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[ Today, there's an awfully familiar voice suddenly being broadcast over the network. One that has been absent for a little over a month now. ]

Hey, you false gods. It's rather rude to throw out a guest just after you've returned something that was rightfully his to begin with.

[ Then the video feed clicks on, and anyone watching is met with those crimson eyes, oddly enough filled with amusement despite his less than friendly sounding tone. It seems like he's sitting on a throne... but the sky is all around him? What the hell is going on here? ]

It's a good thing I was able to hide it away from these mongrels before my sudden departure. I'm sure you filthy animals would have loved to get your unworthy paws all over my treasure. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.

[ Yes, he's gloating. And now showing off as much of his super awesome ancient airship as he can. Granted, it's also dripping wet and covered in various sea-life at the moment. But he'll have it cleaned. Eventually. ]

Anyway. I'll require information about all that has taken place since my departure.
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[ Every since people started dropping off like flies off of this island, Gilgamesh has been unusually silent. Where he would once do nothing but talk all day, so full of himself and happy about it, he mostly kept to himself now. He still showed up to work, but he rarely barked out any orders. He hadn't bothered to keep up with the network at all, and if anyone did try to get his attention? He more than likely shrugged them off. During the dark hour, he would fight much more seriously than he ever had in the past. Nobody could break his concentration. But he was smart enough to know when to stand down as well. Getting himself killed wouldn't do any good. He was careful and strategic when going into things now.

It has been a little over two weeks now. Two weeks of silent mourning, regret, and burning anger. He was tired of what he saw himself as running. It was time, time for him to set himself straight. He was a king, heavens damn it. The King of Heroes. He needed to follow the sagely advice he had been given. Prove to everyone, prove to himself, that he was worthy of such a title. After much hesitation, the all too silent video feed of the King of Heroes flickers to life. ]

Prospero. It has been some time since I last addressed you. Worry not, for I am not here to openly mock you like so many times before. Nor am I here to brag about my many accomplishments. Instead, I offer you something you may still choose to ignore. If that is your choice, so be it.

[ There is a bit of fumbling with the camera, as if he's trying to prop it against something so he doesn't have to hold it. When the view finally clams down, Gilgamesh is seen sitting on the floor of his own apartment, two lion cubs resting their heads comfortably on his lap. He may give them little pettings during this whole video. ]

I'm sure by now many of you have noticed the sudden disappearances have sky-rocketed to insane levels over the past few weeks. I understand that this may have left many of us in uncomfortable positions, both emotionally and otherwise. Even this king has been unsure what to do for some time. Any of us could disappear at any moment, so what is the point in getting to know anyone? This isn't home. Why should we care? These are not your family, your friends, your people. Why should you be obligated to help anyone? The person you save today might be gone tomorrow. What is the point of any of this?

Indeed, these are all thoughts that have plagued my mind these last few weeks. But I have given proper thought to our situation. There is only one option. One absolute option that I should have realized before now. Our backgrounds do not matter here. The past, nor the future hold any merit. We must live for today.

"Live every day as if it were your last", wasn't it? It's a regretful thing that I forgot my own lesson. I realize that some of you do have important matters awaiting you in your home worlds. But for some of us, our time has already come to an end. That is why I ask those of you who share a similar fate to see this as your second chance. Enjoy the things you were never able to in your previous life. You will only regret it if you don't.

[ There's a short pause. The lions stare up at him as he closed his eyes for a bit, letting out a small chuckle before patting their heads again. ]

My, I've rambled on far longer than I intended. My apologies, but I just had to get everything off my chest. It is a rather nice feeling. I won't keep you any longer so you can go back to your daily lives. I only have one more thing of note to mention. From now on, I will offer my sword to aid any during the dark hour. I will consider you all my allies, if you will consider this king yours.

[ video ]

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[ Good morning, Prospero. It's been a while since you've seen the face of a certain king, hasn't it? And while one might be prepared to hear a string of insults or mocking laughter coming from him, he's... unusually stoic . This is partly due to being exhausted from his and Beatrice's mini vacation, and the fact that... Well, when he finally decided to check his phone on the flight back? He find a certain voice mail waiting for him. And of course, the fact that said caller was now missing from the contact list and any attempts to dial her number resulted in the standard not available message from an operator. A lets out an almost irritated sounding sigh before finally addressing his audience. ]

I expect one of you to tell me just what the hell has been going on since I left.

