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Has anyone ever gained more than one ability for their Persona at once? Well...um, I guess that's anyone else, now...
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*It's just after lousy-o-clock when the phone comes on, showing what seems to be Allen sitting at his desk looking bored. Only there's enough light coming in from the window to tell that he's actually translucent. He's muttering something to himself under his breath, but he's too far away from the phone for it to pick up any distinct words.

After a few seconds, though, he catches sight of the phone's screen out of the corner of his eye and sighs. Instead of pushing the chair back to stand up, however, he passes right through it and floats over to look at the phone.*

Of all the times for a malfunction...I'm not waking up to turn you off. Not when I have no clue how I even managed this here to begin with.

*He sighs and rubs his forehead as the phone turns off.*
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A few months ago, I started working on recreating a puzzle game from my world. It, ah...kind of got dropped because of all the insane things that go on here, but I think now might be a good time to pick it back up. After last week, we could probably all use a distraction and the game can be pretty good for stress relief sometimes.

For the people who weren't around the last time I explained it, it's a little bit like a maze game, but instead of controlling how the characters turn, you can move certain blocks on the stage in specific ways. I have most of the basic coding done, but the character models are all blanks. I can make them look like whatever I want, though, and skins based off of actual people are pretty common. If anyone has some specific requests, I'd be happy to add them in. I'd just need a picture or a description and lines for showing up in the maze, reaching the goal, getting hit with a block, falling off of the edge of the pathway and getting caught under or between moving blocks. I can also include different lines if you get multiple copies of the same person to the goal one right after another.

Oh, yeah, it should run on pretty much any computer with a decent graphics card.

(For reference, here is an example of one of the more harsh levels.)
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*The first sound the phone picks up is a gunshot and the sharp sound of metal hitting something hard. Then there's a spinning view of the sky before it finally settles to record a tense Allen, clutching his crossbow with Hadranial flying behind him staring down a small boy, a mixture of fear, determination and hurt anger on his face as the child points one of his guns at him.*

So much for calling for help. What're you going to do now? Run and hide? Hah, what else can you do? You're just a pathetic scientist, you're useless on the battlefield.

Just...just shut up! I'm not helpless!

Yeah right. What're you going to do, shoot me with your crossbow? I'm shaking in my boots.

*Allen's hands tighten on his crossbow, holding the weapon surprisingly naturally for a "pathetic scientist" despite the small amount of blood dripping from his right hand.*

Of course you would say that. You're another one of this place's nightmares, trying to get to me.

*The boy smirks, far too cruelly for that young face.*

And what if I am? That doesn't mean I'm not telling the truth. Admit it, you're just dead weight. Though I guess now you're just about to be dead.

Cut for length and violence. )

(Offlines are encouraged, but he will answer messages after someone rescues him.)
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*Allen's much recovered from his last post, although he once again looks like he fell asleep at his desk. But of more interest is the card he's holding and inspecting curiously.*

Well, I guess this cuts out the possibility that that room was some kind of illusion. It actually seems almost like an Encephalon dive, from my world, but that's beside the point. I think if we want to really get to the bottom of things here, this Elizabeth and her master are our best bet, even if I don't think we should trust them completely. I know a lot of people are probably still annoyed about that last event, but getting confrontational about it now is just going to hurt us in the long run if it turns out that they really were just trying to teach us something.

But aside from that, does anyone have any idea what these cards are about? It feels so...personal, but I doubt I'm the only one that got one. Do you think it has something to do with us entering the Velvet Room on our own, or something else? Personally, from the wording of the letter, I'm not entirely ready to rule out the possibility that it could be both.

