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[The video feed shows a face that is obviously Applejack, though for some reason younger. And many more freckles. She looks a little confused, but mostly angry, and in ill-fitting clothes. If there was any doubts this was Applejack, when she speaks with the familiar accent, that should at least confirm who it is.] you hue-mins shrink sometimes? Ah woke up this morning way shorter than Ah've been here since showing up. And the clothes don't fit right either. This normal?

[Action, outside the hotel, seconds before the Dark Hour]

[With finally getting use to staying up during it, AJ has been doing her best to help clear shadows out during every Dark Hour she can. Just because she's smaller at the moment as a human doesn't mean when she changes back to her usual pony self she'll be any different. Right?

Well, she's about to find out, standing out on the sidewalk in those big clothes again. She didn't want to risk any of the small clothes that fit getting ripped when she changed into a full-grown pony.

She really shouldn't have worried though. At the start of the Dark Hour, instead of turning into a full grown pony in clothes she's wearing, she turns into a little filly pony that is swimming in the humongous clothes she's draped in.]

What the hay?! OH COME ON!!
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[Applejack is still a little unsure about this town, but being in it for the last few months have allowed her to at least find a few places she's use to. She still takes time to walk around to learn more of the layout. Running around during the Dark Hour isn't the best time to map out the streets, after all...

Surprisingly, today she's clothes shopping. She may not be much of a clothes horse, but she knows for sure that wearing the same outfit from the closet again and again probably isn't the best thing to do. So you might see her picking up shirts and jeans at various stores, mostly in oranges and reds that remind her of her coat of when she's a pony.

You may also notice that she seems a little nervous or agitated for some reason. While shopping she'll constantly be looking around, suddenly glancing over her shoulder, as if she expected someone to be there. Celestia help you if you catch her eyes when she does this though, as she'll walk right up to you with an angry look and speak to you with an edge in her voice.]

Ah've been feeling eyes on me all day, have you been following me?!

[Phone, later this evening]

[The phone flicks on with a worried Applejack on the screen.]

So, um, Ah think people have been staring at me a lot, and normally Ah wouldn't really care about it, but Ah can't help wondering why.

...Ah remember some folks mentioning Ah look like someone from a TV show. Is that it? What exactly is this show like, anyways?
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[Action A, grocery store]

[Applejack is at a grocery store, mostly to learn the lay of the land and get a few things she can afford with the strange money she's been able to scrounge up. There's not much in the basket she's carrying. Well, not much aside from all the apples.

She's about to head to the checkout when she finds herself in the candy aisle. She's just idly looking around when she notices one particlar product.]

Jolly Rancher? Never heard of that candy before... Oh hey, got some kinda apple-flavored ones? Hrrm, well Ah think Ah can afford some extra treats.

[She picks up a pack and notices another type of candy and figures to get them too.]

[Video, a little later than A]

[The video feed flips on with an angry looking Applejack sitting at some outdoor cafe table, wrappers and boxes of candy can be seen lying about.]

What is tarnation is wrong with you hue-mins?! These things all say apple on it, but none of them taste a lick like a real apple!!

[She gestures to one of the candies she picked up earlier, an Airheads Green Apple bar in this case.]

They're just sugar colored green and called apple! It's a disgrace, that's what it is! A disgrace to all things apples!!

And don't get me started on the actual apples Ah found in the stores! Just what are y'all doing that grows apples that taste so bad?!

[Action C, that evening at simple diner]

[So if you were thinking about having a nice, quiet dinner, you're out of luck. Applejack is argueing with a waitress, standing face to face with them as she glowers.]

Ah'm telling you, this isn't apple pie, this is an abomination of nature!! Where's the cook who made this?! Where's the kitchen?! Ah'll show you how it's done!

[The poor woman has no idea how to answer this and pretty much just cowering. Applejack is too wound up to notice, maybe someone should calm AJ down before they call the police...]
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[If you were trying to get some sleep tonight, or maybe a nap before the Dark Hour, and forgot to set your phone somewhere else, well, you're in for a rude awakening around 11 pm as the feed switches on to show a blond hair woman with a dubious look on her face.]

Alright, Ah think Ah got this video thing working right, so Ah'm just going to go ahead and start explainin'.

[The look of focus suddenly melts as she starts to yawn, but the woman seems to catch herself and tries to snap her mouth shut and end the yawn quickly.]

Sorry. Anyway, this is Applejack, and in case Ah haven't explained before to whoever is watching, Ah'm supposed to be a pony. Now a couple of folks have been nice enough to explain the more...stranger routines of this town, and how during the Dark Hour Ah'm probably mah normal self, but...

[She pauses again, looking a bit embarrassed, and seems to start to yawn again, but stifles it immediately.]

But, well, Ah'm not use to staying up so late. Ah've tried several times already but Ah all mah effort got me was some hoof prints in mah bed and a sore back. So Ah'm going to try using this cell phone thingy this place gave us to maybe keep me focused and awake for the Dark Hour. Even if Ah'm just talking to mahself, it might work this time.

Plus if'n Ah can keep this thing recording, it should at least show that Ah do turn back into a pony during it, which means that at least some point during the day Ah'm mah usually self...

So Ah guess Ah've said mah piece. Let's see if Ah can stay up this time now...
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[Video, obviously accidental]

[The feed flicks on showing a blond haired woman at a slightly odd angle. It seems she has butt-dialed everyone. Literally, as the phone seems to be right by her posterior, which has some images of apples on it, for some reason.

The call comes in early. Really early. If you glance out the window, you might see the sun-rising. Which is probably why the person who made this call is yawing and rubbing their eyes, having been awoken by the first rays of sunshine streaming through her window. That is, until they seem to notice something and open their eyes to stare at their hands, as if for the first time.]

What the hay are these?! Where's mah hooves?! What's wrong with me?!

[The sound of bed sheets moving drown out anything further until a loud thump occurs. Apparently the figure has attempted to get out of bed. The phone was only jostled a bit, so the feed is still the scene of the hotel room from earlier, just minus the person now. A odd squeak sound may indicate to some that the owner of the phone has made it to a window and is pressed against it, or maybe with the sudden blocking of what little sunlight was filtering in might tip you off.]

And just where in Equestria am Ah? It almost looks like Manehattan, but it still looks a bit off...

...Oh great, Ah'm talking to mahself too.

[Looks like someone just woke up to a very confusing day. Going to help set her straight? Or maybe yell at her for waking you up so damn early in the morning?]

[Action, much later in the afternoon]

[Applejack is taking some hesitant steps outside now that she's had some practice walking around on two legs. She gathered up some clothes, just some worn looking jeans, some boots, and an orange shirt she found in the hotel room's closet, but she also found her hat, which she was glad to see more than she'd like to admit.

Learning to walk upright was a bit harder to do, and something she'd not like to relive anytime soon, so she thought she'd get in as much practice as she can today. Which is why you might find her making her way down the sidewalk. The awkward steps she's making keep her close to the buildings, and she has an arm out ready to use the concrete walls for support if she loses her balance. She's doing her best to avoid bumping into other people as well, but her focus is on her feet mostly, so who knows how well that will work out. All the while, you might catch her muttering to herself.]

Just how in the name of all things oats and apples do they do this all day? Ah feel like Ah'm trying to balance on a tightrope or something... Ah'm a farm pony, not a circus pony, dangnabbit...


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