[ There's a brief pause, but only long enough for him to rub at his temples. ]

Especially anything concerning Arturia, or whatever name you may know her by.
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[ Anyone happening to check the network this afternoon will be greeted to the grinning face of a certain witch, who currently happens to be hanging off the side of Gil's bed while kicking her feet happily. Never mind that she isn’t the actual owner of the device. It seems the king that is usually present is occupied otherwise. Behind her are a couple of suitcases that look as if they'll burst any second now. And there's two more that lie open and currently have items being thrown in them from off screen. ]

"Hello, everyone~! This is a courtesy message from yours truly and the brat prince over here. We'll be out of town for the next week or so. I know you'll all miss me terribly. [ With that she’ll glance away from the phone.] You're kidding, right? You are not going to need a third pair of those awful pants. You have plenty. Pack something halfway decent or I'll refuse to be seen with you."

"Does it look like I'm kidding, woman? If I'm going to be traveling the world and hauling your ass around, I'm going to look good doing it. You can just deal with it."

"Siiiiigh. Do you see what I have to put up with? He's impossible and we're going to need two people to come with us just to carry the prima donna's bags.[ That last part might have been purposely loud.] At any rate, I'm sure you'll all be able to hold down the fort until we return.~ "

"Tch. I can carry them myself. I'm not as weak and feeble as you apparently are. And don't forget to ask."

"Of course not. You should be terribly buff from carrying the weight of that ego around all day. Hm? Oh, is there anyone who could possibly check on the lions now and again while we're out? They're very tame. I'll be sure to bring back presents for whoever agrees~! I’ll miss you all. Play nice while we’re out, okaaaay~?
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[ It's another beautiful spring day out in Prospero, and, you are treated to a kid's playground. But alas, where are the children? Won't anyone please think of the children? At least until a sing-songy, playful-yet-woefully-teasing voice beckons over the peaceful image on the feed: ]

--That's riiiiight! That blonde-haired, red-eyed man says he has candy, chocolate and ice cream in his pockets, and he said he won't share! My~, isn't that rude?!

[ The feed pans over to Gilgamesh, King of Mongrels Heroes, standing dumbfounded at the corner of the playground--WHEN SUDDENLY:

A mob of children make a mad dash for the blonde hero. ]

Zerrg ruuuuuush! Teeheehee~!

[ ...Oh joy. Gilgamesh was simply trying to enjoy a nice afternoon walk through the park because what else do kings do when they aren't trolling or working or anything else and besides he had been locked up inside a crappy jail cell for the past few days. BEING OUTSIDE WAS AMAZING TO HIM. So it kind of goes without saying that he wasn't really paying too much attention to his surroundings. You know, right until he hears the screams and laughter of an incoming ZERG children mob that promptly climb all over him attempting to pull on anything and everything in sight. ]

Gah! What the hell do you little brats think you're doing!? Get off of me this instant!

[ Why do people have to ruin people's days for no good reason? V/V comes running up after those kids. ]

Children! Please leave him alone, you shouldn't be rough with strangers!

[ And as an aside to the direction she thought Tamamo's voice came from: ]

That was mean.

[ The camera shakes with Tamamo laughing, the feed showing a displeased-looking V/V. ]

Niishiihii! A good king should show benevolence to his people, especially children, am I right--uuwahaugh!!--

[ Caster lets out a yelp, tossing the phone to the ground. V/V picks up the phone, dusting off the lens and continues filming, panning the camera over to Caster squatting on a large fence post with her own mob of children tormenting her. The kids can only resist ice cream and treats before their pack mentality childlike curiosity locks onto Caster's fox tail and ears, as there is a kid now pulling on her tail, while another one is tugging on her ears. ]

--Ow--Ouch! Children, tha--hyaaa!!----that's not a toy!!--NOO!! STOP DON'T LOOK UNDER THERE!!--

[ Caster cries out as one of the kids lifts up the front of her kimono flap, staring down between her legs....

