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[ It's another beautiful spring day out in Prospero, and, you are treated to a kid's playground. But alas, where are the children? Won't anyone please think of the children? At least until a sing-songy, playful-yet-woefully-teasing voice beckons over the peaceful image on the feed: ]

--That's riiiiight! That blonde-haired, red-eyed man says he has candy, chocolate and ice cream in his pockets, and he said he won't share! My~, isn't that rude?!

[ The feed pans over to Gilgamesh, King of Mongrels Heroes, standing dumbfounded at the corner of the playground--WHEN SUDDENLY:

A mob of children make a mad dash for the blonde hero. ]

Zerrg ruuuuuush! Teeheehee~!

[ ...Oh joy. Gilgamesh was simply trying to enjoy a nice afternoon walk through the park because what else do kings do when they aren't trolling or working or anything else and besides he had been locked up inside a crappy jail cell for the past few days. BEING OUTSIDE WAS AMAZING TO HIM. So it kind of goes without saying that he wasn't really paying too much attention to his surroundings. You know, right until he hears the screams and laughter of an incoming ZERG children mob that promptly climb all over him attempting to pull on anything and everything in sight. ]

Gah! What the hell do you little brats think you're doing!? Get off of me this instant!

[ Why do people have to ruin people's days for no good reason? V/V comes running up after those kids. ]

Children! Please leave him alone, you shouldn't be rough with strangers!

[ And as an aside to the direction she thought Tamamo's voice came from: ]

That was mean.

[ The camera shakes with Tamamo laughing, the feed showing a displeased-looking V/V. ]

Niishiihii! A good king should show benevolence to his people, especially children, am I right--uuwahaugh!!--

[ Caster lets out a yelp, tossing the phone to the ground. V/V picks up the phone, dusting off the lens and continues filming, panning the camera over to Caster squatting on a large fence post with her own mob of children tormenting her. The kids can only resist ice cream and treats before their pack mentality childlike curiosity locks onto Caster's fox tail and ears, as there is a kid now pulling on her tail, while another one is tugging on her ears. ]

--Ow--Ouch! Children, tha--hyaaa!!----that's not a toy!!--NOO!! STOP DON'T LOOK UNDER THERE!!--

[ Caster cries out as one of the kids lifts up the front of her kimono flap, staring down between her legs....

Which, V/V pans the camera quickly to Gilgamesh.

Oh, but does that mean... Yes, good. There's only like three kids still on Gilgamesh--one on his shoulders, hooking his fingers into Gilgamesh's nostrils. Thankfully for Gilgamesh once most of the pack caught sight of FLUFFY TAIL AND EARS they rushed off to heckle the fox girl. The king wastes no time in dusting himself off before making a snide comment, still with dirty kid fingers plugged in his nostrils: ]

Yes, good! Play with the stupid fox girl, not me! She has the candy and treats!

...Ah, but what exactly are you doing with so many children, V/V?

I'm trying to look after them while the daycare manager is away, and that means not letting them just attack people.

Sorry, give me a moment.

[ She hands the phone to Gilgamesh and he brings it right back to the bedlam of Tamamo.

But alas, Tamamo is not there.

Where is she? Why is there a mob of children where Tamamo once stood? Where--ooh, wait, a hand emerges from the sea of children, quickly followed by Tamamo's head, taking a deep breath. Both of her ears are clutched by children and tugged rather painfully-looking. ]

I don't have any candy!! Seriously!! Geez!! Where would I even hide it with what I'm wearing?!?!

[ V/V's going to wade into the crowd of children, giving each one of them a Stern Look in turn.

The camera cuts out. ]

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Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:45 pm
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[ Ah, what a beautiful day in Prospero. The sun is shinning brightly, giving enough warmth to make it the perfect day to do all sorts of outdoor activities. Children might be playing around with their bikes or toys and what not, adults might be gardening or working on cars or other silly things. It's just a perfect day.

