May. 11th, 2012 09:31 pm
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[Getting close to the Dark Hour, Kanda flips on his feed in annoyance and vague worry.]

Hey. Anybody see that stupid beansprout recently? He isn't back yet, and I don't wanna search the whole damn city for him.

[He'll just be flipping through his phone contacts while he waits for any replies, which leads to...]


[About thirty minutes later, Kanda shows up again looking considerably more upset, eyes and nose a bit raw, though his face is set in a very distinct "I don't want to talk to you assholes" scowl.]

...Never mind. He's gone. Back, I assume, but he's not here anymore.

[And with that, he hangs up and promptly throws the phone in the closet. Any replies to B will be ICly a few hours late.]


Feb. 26th, 2012 03:15 pm
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All of you idiots that like cake. There's red velvet donuts down in the lobby. Eat them or they get thrown away.

Filter: Allen Walker. Hackability: Moderate.

Put some aside for you. We need to talk.


Dec. 24th, 2011 02:43 pm
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[Kanda's looking pretty frazzled today. Too much holiday work, it seems.]

Oi. I know you idiots are busy with Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating. But do us all a favor and go tell that idiot beansprout-- Allen Walker-- "happy birthday". If I see him moping around the room one more goddamn time, I'll gut him.

[He's not even joking. Anyhow, that's all.]

...Have a merry Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever.
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[Sup, Prospero? There's no chitchat in this message, just one very stark line.]

Allen Walker is dead.

[For anybody interested in trying to comfort him, or those seeking comfort about it-- you can find him in the hotel lobby, staring blankly at a cold cup of tea and one of the books Allen was reading for school.]

[He called in sick to work-- he's not moving an inch right now.]
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[Hey, look guys! It's that male model again! At least he's in a good mood today, it seems, and is being genuinely curious about other people.]

...Tch. I can't go myself, apparently, but I'm curious. What sort of things does a typical student learn by the time they're finished with their secondary education? Here, anyway.

[Because... because he really wants to know. He's tired of feeling stupid, compared to the rest of the people his age.]
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[On the feed comes a familiar face sitting at one of the many fast food shops at the shopping district. Maybe you've seen this face in magazines or posters before. It's probable. Clothing model Yuu Kanda is on the network for the first time in a loooong while.]

[With a complaint.]

Alright, I've had it. Has anybody here found a decent place to get soba?! I don't even care what style of soba it is, if it's decent, I wanna hear about it. I've been here for over two months and haven't found any yet-- it's ridiculous.

[So profound, right? Not really, he's got a huge hankering for his favorite food in the whole wide world.]

Hell, I'll even take a book on how to make it! I'm sick of this crap they try to pass off as food!
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[The video is side ways, and the women shown in it is peering down into the camera as if it might jump out and eat her.]

Is this blasted thing even on? What's it doing? I think it's doing something.

[She turns, screen careening to the sky.]

You. You there! Would you help me work this contraption? Better yet, tell me where on God's green earth I am?

[There's a boy's voice answering her for a second, and then the sound of someone running off after a short, rather primal shout.]

Where in the hell is Prospero? I bet one of those little brats did this. Just wait until I get back there. I'll have them in detention until they have kids.

[The video is now mostly obscured by dark, checker print cloth. She's holding the device to her hip.]

Honestly, how rude can those kids be to a little old lady?
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[Walking the streets of Prospero today is probably one of the most beautiful men this city has ever seen. He's even dressed in a reasonably nice set of clothes-- just enough fabric to prevent sunburn, but flowing in allll the right places.]

[He looks like he walked out of a magazine!]

[And if you read those fashion mags full of advertisements, he really did. Kanda's got a job as a model-- though presently, he doesn't look too happy about it.]

Charity work... What the hell kind of work is that?

[He's confused. No one's explained it's just free labor in a good cause.]


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