Which, V/V pans the camera quickly to Gilgamesh.

Oh, but does that mean... Yes, good. There's only like three kids still on Gilgamesh--one on his shoulders, hooking his fingers into Gilgamesh's nostrils. Thankfully for Gilgamesh once most of the pack caught sight of FLUFFY TAIL AND EARS they rushed off to heckle the fox girl. The king wastes no time in dusting himself off before making a snide comment, still with dirty kid fingers plugged in his nostrils: ]

Yes, good! Play with the stupid fox girl, not me! She has the candy and treats!

...Ah, but what exactly are you doing with so many children, V/V?

I'm trying to look after them while the daycare manager is away, and that means not letting them just attack people.

Sorry, give me a moment.

[ She hands the phone to Gilgamesh and he brings it right back to the bedlam of Tamamo.

But alas, Tamamo is not there.

Where is she? Why is there a mob of children where Tamamo once stood? Where--ooh, wait, a hand emerges from the sea of children, quickly followed by Tamamo's head, taking a deep breath. Both of her ears are clutched by children and tugged rather painfully-looking. ]

I don't have any candy!! Seriously!! Geez!! Where would I even hide it with what I'm wearing?!?!

[ V/V's going to wade into the crowd of children, giving each one of them a Stern Look in turn.

The camera cuts out. ]

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[ Ah, what a beautiful day in Prospero. The sun is shinning brightly, giving enough warmth to make it the perfect day to do all sorts of outdoor activities. Children might be playing around with their bikes or toys and what not, adults might be gardening or working on cars or other silly things. It's just a perfect day.

Of course, there's always that one asshole that has to ruin it for everybody. Can you guess who that is today? Anyone out and about might have a close encounter with a rather loud streak of what appears to be golden lightning passing by! Yes, indeed. Gilgamesh has gotten back his prized Gilgil Machine and nobody is safe from his reckless driving. He's dodging in and out of traffic, riding on sidewalks, up and down stairs and rails. Is there any place he WON'T drive? Hell, he might even go so far as jumping off improvised ramps. This will surely end well for everyone. Did he almost hit? ACTUALLY hit you? Wreck something of yours? Feel free to yell at him, chase him down, or anything else! And hey, if you wanna challenge him to a race, even better! ]

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Once again, a video is broadcast across the network without either party's knowledge due to carelessness. Viewers may first notice a rather striking young woman sitting upright against a flurry of pillows wearing what appears to be a certain king's shirt. The second thing they will notice is a fairly fancy looking bedside table with various dishes sitting upon it. And lastly, there's the said king moving to sit on the opposite side of the bed wearing nothing but heart print boxers.

"Oh, you're finally awake? I thought you might sleep all day."

The witch will gently wipe the sleep from her eyes and give him a quizzical cant of her head.

"You made me breakfast?"

He’ll just laugh, pleased with himself.

"Of course. Even if you eventually returned to the land of the living, I doubt you'll be able to move around too much for the rest of the day."

His words would stir a yawn.

"Nn. You're right. You were far too hard on me for my first time, you know."

"Don't expect me to lower my standards just for you. If you want to play with a king, you have to keep up."


"But, you promised to be gentle, liar."

"So, I got a little carried away. You can't blame me, can you?  It's been a while since I've had anyone as willing as you."

"I guess not. But you didn’t have to dirty my dress like that."

"Not my fault. You have to be prepared for anything when dealing with me."

"You'll at least be a gentleman and make me some tea, riiiiight~?"

"What am I, your personal butler now?"

"Yes. And I expect you to serve it to me as well. You owe me."

"I owe you for teaching you how to actually use your body? What kind of bullshit is that?"

"You never told me you'd be working me so hard. I think you just liked watching me struggle. You really are a jerk.~"

"Well, it's not every day you get to see a beautiful woman sweat and pant so hard."

"You should feel privileged to have seen me in a position no other man has.~"

"You should be the one who feels privileged. After all, how many women can brag about The King Of Heroes being their first partner?"

"Whatever. Just get me my tea and I'll be happy."

"And you dare call me the brat. Fine, princess. Just give me a moment."