(I'll be busy most of tomorrow and Sunday and all of Friday and Saturday, but I wanted to go ahead and get this up now since this is something he wouldn't have waited to address.)
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*The phone clicks on to show a groggy looking Allen, seemingly having just woken up from falling asleep at his desk. It also catches him in the middle of taking a drink of coffee, but he sets it down before he speaks.*

Did anyone else just have an odd dream? About two people in some place called the Velvet Ro-

*He's abruptly cut off as the scene shifts, changing to something entirely different.*

Cut for lengthy prose. )

*The scene leaves Allen wide eyed, before he stands up shouting.*

What the hell was that?!

*The scene shifts again, this time more high tech room. When it cuts back, Allen still looks shaken but less shocked.*

This must be what they meant by-

*And once again he's cut off, in favor of the darkest scene yet. When it fades, Allen has gone from shaken to pale and leaning over his desk, arms out to support his weight.*

I...I think I need to sit down.

*And just like that, he ends the feed.*

(Warning: those last two videos have some graphic electrocutions in them.)
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Atsuro's gone, so I'm going to be taking over the Shadow Database. He left his notes, but if anyone who was helping him before is still here, I'd appreciate it if you'd help me out, too.

*Does his tone seem a bit clipped and curt? Oh well, it's probably just because someone he was working with vanished, and not because today is Father's Day...right?*

(I most likely won't get to tags until this evening. Allen will be a bit huffy all day, but he'll be back to normal tomorrow.)
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*It's the middle of the night, a good bit after Dark Hour, but Allen isn't asleep. His phone is recording him sitting at his desk, the glow of both his heavily modified desktop computer and a futuristic holographic screen providing most of the lighting. But even in the low light, it's easy to tell that something's eating at him.*

What the hell did I even mention that out loud for? As if the dreams weren't bad enough already...it's almost like I wasn't even thinking before I spoke up.

*He shakes his head and shuts down the holoscreen before grabbing a pot of coffee off of his desk and topping off a mug of the stuff.*

But why that, of all things? Dammit, this is just what I need...

*He rubs his forehead, then starts emptying packets of sugar into the coffee as the phone flicks off.*
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*Allen has the phone propped up so that he has his hands free, one holding a cup of coffee and the other a strange device.*

I've been wondering. Everyone here probably knows that Personas can attack and heal, but Mr. Edgeworth and I were talking and realized that there might be some abilities that aren't so common. So far, we know for sure that they can use physical or elemental attacks, heal, weaken a target so that it can't hit as hard and analyze an enemy.

*He pauses to take a drink of his coffee, then sets it down and brings up a holographic screen and keyboard that float next to the device in his hand.*

What I'd like to know is if there are any other abilities they can have. It would probably help people find training partners or understand what their own Persona might be able to do if the effect isn't obvious. It might even be able to solve the problem of how to deal with keeping dangerous Persona users from hurting anyone.

*His expression turns grim for a moment. There's no doubt about what he's referencing there. But he quickly shakes his head and goes back to his usual thoughtful expression.*

You don't have to give names of people with the abilities if you don't think they'd be comfortable with everyone knowing what they can do, and if you'd like to make the conversation private, I won't hold it against you. I'm not going to tell anyone someone's abilities without their permission, so don't worry about that.

*He takes another drink from the mug and then reaches over and ends the feed.*
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Shion's gone. I...think I'm going to take the day off. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the pier.