Of course, there's always that one asshole that has to ruin it for everybody. Can you guess who that is today? Anyone out and about might have a close encounter with a rather loud streak of what appears to be golden lightning passing by! Yes, indeed. Gilgamesh has gotten back his prized Gilgil Machine and nobody is safe from his reckless driving. He's dodging in and out of traffic, riding on sidewalks, up and down stairs and rails. Is there any place he WON'T drive? Hell, he might even go so far as jumping off improvised ramps. This will surely end well for everyone. Did he almost hit? ACTUALLY hit you? Wreck something of yours? Feel free to yell at him, chase him down, or anything else! And hey, if you wanna challenge him to a race, even better! ]

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[ A giggle. That's what it is heard when this device starts recording... At first it was dark, until a female voice is heard. ]

Don't play with that. Go back with the others and play with the camel.

[ Yes, that's the voice of Zena, who is unaware that this device is recording for now. Now the video feed shows the classroom with little kids. They are around the age of five or six by how they look, and they are all playing with a camel.

Yes, a camel.

Hassan watches them for a while, perhaps with a small smile on her face. Until she finds out that one of them is sobbing the corner. She decides to approach them and knelt down to see him better. ]

What's wrong, little one?

[ The kid looks at her with some big eyes. ]

I-I'm scared, Teacher... There are bad things happening...

[ Oh, so he watched the TV. Zena sighs a bit and resumes her neutral position once more. ]

If you are scared, it will only be worse. Rest assured that nothing will harm you as long as I am here. Now, why don't you play with the camel too? It'll cheer you up.

[ The boy smiles a bit and runs to play with said animal. Hassan then quickly erases her aura when she feels something dangerous coming at her. Some seconds later, a man holding a gun breaks into the room causing panic among the children. ]

Everyone, close your eyes and hide behind the animal. I will handle this.

[ Before the man could brag about anything, Zena was already behind him with a knife in his neck. Like a mother protecting her children, this was the same thing. ]

May your soul find peace.

[ The screen goes black once more, and then there's silence. ]
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[ When this video starts, what you can see is the traffic cone of murder the Chinese Assassin wielding what it seems to be a traditional Chinese spear. In fact, in his surroundings, you can observe how the floor has marks of footprints of a human around him.

It looks like he just grabbed the spear, because he seems to starting to train with him once more. In fact, that aura around him and the way he moves his spear... His movements can be barely seen for the naked eye. The flies that were flying on the wall, he strikes them all without even harming the wall in the process.

He growls lowly, contemplating the scene before him. ]

Such fond memories I have of this. A pity that I can only bring shame to my Master's face. [ He trials off at that before glancing at the screen again. ]

It seems we have a murderer among us. This pointless killing is nothing but someone who lusts the dark paths enough to succumb to the blood lust of the moment. I can relate to such feeling, but even these tainted hands that I possess find it disgusting.

Prospero, it has been a while since I appeared here. Ah, being trapped in memories does not good, but it did help me to realize I do miss something. Let it be known that I will help to put an end to this senseless killing. Even if I am from the Assassin class, I do not find this pleasant at all.

Speaking of classes, I am looking for apprentices that are willingly to train under my command. During the time I lived I had many of them and perhaps their company will do me well. The martial art I teach is not an easy one and do not expect me to go easy on children either.

Good evening.

[ He starts walking towards the city once more then. ]
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[In the commons at Deacon Hall, there is a young brunette standing there in a bit of a huff. Her arms are crossed and it looks like she's giving some poor attendant an earful. Honestly, her yelling is probably echoing up to the rooms upstairs...]

What do you mean I have to share a floor with some other girls! That's completely unacceptable! Do you even know who you're dealing with?! One call to my father and you can say goodbye to that desk job of yours!

Ugh, why am I even bothering with you. I want to talk to your manager! Right. Now.


[And now for something completely different! It's the same brunette, but instead of wrecking havoc, she is smiling brightly at the camera.]