Of course, now that the king's attention has broken away from the troublesome witch, his eyes just happen to catch a glimpse of a certain phone that must've  been knocked over sometime earlier. He'll simply give it a dirty grin and greet any viewers.

"Oh, good morning, Prospero."


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allsl oft you mothrels

get down tio the barr

drinking contest

prize for hoofever lasts longfish

[ And true to his word, anyone who bothers to visit the Tavern tonight will be greeted by a crazy yet happily merry atmosphere. There's people singing, dancing, getting their booze on. Possible shoutings of CHUG CHUG CHUG and whatever else you would expect to find at the best night of drinking ever. For now, The King of Crunk has pulled himself away from the crowd and is chilling at the bar. Totally eating peanuts and sipping on his likely 30th pitcher by now. HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH A DRUNKEN KING? That's entirely up to you. ]

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[ Well, this is certainly a rare sight. Gilgamesh is actually doing work at the bookstore for once. Not without reason, sadly. There's been an influx of customers over the last few days. Those terrible romance novels have been flying off the shelves for whatever reason. He'll never understand why. It really wouldn't be so bad if he had more help, but the few employees he DID have had called off due to whatever shenanigans were currently going on in town. He wanted to be pissed off, but he was simply too busy to give a damn. Of course, there was something that striked him as odd. The fact that a certain faithful employee hadn't shown up for two days in a row. After finally pushing the last stack of books onto a shelf, he turns back to address the camera. ]

I'm going to make this short. Has anyone seen V/V this weekend? I saw her Saturday, but she didn't show up for work yesterday or today. She also isn't answering her stupid phone.

And while I'm here, anyone interested in a part time job? These customers are starting to get on my nerves, and I can't be held responsible for what happens to them if someone isn't around to help them out.


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[ Another video transmission starts. This time, you'll find Gilgamesh in all of his glory chillaxing on one of his gaudy looking couches, sipping the red wine he loves so much. You may notice he seems more interested in it than what he's actually talking about. ]

It's come to my attention that some of you mongrels are uneducated about who or what Gods are.

You see, in ancient times, the Gods existed as a means to explain why seemingly random things happened in the world. Floods, drought, blizzards, all sorts of works of nature were believed to be the work of various Gods. Everybody civilization dreamt up different sets of Gods to explain things they simply could not. That's pretty much all they were, originally. And then those poor mongrels thought, maybe if we offered things to them, they'll bless us instead of cursing us. Thus, the worship of the Gods began. The earliest kings were even considers Gods due to how much good they did for their people.

The truth is they are all pretty much worthless and you should discredit them all. Especially those that are still worshipped in this age. I've done my fair share of research, and the Gods are now being abused as means for the various governments of the world to rule over the easily influenced sheep of the world. It's sad, really. To think humanity has fallen so low.

After a bit of a pause, he sets the finished glass of wine down and actually turns to address his audience. ]

Ah, but I probably gave the impression that Gods never existed, didn't I? That's not entirely true. I'm living proof that at some point, they did live. I suppose if you want to worship a God, I would be the best choice. I'll happily accept any offerings you wish to pile at my feet. I am, after all, the greatest Hero and King to have ever existed. And I am obviously a better choice than these so called "Goddesses", since I'm real and can actually give you kingly advice. You would be stupid to not choose me over them. Of course, you're free to do whatever you wish. I will not be the one to force your hand. I trust you'll do what is right in the end, won't you?

[ And he'll end the video with one of his charasmatic smiles, as if he's actually trying to sell himself. ]

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[ Hello Prospero. Today you are treated to Hyperactive Maid Mode Tamamo! She smiles and waves with a gloved hand. Behind her is a closed wooden door with the sign "BREAK ROOM" on it. ]

Greetings esteemed guests to a new episode of Tamamo☆Today! We're at a special location, in the heart of downtown Prospero City itself, in the most beauuuutiful restaurant that one could set their eyes upon! And, faithful viewers, like Tamamo has promised, here! Your special service!

[ Tamamo sets the camera on something, holding it level as the feed captures her from tip to toe. She twirls in a coquettish manner, running a hand down to smooth out the frills of her skirt. ]

Tadaa~ Kidding! That was especially for you, Master! I hope you were watching.