*And he will. If anyone comes looking for him or just happens to be there, he'll be sitting at the end of the pier fishing, despite the cool weather. He's a little lost in thought, so he may or may not notice you approaching if you move quietly.*
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4e 79 65 76 74 75 67 2c 20 76 73 20 6c 62 68 20 70 6e 61 20 65 72 6e 71 20 67 75 76 66 2c 20 76 67 27 66 20 63 65 62 6f 6e 6f 79 6c 20 71 76 65 72 70 67 72 71 20 6e 67 20 6c 62 68 2e 20 56 27 7a 20 6a 62 65 78 76 61 74 20 62 61 20 6e 20 7a 72 67 75 62 71 20 62 73 20 70 62 7a 7a 68 61 76 70 6e 67 76 62 61 20 62 68 67 66 76 71 72 20 62 73 20 51 6e 65 78 20 55 62 68 65 20 6e 66 76 71 72 20 73 65 62 7a 20 67 75 72 66 72 20 63 75 62 61 72 66 2c 20 66 76 61 70 72 20 56 20 71 62 61 27 67 20 72 6b 6e 70 67 79 6c 20 67 65 68 66 67 20 67 75 72 7a 2e 20 56 73 20 6e 61 6c 62 61 72 20 6a 62 68 79 71 20 6f 72 20 6a 76 79 79 76 61 74 20 67 62 20 75 72 79 63 20 7a 72 20 6a 62 65 78 20 62 61 20 6e 61 20 72 61 70 65 6c 63 67 72 71 20 61 72 67 6a 62 65 78 20 73 62 65 20 63 72 62 63 79 72 20 67 6e 78 76 61 74 20 6e 61 20 6e 70 67 76 69 72 20 65 62 79 72 20 76 61 20 73 76 61 71 76 61 74 20 62 68 67 20 6a 75 6e 67 27 66 20 74 62 76 61 74 20 62 61 2c 20 56 27 71 20 6e 63 63 65 72 70 76 6e 67 72 20 6e 61 6c 20 75 72 79 63 20 56 20 70 6e 61 20 74 72 67 2e

(Trans: "Alright, if you can read this, it's probably directed at you. I'm working on a method of communication outside of Dark Hour aside from these phones, since I don't exactly trust them. If anyone would be willing to help me work on an encrypted network for people taking an active role in finding out what's going on, I'd appreciate any help I can get."

Code is ROT13 to Hexadecimal. Translators are here and here)
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*Allen has dark circles under his eyes, like he's barely slept at all recently. But that's not the point of this post. In fact, aside from the dark circles, he looks wide awake and serious.*

I've been doing some research on the Churches of Three since that news broadcast. This probably won't surprise too many people, but it does make my suspicions seem more likely...there's nothing in any publicly accessible records about anything by that name. No founder, no precepts, nothing. As far as I can tell, it didn't even exist until this past week.

*He pauses to take a sip from a cup of coffee. You don't want to know how many he's had.*

Considering the fact that the name of the hotel owner fits the obvious theme of the church, it should be pretty obvious that they're related. Trey Matre...I've been told it roughly translates to Three Mothers. I came up with a lot of references to three in religion, just like Issei said, but it's too clear cut to be a coincidence. Either this is just now coming to be an organized religion, or something like it has existed behind the scenes for a while and now it's finally coming partly into the light.

The fact that it's already infiltrated the government means that we're probably not dealing with something small and new. I wouldn't be surprised if the hotel wasn't the only business they had a connection to here, either. Ryuunosuke's already offered to infiltrate the church if it comes here, but I think we also need people to investigate the local government and major businesses on the island. In the meantime, I'd suggest being careful how freely you talk about what's going on. We don't know who's involved, after all.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't communicate. I'm going to be putting together a list of people who are doing investigations, so if you're looking into anything and you want the names of people you can trade information with, let me know. The list won't be public, just in case, but unless anyone objects, I'll give it to anyone who wants to help and won't turn around and broadcast it to everybody.

Ah, and in case anyone was wondering, my name's Allen Ridgeley.
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I'm not the only one who thinks that news broadcast was pretty fishy, right? And with the timing and what that voice said, it can't be coincidence. Has anyone ever heard of this Churches of Three thing before?

[Filtered to Phoenix Wright]

Ah, um...I'm sorry about how I acted before. I hope I didn't upset you too much.
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[Filtered to Phoenix Write]

*Allen was sure his father wasn't here, but...he was, wasn't he? Which was just great, because the only feelings that came to mind when Allen thought of his father were annoyance and disgust. But some things would just blow up if not done properly.*

Dad? I have someone you'll probably want to meet.