Hi there, Iori Minase here! I'm sure you all know me, so I was wondering if I could ask a question. Anyone who answers will get a special surprise, nihihi~!
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[ The video screen blips on to Tamamo in the Hotel's kitchen. The phone is placed on the counter and Tamamo is wearing a big smile and waves into the feed. She is wearing a chef's hat and a big white frilly apron. Beside her are several mixing bowls and ingredients already laid out in preparation of this. ]

Hi hi! Welcome, benevolent patrons and esteemed guests, to another episode of Tamamo☆Today!

[ Small curtsey! ]

This is a special episode as yours truly will be making the most ultimate gift for Valentine's Day! Naturally Tamamo is blessed with great skills to accomplish anything, and baking is no hurdle unleaped!

[ Wide grin. ]

Of course one does not need extensive cooking experience to make the ultimate gift! Simply a fond message from the heart is truly the best!

[ Caster will bend forward and lean in close--accidentally (?????) revealing some extra skin from above the apron... ]

Master... I love you!

[ Caster holds this gravure pose for a moment (literally, as her arms are cushioning her chest), gives a playful wink before standing up straight again. ]

See? Deathly effective!

[ A PING! from the oven is heard and Tamamo turns around. ]

Ah! It's time to add the finishing touches!

[ She busies herself off camera for a few moments, until-- ]


[ Suddenly, Caster on screen!

Suddenly, she's looking panicked and diving over the counter and into the camera!

Suddenly, there's a loud explosion as the camera fades to black!


The feed cuts out. ]
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[ Hello Prospero. Today you are treated to Hyperactive Maid Mode Tamamo! She smiles and waves with a gloved hand. Behind her is a closed wooden door with the sign "BREAK ROOM" on it. ]

Greetings esteemed guests to a new episode of Tamamo☆Today! We're at a special location, in the heart of downtown Prospero City itself, in the most beauuuutiful restaurant that one could set their eyes upon! And, faithful viewers, like Tamamo has promised, here! Your special service!

[ Tamamo sets the camera on something, holding it level as the feed captures her from tip to toe. She twirls in a coquettish manner, running a hand down to smooth out the frills of her skirt. ]

Tadaa~ Kidding! That was especially for you, Master! I hope you were watching.

[ A wink to the camera and a blown kiss before she picks it up again. ]

This is a special episode, that in which Tamamo gets to utterly humiliate some deserving jerk! Surely with this the ratings will skyrocket--

Who's humiliating who, exactly?

[ Just then, the locker door opens up to reveal today's special guest rival with so much swag the ladies simply don't know what to do with themselves! Ladies and gentlemen; Gilgamesh, the King of Waiters. ]


You don't honestly expect to win, do you?

[ Tamamo is actually speechless because yeah this actually looks really fitting... ]

Ahh, geez! How tragic for a perfectly great body to be wasted on such a jerk! Never the less! Are you prepared to taste sweet defeat, Blondie?

[ And he'll give a triumphant smirk. His A+ Charisma is totally going to come in handy today. If he can actually manage to not piss anyone off for five seconds. ]

I would be flattered if I didn't already know how handsome I was. Or if it didn't come from such a weird fox girl. Really, what's with your ears?

[ How did he get so close to her in such a short time? Better yet, when did he start tugging at one of her ears? ]

Ara, my ears dear Archer are quite simply--kyaaaaah!!

I guess most people will just consider it part of the costume. I wonder if I should've employed the same tactic. Do teenage girls still go for 'hot guys with cat ears'?

Let go! You, you brute! Barbarian! Disgusting troll!

[ Cue Tamamo freaking the hell out because Goldie is painfully tugging on an ear... ]

You stupid mongrel get your hands off!

[ What's a show without surprises? Boring and predictable, that's what. ]

[ Surprise guest Lancer, clothes set to "dapper", walks out of the locker, surveys the scene, and rolls his eyes. Rapidly, he walks over and grabs Gilgamesh's own ear, smirking at the other servant all the while. ]

You heard the lady, mongrel. You've got to treat your coworkers with respect, after all.

