct. Even so, it should not be a challenge but an aid.

[That said, the rightmost redhead turned to face the camera, her hair neatly combed and not at all ruffled. As it had always been.] Ah, I suppose introductions are in order then. I must thank you first; I know she is not a bad person, but apparently she has stayed among you for over half a year or so. For taking care of Devola, you have my gratitude.

M'not that bad at being self-sustaining... [A pause, and Devola -- now more easily and properly identifiable with her usual hairstyle coughed before continuing.] Err, anyway. This is, obviously, my sister, Popola. I filled her in on all the important 'Prospero is a silly place' details already. She's the smart one, so she's already caught up. Easy-peasy.

[Popola nods quietly, a faint smile on her lips.] It's nice to meet you all, inhabitants of Prospero. I will be doing my best to be of use, so don't hesitate to ask me anything if you need help. Back from where we come from, I used to... aid in the organization and inner workings of a settlement, so I think I should be capable of putting some order where needed. I will be also helping her with some projects she was taking care of.

[She doesn't say more because she doesn't want to brag.] About the Persona system...I have yet to try it myself, but I trust I will be capable of doing what's needed in due time. [Then she turns at her sister, as if asking if there is something else to be said.]

[Devola blinked, then nodded.] Ah. Right. I'd done some work on a kinda 'welcome to Prospero' pamphlet or flier or... just a text file, whatever you wanna call it. I was gonna put it up on the network earlier, but I kinda got vetoed on the grounds of 'not being clinical enough in tone.' So, expect that soon. Figure it'll make things easier, not having to repeat the same info every time someone new pops up.

[A beat.] Unless they can't read. Hm. Maybe it should be an audio thing?

I think we can prepare both if needed. As long as you don't make it a sung introduction to Prospero. [Not that it wouldn't be fun, but the last thing somebody lost needs is a pretty voice singing about how screwed up you are. Maybe. At any rate, Popola turns to the camera and nods reassuringly.]

I will make sure it's completely comprehensible and concise, don't worry about it.

[And with that, the PSA seems over.]

((OOC: Popola is a light red, Devola a darker hue. Naturally, expect responses from either of them.))
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[Audio; Mid-afternoon]
[There's no video, but the uncertain tone in Devola's voice would paint a fairly accurate picture of her expression for someone with a half-decent imagination.]

Another round of it, huh... I guess it goes without saying, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it anyway; with all the recent... stuff, noone should be going out alone. Not during the Dark Hour, at least. Buddy system, people. Call it a gut feeling, but anything else would be riskier than usual. I'd really rather not see any of you washing up, so to speak.

[Action; Late afternoon/early evening.]
[Anyone in the park with a keen ear might pick up an unnatural sound, light, twinkling and very much different from the natural noises in the park. Following it to the source is simple enough, despite the random off-and-on nature of the sound.

Devola sits at one of the park's tables, tinkering with a small pile of metal, to one side is the box said metal should be inside of, and to the other is a piece of paper she seems to be jotting notes down onto - or perhaps creating a diagram. Whatever the case, she seems rather engrossed in whatever it is she's working upon.

What better way to deal with a rash of unexplained deaths than to focus on something else, right?]
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[Kaiji is still new to the world of fancypants cell phone ownership and occasionally forgets he has this thing. So have a call today!]

Hey guys. So, um, I hear a lot of people making calls about lookin' for fight training. Anyone out there actually giving lessons? I figure it's in my best interests if I wanna keep living here.

I don't really have a lot of experience - Well, I mean, I know how to throw a punch right and stuff like that - but I'm willing to give something a try.


[Action 1:

Later on, Kaiji will be found at the library! He can't even remember the last time he was in one. You can tell, since he looks lost. Help him find his way?

Action 2:

Kaiji has gotten himself an illustrious career in Prospero as a pizza delivery man! If you made an order, you might find him at your door. Or you might find him zipping on town on a bicycle with some pizzas strapped to the back of it. LIVING THE DREAM.]

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[A - video; morning]
...Y'know, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this isn't the first time someone's asked this. Probably won't be the last, either. Where -- when is this?

[A pause, and her expression shifts slightly. Before she was fairly nonchalant, if unsure. Now the uncertainty is amplified to a great degree.]

More importantly, I don't suppose anyone's seen someone who looks like... well, like me. Identically so, even?

[B - action; mid-afternoon]
[Within the shopping district a new sound has made it's way into the usual cacophony of daily life, one particularly noticeable the closer one gets to the easternmost edge. The plucking of a lute -- or a similar instrument, at the very least, faintly weaves it's way through the area.

If one was to making way to the source of the noise, they'd find Devola sitting on a bench, strumming away almost mindlessly. Her eyes shut, she seems lost in her own little world as keeps playing... and then she begins to sing.

If it was possible for her to be even more entranced, it had just happened. Seeming blind to the outside world, her fugue continues on for a while; her voice eventually quiets down to silence, but her hands keep strumming the lute absently. Approach?]


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