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[Have a happily smiling Edel in one of Prospero's nicer bars. A slightly glassy tinge to her eyes and the number of glasses in front of her show that she's well on her way to getting drunk. A partially full strawberry daiquiri sits among the glasses in front of her.]

Hello, everyone! I'm not sure why I didn't try these earlier - they taste delicious! I think I was worried about them affecting my judgement or something, but I feel just fine. Really great, even.

...But it's a little boring drinking here all by myself. So why don't some of you come over here and join me? I'm at [She gives the address of the bar she's at.] And it doesn't matter if we're friends already or not, I'm sure we'll become friends if you come keep me company. See you soon!

[And with a slightly exaggerated wave, she ends the feed.]

[OOC: Feel free to have your characters already be in the bar, respond to her message over the communicator, come to the bar in response to her message, or some combination thereof. ;^)]
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[It had been a bit over a week since her arrival in Prospero, and until now Edel had been very careful not to be out during the Dark Hour. But helping to close the bookstore she'd gotten a job at had taken longer than she'd expected, and she was still walking towards the hotel when the clock struck midnight and everything around her... changed.

As the electric street lamps fell dark around her, the sky took on a sickly green cast, the moon seeming to become much larger and brighter overhead. As she quickened her steps on her journey back to the hotel, she began seeing the coffins that she'd heard ordinary citizens became. An unfamiliar icy feeling gripping her heart (fear, her mind whispered), she broke into a run, hoping to reach the hotel before any Shadows found her. She had no weapon, after all, and no idea what her Persona would even be capable of, should she manage to awaken it before one of them struck her down.]

[OOC: I'm so mean sometimes. Anyone want to help out this damsel in distress?]
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[The video option on the phone seems to have been activated while someone was examining their phone, leading to a rather unsettling view that keeps moving without focusing on anything. A soft, somewhat sing-song female voice can be heard from off the screen.]

What a curious piece of machinery.

[The view finally settles on the woman's face as she finishes her examination. From what can be seen in the background, she appears to be sitting on a bench in the shopping district, and is far calmer than most new arrivals tend to be. Her clothes seem decidedly odd, though.]

Prospero, is it? Though I came here through a fire and not a tempest. A character who's place in the story had ended, a player who's role had come to an end, I had thought to be put aside to be used no longer. Yet here I find myself in another story. But then, a story's start is a happy accident, the end the fate for which it's meant. I wonder what sort of story this will become?

[She lifts the hand that's not holding the phone up to show it to the camera. The back is scratched up a bit, though not bleeding seriously.] I haven't experienced pain before now. It's sharp and jagged, just like the jewel that represents it. What must I do to make this feeling go away? I don't like it.


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