[ From his tone, Gilgamesh is considered anything but a co-worker. ]

Since when has a king ever had to--

[ Oh, great. He was actually enjoying teasing the fox girl until the hound decided to show up and spoil his fun. He'll be slapping Lancer's hand away, eventually letting go of Tamamo's ear with a huff. ]

Hauu. My poor ear! Don't worry ear, you'll get better--

[ Tamamo is going to pet her ear with such a distraught look on her face, almost to the verge of tears. ]

Right, right. I'm supposed to be 'convincing'. Ahem.

[ And suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Gilgamesh gets on one knee, grabs one of Tamamo's hands and presents it with a very gentlemanly kiss. ]

Please excuse my rudeness, madam. You have my word that I will make it up to you in whatever way I am able to do so.

[ Caster cannot believe what is happening. For another instance in her life as a Servant she is completely shocked, to the point where words or coherent thought won't even form. ]


[ Crack. The water in Lancer's brain evaporates in a flash. He is left with no recourse but to stare blankly, disbelieving. ]

[ Granted, he had never interacted with Gilgamesh much outside of Prospero, but this was a Servant who had, ostensibly, gotten along well with that twisted priest for years. ]

[ How in the name of multiple pantheons worth of gods can he actually have manners!? ]

...Who are you and what the hell did you do with Gilgamesh? This isn't more of that shadow doppelganger crap again, is it?

[ If you guessed watching horrible TV shows, you were probably right. Besides, this is just another face of trolling. Being a dick, being overly well-mannered. It's all the same. Anyways, he's satisfied with the results and quickly pulls himself back up, dusting off his apron. ]

Oh, come on. I was cooped up with priest for ten years. What do you think I did during that time to entertain myself?

[ Ah, but the poor fox girl did looked pretty out of it now. And they sort of had a job to do. So he'll just be snapping her out of it with a small tug of the tail as he passes by.]

Come on, the jerk that runs this place is going to start yelling at us if we don't hurry. I'd rather not have to punch someone today.

[ And with that it snaps Caster out of her reverie. ]

Hyaa!! You stupid bleach blonde I'm going to--

[ And the feed cuts out. ]
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Hnn hnn hnn...

[ There’s a pink-haired woman staring into the camera with what looks like to be fox ears on her head. She is wearing something akin to a Shinto priest outfit and she is sitting on her knees. She is sitting on one of the beds broadcasting from a Hotel room, and her bright honey eyes seem to be sizing you up. She places her hands in front of her on the bed spread, bowing deeply before slowly rising again. ]

Since it no longer appears that I am with the Moon Cell, please allow me to introduce myself!

Esteemed guests and benevolent patrons: Welcome! I am Caster, your lowly Servant but delighted host for Tamamo☆Today! And today we have a most wonderful guest--me! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

[ Caster's rising jubilation is muted nigh-instantly as she bows again. There's movement behind her--the big, soft amber cushion is actually a large, puffy white-tipped fox tail! ]

I have mentioned who I was before--Caster--but please, address me as Tamamo! I cannot stand the stuffy, distant informal formality of being called Caster [ now muttering looking to the side as her expression visibly sours ] and of course what the name Caster implies... [ her attention returns to the feed ] Tamamo will do, please and thank you, my dear patrons.

[ Caster bows again. ]

And so, for those of you who are unfamiliar, a Caster is a particular type of Servant. It truly is the most befitting for Tamamo, even if Tamamo can do many things! [ small huff, striking a dynamic pose with her arms from her seated position ] However Tamamo is the most gracious blushing maiden for Master, and to put it truthfully, the best Servant that any master could have. Don't you forget that!! Tamamo may be adorable! Tamamo’s unquestionable, unfailing loyalty is that of which other Servants could only dream to aspire! But this fox can certainly fight!

Oops! We've run out of time! Well this is all that we have today for on Tamamo☆Today! [ she claps her hands together and cants her head to the side ]

Thank you esteemed patrons for letting Tamamo delight and entertain you! Stay tuned, because next time this cute fox will have special service for you all!

[ She bows deeply again. The feed cuts out. ]


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