[ A wink to the camera and a blown kiss before she picks it up again. ]

This is a special episode, that in which Tamamo gets to utterly humiliate some deserving jerk! Surely with this the ratings will skyrocket--

Who's humiliating who, exactly?

[ Just then, the locker door opens up to reveal today's special guest rival with so much swag the ladies simply don't know what to do with themselves! Ladies and gentlemen; Gilgamesh, the King of Waiters. ]


You don't honestly expect to win, do you?

[ Tamamo is actually speechless because yeah this actually looks really fitting... ]

Ahh, geez! How tragic for a perfectly great body to be wasted on such a jerk! Never the less! Are you prepared to taste sweet defeat, Blondie?

[ And he'll give a triumphant smirk. His A+ Charisma is totally going to come in handy today. If he can actually manage to not piss anyone off for five seconds. ]

I would be flattered if I didn't already know how handsome I was. Or if it didn't come from such a weird fox girl. Really, what's with your ears?

[ How did he get so close to her in such a short time? Better yet, when did he start tugging at one of her ears? ]

Ara, my ears dear Archer are quite simply--kyaaaaah!!

I guess most people will just consider it part of the costume. I wonder if I should've employed the same tactic. Do teenage girls still go for 'hot guys with cat ears'?

Let go! You, you brute! Barbarian! Disgusting troll!

[ Cue Tamamo freaking the hell out because Goldie is painfully tugging on an ear... ]

You stupid mongrel get your hands off!

[ What's a show without surprises? Boring and predictable, that's what. ]

[ Surprise guest Lancer, clothes set to "dapper", walks out of the locker, surveys the scene, and rolls his eyes. Rapidly, he walks over and grabs Gilgamesh's own ear, smirking at the other servant all the while. ]

You heard the lady, mongrel. You've got to treat your coworkers with respect, after all.

[ From his tone, Gilgamesh is considered anything but a co-worker. ]

Since when has a king ever had to--

[ Oh, great. He was actually enjoying teasing the fox girl until the hound decided to show up and spoil his fun. He'll be slapping Lancer's hand away, eventually letting go of Tamamo's ear with a huff. ]

Hauu. My poor ear! Don't worry ear, you'll get better--

[ Tamamo is going to pet her ear with such a distraught look on her face, almost to the verge of tears. ]

Right, right. I'm supposed to be 'convincing'. Ahem.

[ And suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Gilgamesh gets on one knee, grabs one of Tamamo's hands and presents it with a very gentlemanly kiss. ]

Please excuse my rudeness, madam. You have my word that I will make it up to you in whatever way I am able to do so.

[ Caster cannot believe what is happening. For another instance in her life as a Servant she is completely shocked, to the point where words or coherent thought won't even form. ]


[ Crack. The water in Lancer's brain evaporates in a flash. He is left with no recourse but to stare blankly, disbelieving. ]

[ Granted, he had never interacted with Gilgamesh much outside of Prospero, but this was a Servant who had, ostensibly, gotten along well with that twisted priest for years. ]

[ How in the name of multiple pantheons worth of gods can he actually have manners!? ]

...Who are you and what the hell did you do with Gilgamesh? This isn't more of that shadow doppelganger crap again, is it?

[ If you guessed watching horrible TV shows, you were probably right. Besides, this is just another face of trolling. Being a dick, being overly well-mannered. It's all the same. Anyways, he's satisfied with the results and quickly pulls himself back up, dusting off his apron. ]

Oh, come on. I was cooped up with priest for ten years. What do you think I did during that time to entertain myself?

[ Ah, but the poor fox girl did looked pretty out of it now. And they sort of had a job to do. So he'll just be snapping her out of it with a small tug of the tail as he passes by.]

Come on, the jerk that runs this place is going to start yelling at us if we don't hurry. I'd rather not have to punch someone today.

