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[Action A & Video| Outside the school dorms| Backdated to beginning of the week]

[Madoka has dragged out the amp and guitar she uses for the band and decided to try some new songs. She also has propped up the phone on a nearby bench to record the impromptu performance as well.

As for what she's playing. Well, they're pretty loud songs. Very loud song. With angry screaming lyrics. At least you can only assume their angry sounding, the guitar is pretty much drowning out any other sounds at the moment. This isn't what you would expect from a Bunny in the Box member...]

[Action B| Outside a rather seedy looking bar| Backdated to middle of the week]

[This isn't exactly a safe spot in the town, and the bar looks like it can get pretty rowdy at times. In fact, it looks like that may happen tonight as a biker gang has seem to stopped by tonight. Their bikes take up the majority of the area in front of it, and some gruff voices can be heard inside.

And oddly enough, Madoka is casually sitting on one of the bikes. She's wearing shades and a leather jacket with her arms crossed. Anybody who even looks in her general direction will get an angry glower from her.]

What are you looking at?!
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((NOTE: Orange text is Sakurako, blue is Madoka, purple is Kakizaki.  Any of these tags may be responded to by Sakurako, Madoka, or both.  Posted with permission from Madoka's player.))

[Action; backdated to the start of the event]

[Sakurako and Madoka are walking through the streets of Prospero wasting time, when they happen to come upon a
familiar face neither of them honestly expected to see in town at this point.  Another girl about their age and height, dressed in similar looking trendy clothes popular among Japanese teenage girls.  Sakurako is the first to react, running up and enveloping the girl in a big hug.]

Kakizaki!  You're here!  You're really here!  I can't believe it!

[The other girl doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about this, or even terribly happy to see her friends at all.  She grumbles and shoves Sakurako off.]

Geez, get off me already.  You're messing up my clothes.

[At this point, Madoka steps in, frowning right back.]

Hey, calm down already!  We shouldn't be fighting right now - we finally just got the team back together again!  C'mon, Kakizaki, there's a lot we have to explain.

[Action; Shopping District; backdated to September 26th]

[Sakurako, Madoka, and Kakizaki are now walking around the shopping district where they'd met up a few days previous.  The new girl is in just as sour a mood as she was when she showed up, and it's starting to take its toll on the other two.]

Geez, what's with you lately?  You've been acting like a real jerk ever since you showed up!

Yeah, what did we ever do to you?

God, just shut up, both of you!  Seriously, you're both such airheads - I don't know why I even put up with you.

[Kakizaki storms off in the other direction, leaving Sakurako and Madoka looking a little sad and a lot irritated.]

[Action and Video; Park; September 28th]

[Well, it looks like relations have finally broken down among Prospero's newly-assembled cheerleader team.  Who knows how things got to this point, but now all three of them are wrestling with each other in the fountain at the park, all wearing their cheerleading uniforms.  It was probably Sakurako's idea to renew their teamwork by working on some cheers, but now the whole thing has just gone completely to hell.  The upshot for all of the guys in town, however, is that there are now three attractive teenage girls in cheerleading uniforms fighting and wrestling each other in a water fountain.  As a bonus, one of them dropped their phone, so this is being broadcast to the whole town for free.  And you thought this kind of stuff only happened in manga.]
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[The feed flicks on showing a girl with short hair looking quite sheepish.]

So um, I'm back? Hi? Geeze, I didn't even realize I was gone until I woke up in my dorm room this morning. And it was really just a week too, that feels a little pointless, don't you think?

Does this happen often to others? They get to go home for a few days and then come back here?

Sakurako? V/V? Were things okay while I was gone? I didn't miss too many practices did I?

[Someone might want to fill her in on the actual extent of her disappearance...]


[So later in the day, after Madoka has been filled in on a few things, she decides to check out the place she had a job at before her unexpected 'vacation.'

She enters the Maid Cafe fully expecting to be fired, or at least glared at angrily by the owner. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. That butler outfit was pretty uncomfortable for her.

Except the owner is all smiles at her.]

"Madoka! You're back early! How are your folks in Japan? Doing better?"

Wait, what? I wasn't in-

"Actually, if you've got the evening free, you could get back to work right away, someone called out sick so we're short-handed."

[And before she could protest, Madoka is shoved into the back, only to appear later waiting tables once more. Yep, the more things change, the more things like to make Madoka uncomfortable...]
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A | Outside a certain restaurant

[Why are maid cafes always hiring? Do they just have a high turnover rate? Do they want a lot of faces for any situation? Is there some other mysterious force at work here...?

Still, Madoka doesn't want to rely on friends and free coupons forever. She wants to help others, not always getting helped by others, and that means becoming as independent as she can.

But still she hesitates. She doesn't really like the idea of having to dress up in some frilly maid outfit and putting on some kind of act. But it wouldn't be that bad would it?

She's standing outside the entrance, lost in thought. Maybe you can give her the push she needs?]

B | Later than A, inside said restaurant

[Oh, it can be bad. It can be soooooooo bad that it's even worse. Madoka was given the job alright, rather quickly. But she's not running around as a maid waitress. No, she's shoved out of the back wearing an absolutely crisp tuxedo with tails, gloves, and tie. She'd look everything like the proper butler if she wasn't panicking and arguing with someone in the doorway.]

Are you sure I can't wear one of the other costumes back there? I'm sure there's one in my size, right? Right?

[There's some indistinct voices from the back and Madoka face falls. Resigning herself to her fate with a sigh, she straightens up, tugs on her gloves, and fixes her tie before calmly and with proper posture approaches a table she's been assigned.]

Welcome, may I take your order?
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[So Madoka thinks she's got the gist of this 'Dark Hour' thing, and with others already ahead of her in the leveling game, she needs to start catching up or else they'll always be helping her when she wants to help them.

Which is why you'll probably see her going after small shadows during the Dark Hour tonight. She's being really careful to avoid groups or ones that might run off to stronger shadows, but that means she's spending a lot of energy to pick and choose her targets as she moves through the streets.

After taking out another shadow with what appears to be a curtain rod (it was the first sturdy object she could find and she figured she could use it like a spear), she wipes the sweat from her brow and lets out a sigh...]

Maybe I should have asked someone to power level me, instead... Still, no way I'm going to stay as the weakest of my family around here!

[She emphasizes this point with a clenched fist of determination and looks around for her next target.]


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