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[ When this video starts, what you can see is the traffic cone of murder the Chinese Assassin wielding what it seems to be a traditional Chinese spear. In fact, in his surroundings, you can observe how the floor has marks of footprints of a human around him.

It looks like he just grabbed the spear, because he seems to starting to train with him once more. In fact, that aura around him and the way he moves his spear... His movements can be barely seen for the naked eye. The flies that were flying on the wall, he strikes them all without even harming the wall in the process.

He growls lowly, contemplating the scene before him. ]

Such fond memories I have of this. A pity that I can only bring shame to my Master's face. [ He trials off at that before glancing at the screen again. ]

It seems we have a murderer among us. This pointless killing is nothing but someone who lusts the dark paths enough to succumb to the blood lust of the moment. I can relate to such feeling, but even these tainted hands that I possess find it disgusting.

Prospero, it has been a while since I appeared here. Ah, being trapped in memories does not good, but it did help me to realize I do miss something. Let it be known that I will help to put an end to this senseless killing. Even if I am from the Assassin class, I do not find this pleasant at all.

Speaking of classes, I am looking for apprentices that are willingly to train under my command. During the time I lived I had many of them and perhaps their company will do me well. The martial art I teach is not an easy one and do not expect me to go easy on children either.

Good evening.

[ He starts walking towards the city once more then. ]
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[ One. Two. Three. Four.

The shadows kept coming at him, but the Assassin didn't care. One by one all his enemies started to fall and be completely destroyed by his fists. The aura around feel... It clearly feels different. For those who are acquaintance of Li Shuwen, or even just happened to see him walking around the city of Prospero, know that this pressure is not something that he does normally.

Yet, he's there, slaying the monsters with his fists in a blood rain. He didn't even bothered in the rest, much less he noticed that his device was recording this. The shadows around him start to gather around him once more, specially after the performance he was making in the Dark Hour. His stance didn't hesitate at all, not even showing a sign of tiredness.

However, there is something strange in him. ]

I don't need another weakness. Then why...

[ Another strike, another enemy down. His voice sounds harsh in his words, yet he's focusing his anger in his opponents. ]

That fox... That woman! She is still present in my thoughts! This life was never meant for such thing to happen!

[ He raised his voice, causing more enemies to come to where he was. He frowned, frustrated with himself for this strange thing to happen to him. In a fraction of a second, he was completely surrendered by them.

But, he smirked. ]

You wish for a fight and I shall provide you one. Come---ARRRRRRRGHHHGHHHHHH

[ A growl, and then a familiar sound of a Persona being summoned. A man in an armor, a familiar helmet, a flaming horse and a halberd in his hand. ]

'Thou art I and I art thou,
I am Lu Bu, my name brings terror in the enemy lines,
no other man is stronger than me,
you will do well in remembering it.

[ Soon the weren't any enemies left. Just a man sitting in the floor, observing the moon in the dark corridors of the night. ]

I'm Li Shuwen, I don't need this... She doesn't deserve this either...

[ And then, a sad laugh is all left in this feed as it ends. ]
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[ Plop. The sound of the gear hitting the floor and then a video starting to record. The back of the Chinese Assassin can be seen now as he starts walking, not paying too much attention to it, he seems off thinking in something else.

Suddenly, the device is picked up a small hand that rushes to meet up with him. Of course, Mr. Paranoia quickly reacts to turn and not give him his back to a possible enemy, which causes the small kid to release his balloon. Oh, well. ]

You will do well speaking loudly the next time.

M-My balloon...

[ Today seems to be a busy day.... Li Shuwen sighs a bit, when some other kids approach the other to mock him. After some small exchanges, the first kid runs crying a bit and meeting with the Assassin once more. ]

... You have to be strong, you have potential, kid.

[ Li Shuwen, giving advice to small kids in Prospero. After kindly moving to confront them thanks to the advice of Mister Traffic Cone of Murder, the kid stands and puts his fiercer face and tells them to leave him alone.

At first it didn't work, as the other kids starting to laugh.

But suddenly, all of them fell silent and ran away from their lives as soon as they felt a murderous pressure against them, courtesy of Mister Assassin of course. The little kid smiles brightly, as he didn't notice the man behind him was the cause of the act. ]

Did you see? Did you see? They won't bother me anymore!! Thank you, Mister!

[ Assassin pats his head, and doesn't kill him in the process, with a small smile. In his other hand there's a familiar balloon that he gives to the kid. Said kid's eyes sparkle so much at the gift that he even hugs the martial artist... Which kinda surprises him. ]

You're strong inside. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, kid.

You're really cool, Mister!! What's your name? [ There's a small pause and then the kid shows the device to him. ] Ah, and you dropped this!!

Ah, you have my gratitude. As for my name---

[ End of the feed. ]
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[ The Dark Hour. Quite the nice time to be out, of course. For someone that lives with a paranoia believes in hard training, missing an extra hour in the day sounded quite dull. When the camera starts, the murderous pressure coming from the man in Chinese clothes emits is quite... strong. In fact, you might be able to witness the last moments of a shadow after he hit it with his fists.

He resumes a normal walking position, but the aura is still there as a warning for the next monsters. When he turns to the device, he still looks serious, but he manages to not sound as death treating as he could be. ]

During my meditations, I have found myself listening to another voice deep inside me. I do not recall what he says yet, but I am not sure what these could mean. The flow of my chi is quite normal, but this voice... Enlighten me, Prospero, if you are capable of knowing this.


[ He turns to see some shadows around the place. ]

Endless creatures that do not rest. For one hour they crawl in the dark to fight before perish, if that is their wish, then I will grant it.

[ Excuse him while he continues to train. ]
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[ An audio feed starts to broadcast. At first there's only silence, not even an enemy striking or crying from mercy. Some seconds after, a voice can be heard. ]

Interesting. I must admit that not once in my life I thought something like this would occur. [ The voice comes from a calm man, a bit amused for this whole situation. ] To think that I would arrive to a strange place without Master... Hahaha! Perhaps the one that summoned me here is listening to this, hm? [ A thoughtful pause, as if he's recalling something. ]

However, it seems like this time would be different from that one. I will not swing these fists of mine without provoked. Now, I would appreciate some answers about this place. You may call me Assassin for now if you need a name, heh.

[ With a small chuckle, the recording seems to end. ]


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