[Filtered to Shion]

If we're going to be, um, dating *he still can't believe he can say that* now, you're probably going to want to meet my family, aren't you?
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*It's odd for Allen to be using text instead of video, isn't it? But he is, and not giving any indication why.*

Would anyone here like to help playtest a basic version of a game I'm working on re-creating from my world? It's a puzzle game with the goal of getting a certain number of characters from one end of an obstacle course to the other without accidentally crushing them with the obstacles or letting them fall off the path.
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*Like many people, Allen has gone and gotten various gifts for his friends, which they'll find by their apartment doors.

Jr. gets a DVD copy of "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" with a note that reads 'I don't know if you've seen this or not, but it seemed like something you'd like and I figured you would like to have a copy here.'

Gaignun gets a bottle of pepperment oil and a note that says 'It's supposed to be good for headaches if you rub it on your forehead. I thought it might come in handy.'

MOMO will recieve a frying pan (the one on the far left) and a note of her own. 'It's not a replacement for the one you had at home, but I thought you might like it.'

Devola will find a synthesizer keyboard. Her note says 'You were curious about how people make music in my time. It's more basic than what we have, but it's close enough. I could teach you some of how to use it, too.'

Shion will be getting a video call.*

[Video/Filtered to Shion]

*Unsurprisingly, he looks a little on the nervous side.*

Hey, I was wondering if you would like to come out to dinner with me, since, you know, I've been here long enough that I have some money to spare and, well, it would be nice to not have to cook for the holiday and maybe spend the day together. I've seen a few places that looked nice, so if you have the time and would like to come...

*He trails off, then ends the feed awkwardly.*
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*Allen's escaped violence from his Shadow, if mostly by missing the chance to talk to and deny it, but still looks a little on the tired side as he posts.*

Duplicates claiming they're us, then attacking. There go my hopes that whatever that voice was talking about at least wouldn't be trying to kill us.

Ah, if anyone's hurt and can get to the hotel at midnight, I'd be willing to share some healing Eth-um, spells. As long as I don't get my own homicidal twin, anyway.

*Yup, Allen's Shadow was 100% right about the original Allen pretending that post never went up.*
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*The camera is pointed at the sleeping form of Allen Ridgeley, at first giving the impression that this is an accidental post...until it turns and shows another Allen, with eerie yellow eyes.*

Of course he's asleep. Oh well, I might as well take advantage of this to lay a little groundwork, since I doubt he'll listen if he's just hearing this stuff during Dark Hour. Good thing he can't pull that ghost thing here. Oh, right, nobody's supposed to know about that. Oops.

*The Shadow rolls his eyes, voice dripping sarcasm at the mock apology.*

He's so ashamed of me, but the part of himself that he embraces is the really embarrassing part. It's not like it does him any good. He had to get himself half killed to get anyone to recognize him as anything, all because he was too afraid to stand up for himself and be anything other than normal.

It's really no wonder it's been so long since he's talked to Dad. He knows our father would still say he's nothing special. Chief of First Division at Vector Industries? What a joke, nobody there gives him any respect. Talk about lame. If he just listened to me, he might actually get what he wanted. But he always has been thick skulled.

Oh, hey, he's probably going to see this when he wakes up anyway, but one of you should direct his attention toward it anyway. Otherwise, he'll probably just pretend it's not here.

10 (Video)

Oct. 4th, 2011 06:12 pm
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*Allen clicks the phone on, collapsed in a chair with a cup of coffee.*

Man, what a day. Everyone thinks their home security systems are on the fritz, while I can't shake being reminded of the plenetary disappearances back home. I keep thinking that Gnosis are going to start popping up left and right or something. And to top it all off, I can't even go fishing because then I have to be reminded that everyone who disappears seems to be as good as dead.

So, um...is there anything I can do around here to take my mind off of what's going on? Or...if anyone has any ideas what might be causing this, I would be willing to help theorize.

Filtered to Klaus Wulfenbach )

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