[ And with that it snaps Caster out of her reverie. ]

Hyaa!! You stupid bleach blonde I'm going to--

[ And the feed cuts out. ]
[[ OOC:: This is just a video post; you're more than welcome to tag it and one/two/three of us may respond! But here's a link to the log where the actual serving will happen! Enjoy Prospero! ]]

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[The feed opens to Saori sitting on her bed with Sirius laying down next to her along with a empty box of tissues. Her eyes are pretty red considering she's been crying for a while.]

I'm pretty sure everyone who goes to the high school would know by now but...Miki got arrested for her "training" attempt a while back. Truth is, I called the police on her because I just didn't know what to do with her. She has good intention and I thought this was for the best but now I'm regretting it.

I hoping to post her bail or pay whatever fines she has to pay but I don't think I'll have enough to cover it. I know there might be people here who don't see her in the greatest light, but if you have it in your hearts, would anyone would like to help?

Anyways, I hope you have a good night. I don't think I'll be going out in the Dark Hour today, by the way.

[With a final sigh, she turns off the feed.]
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[ Just before midnight strikes, a familiar face appears on the screen. I'm sure you guys haven't forgotten who this sexy yet horribly loud-mouthed and douchey guy is. And it's probably no surprised that he's once again drunk off his ass, cuddling with one of the infamous lion cubs kept housed in his condo. ]

Hee, hee, hee. Looks like these mongrels finally got the right idea about their so-called celebrations. Here's to another year of doing whatever the fuck we want, Ur-Nungal!

[ Yes, you are now witnessing the moest interaction between one of the most notorious men in Prospero with a lion cub. He can't really be all that bad, can he? They even share a kiss! ...Sort of. ]

It won't be long before I actually have to start letting you outside. I wonder how these mongrels will react, hm? You're very tame for what you're supposed to be, but I suppose that's how it should be in such a place. Arturia has taught you well.

Ah well, we'll worry about that when the time comes, won't we? Happy New Year.
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[ Ah, that infamous accidental video. How Prospero has grown to both adore and loathe you. For tonight, on apparently on of the most holy nights, you'll find two [livejournal.com profile] best_king [livejournal.com profile] caliburns actually getting along for once. Of course, there's various drinks involved. Most noticeably eggnog and wine. They happen to be seated upon a very nice red leather couch, and appear to be dressed in rather antique looking clothes. ]

See? I knew you could use a drink or two. I've been telling you to stop worrying about these stupid mongrels and take the time to enjoy yourself for once.

Hoh, so you are right in that respect, Archer. [ Despite the strange situation, Saber herself appears to be relaxed in a manner unlike her. The solemn expression she often wore was replaced with a splash of scarlet along her cheeks and a tone unfit for her calm demeanor. Something was definitely amidst in her behavior as she leans in closer towards the man as though it were a challenge. ] A king never turns down another king's invitation to a drink, so did you truly expect otherwise from me?

True, true. It would be dishonorable to deny a drink with your fellow king, right? If only that worked for everything else. Though I admit being surprised that you actually agreed to my terms.

[ Consider how much of a fuss she had tried to raise about her work uniform, it really did come as a surprise when she agreed to wearing such revealing clothes. Well, revealing for someone as regal as Saber. He almost found it impossible to keep himself from pulling himself closer to her buuuut he'll resist for the time being because he's totally an honorable guy, right Prospero? Still, it's pretty obvious he's eying her in all the wrong ways. ]

Reasonable terms are met with reasonable manners, Archer. [ That only causes her to shy away from his form to take another sip from the much-too-rich-for-her-tastes glass in which he presented her with. ] Although, do you not find it in poor taste for us to do so without inviting others to partake of these luxuries? Merry we might become, but I long to share this wealth with the world around us.

Oh? And who else would you find worthy of such merriment? I would have invited Rider, but he seems to have wondered away without a word just as my dearest brother has done.

[ And the more he thought about it, the more a certain knight came to mind. Yes, he was pretty jealous over how close these two seemed to be. And no, he would never include that mongrel in anything that would actually be pleasant. Because fuck people trying to steal his treasure away okay. ]

...you do not think I would actually invite him into our home, do you?

In Britain, my knights were permitted to drink from the same goblet my lips touched upon. [ There's pride in her voice as she speaks, Saber's faith in her Knights of the Round being one of the true things she's proud of in her life. Why, she might even get indignant with him for suggesting otherwise. ] For if it will please them to have my lips, then my lips will be theirs and the honor thereof.

To openly share yourself with those who rank below you is something only a foolish king would do. Make no mistake, you'll share nothing of yours with anybody once you are my Queen. Especially not your lips.

[ Not that she would ever agree to being his queen in the first place, not even in such an agreeable state. But nonetheless, he was going to claim what was his. A hand reach out behind her head and pulled her forward into a rough and slightly intoxicated kiss. It was only for a brief moment really, but it probably seemed like eternity for him. And anyone currently watching. ]

They are fit only for mine.

[ And with that, the video cuts out. ]

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[ If you happen to decide to visit the bookstore today (or, you know, you work here), you'll notice there is a fairly large amount of books laying in front of the store, as if they were tossed out with little care. We're talking piles of books, guys. You can probably take them if you want, because it doesn't seem anyone is actually paying attention to what the hell is going on. Just be careful if you walk into the store, because you may or may not be pelted with even more books. Why? Because Gilgamesh. Do we really need to say more? He's been busy going through literally every book in the store, and discarding any he finds offensive. You can already tell where this is going, right?

Gilgamesh. In the bookstore. Disposing of books. While wearing this. Yes, your worst nightmares have come true. Gilgamesh is the new owner of this fine establishment, much to the horror of two certain servants who just so happen to work here part-time. How will they react? How will you react? Let us find out on today's action packed episode of Goldie Takes Over The World! ]
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Accidental Video

[ It's just a quarter past midnight, and anyone keeping an eye on the network will be greeted by the sight of not just one, but two Gilgamesh. You pause to wonder if this is some kind of horrible dream, but continue watching. You'll notice the 'other' Gilgamesh is slightly different than you may remember him during his stay in Prospero. His hair is combed back, and even in the moonlight his golden armor is bedazzling to gaze upon. And if you care to look closer, you'll see his eyes are not his trademark red, but a dim gold. Ah, so this must mean... ]

First some child prances around pretending to be my Enkidu, and now some mongrel dares to copy my image!? I hope you're prepared to crushed, worm!

Tsk, tsk. Always so quick to resort to violence. Has that really ever gotten you anywhere? Besides, everyone knows you're all talk.

What would you know? You're a coward hiding behind the image of a king to superior to you. Shed your disguise and face me in your true form!

But this is my true form. I am you. Or rather, what you wish you could be. Compared to me, you're merely a child. You can't even gain access to what I hold.

[ Why, yes. That IS the infamous Gate of Babylon opening up behind the armor-clad Gilgamesh. And it only serves to further infuriate Gilgamesh. ]

How dare you lay a hand on my treasures! There's no way you could be me, because only I am the one worthy of the title as King of Heroes! I'm going to show you just who the hell you're messing with and then reclaim what's rightfully mi--

[ He really shouldn't have said that. With a single flick of his wrist, Shadow Gilgamesh sent forth no less than a few hundred noble phantasms at the former king. Sadly, the video feed cuts off before anyone can see the result of what was sure to be a fatal attack. ]


[ Although, those who are actually near by will probably hear the resulting scream and hideous laughter. Those who come to inspect will find no trace of the shadow left, but instead something that looks more similar to a grave of swords, lancers, and other weapons. In the middle of them lays the golden jerkass, maybe not mortally wounded, but he might as well be. Various limbs are pinned down by blades, and he looks... completely miserable. You know, compared to his usua; self. ]

Nn... That bastard...
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[ The video feed cuts on, and an awfully familiar image is seen. Yes, Ur-Nungal snatched Gilgamesh's phone away and it pawing at it again. Mainly because he thinks he can actually touch whoever he sees on the screen. Eventually, his brother will join him in a pawing frenzy! Isn't this so adorable? Of course, someone has to come and ruin their fun. ]

Pounce, Gal. How many times have I told you two not to play with my treasures?

[ The phone will suddenly start panning all over the room as he wrestles it from the clutches of the two adorable felines. And then...

Why hello there, Gilgamesh. You are back home and also your shirt is off? Okay, more like he has a towel draped around his shoulders, seeing as he just got out of the shower, but details, details. And don't worry, it's not like he's stupid enough to show off anything below the belt to you mongrels. Totally not worthy.  Just enjoy the nice view of his still half-wet hair and perfectly chiseled abs. ]

Oh well. I suppose this is perfect timing. Allow me to inform those of you that know her that Saber is currently residing in my condo until further notice. That is all.

[ And with that, the camera cuts off. ]
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[ It had been just about a month since a certain golden haired asshole king had simply vanished into thin air, without any sort of notice. He had to assume those that knew of him thought him to be dead or worse. That was exactly his plan. Truth is he had been traveling the world this entire time, doing whatever the hell he pleased since he is the King of Heroes, after all. He had collected many things, which would hopefully prove useful during that accursed Dark Hour. Still, it was odd that he had no contact with anyone. Not even his most prized treasure. Truth be told, she was probably the only reason he bothered coming back. So you can imagine his surprise and amused reaction when he stumbles into his home late in the night, only to find a certain king cuddled up on his bed with a pair of lion cubs. So, she had been using his place in his absence. That was fine, because it provided the perfect opportunity for him to show off. And since this is so early in the morning, we'll assume that videos can be taken and sent to inboxes en masse, so everyone will be greeted to his return as soon as they check their phones. ]

[ For anyone who was here before his disappearance, or even later arrivals that may just know him, a certain golden haired individual will be interrupting your usual morning routine with his arrogant voice and all too charming looks. ]

Mongrels... It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sure you've all missed being in the presence of your king, not that I can say the same about the lot of you.

[ No, seriously. Why does he even bother addressing them? It's not as if their even worthy of looking upon him. Still, things must be said. This is what kings do, is it not? ]

Upon my return, there are a few things I feel I need to make clear, since you seem incapable of remembering anything for longer than a goldfish. Everything of value in this world is mine, that goes without saying. It is I, and only I can truly determine something's value. You see this condo?

[ Yes, he is sweeping through his own condo, showing off the ridiculous contents that shouldn't even be able to fit. It's like his condo was a pocket space or something. You'll see mountains of useless shit that serves no purpose other than looking pretty and expensive, among piles of swords and closets full of the most crazy expensive clothes ever. ]

Everything is mine. Yes, even them.

[ The camera suddenly enters a first person view as it travels down a hallway, eventually entering a dark room that is only lit by the moonlight. The camera will slowly sweep over the bed, where one may find a [livejournal.com profile] caliburns outfitted in merely a large long-sleeved t-shirt, sleeping soundly between two rather large lion cubs. The look on her face would be enough to make the most manly men's hearts melt. ]

They are mine, and mine alone. Nobody can say otherwise. If any of you mongrels have a problem with that?

[ This would usually be the part where he says something about fighting and proving yourself and blahblahblahblahblah. But instead, they'll only get a close-up on his face. A face that just screams TROLLLLLL. ]

Too bad.

[ And just as suddenly as it had started, the video ends. ]
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[Oh, look. It's this douchebag again. Except something seems awfully different about him this time. His eyes are closed for a moment, slowly letting out a little sigh. And then he smiles, but there's no hint of his usual ego anywhere to be seen.]

Alright, I'll admit it. I had you all wrong. I've been watching for some time now, and all of you have shown your worth in one way or another. It would be my honor to offer you my assistance in whatever way possible. Fighting the shadows that plague this city every night, helping train those that do not know how to fight properly, perhaps even helping those having monetary issues in this strange place. All you need to do is ask. You are my people, after all. What good king doesn't give back from time to time?
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[ Gender-flipped King Arthur and technology don't really mesh too well together, seeing as it's been kicked on by accident again. This time she has her legs curled up on the couch, a tiny lion cub nestled around her battle gown and limbs. A hand idly scratches behind it's ears and the other side of her body? Resting alongside the man sitting next to her. It takes him a moment, but it seems as though he's struggling to figure out how to work a remote control.

Suddenly there's very loud noise. The phone's angled enough to get a good look at the television - are those credits vaguely familiar? ]

I was told this was the most accurate portrayal by the man who sold it to me, Lancer. [ Calmly spoken. ]

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