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[Instead of a work-related broadcast, Atsuro's popping up on the network for something...relatively mundane.] 

Does anyone want cakes? I'm thinking of buying some and my boss let me have the day off for today. Tell me what kind you want and I'll see if I can afford them all.

[Yeah, it's his birthday and he's thinking of treating people.

...For some reason, that seems backward. What the hell, Atsuro
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[If he got the date right, that means he’s been in Prospero for almost a year. A year, once June 20th comes to pass. Or was it June 21st? He arrived during the Dark Hour, so the exact date can be a little strange.

No matter. He’s still in this place and watched people come and go. Atsuro even went home that time, and returned to this city. Back to where people would appreciate his help and his work on the Shadow Database. He knows the fickle nature of this place can easily send him home, so Atsuro want to leave something behind. His work, his notes, anything; for his fellow kidnapped friends to benefit from while they’re here.

He saw Diarmuid’s post about Neah’s departure. That’s what brought up his thoughts lately. It never stops hurting when people he knows left (‘Madoka, Naoya...’), but he try not to let it drag him down. Which really means he’s keeping it to himself and let it stew deeply; without his best friend here, his only outlets are his work and the occasional talk with people.

Atsuro's face appears on the network, looking cheerful as ever. But if anyone pay attention, they can see him looking a little tired. A result of some late-nighters

Atsuro Kihara here with your usual database updates! [There’s an attached program on this video.] If you have any questions, or you wish to help out with updating it in case I disappear, lemme know!

[He pauses, looking thoughtful before he yawns.]

You know, I checked the calendar and that got me thinking. In two weeks, it’ll be one year since I first arrived in Prospero. Well, since I first arrived and remember. There’s a chance that I might come here waaaay before and forgot, but right now? I’ll be hitting my first anniversary in two weeks, and same for everyone else who came here at around the same time as me.

...Knowing this place, there might be something fun at around our anniversary, or at least the full moon type of fun.

[He’s going to leave out the fact that his birthday is next week. Whoops.]
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[When Atsuro woke up, it took him a while before his mind realised what just happened. He got killed by his own Persona. He got killed.

He sits on the ground, with his back against the wall and be lost in his thoughts. It’s surreal, dying and coming back to life with his memories.’s true, it’s not a dream (nightmare), but something that actually happened.

Without thinking, he foolishly thought he’d be safe from his own Persona...only to be killed while trying to help Naoya. Atsuro stare at his phone in his hand, willing himself to turn it on and check.

It’s not hard for him to notice the contact list’s lower number. People left the city.

He frowns, before forcing himself to be cheerful for his broadcast and start recording.

Hey, everyone. Atsuro here, and I’m sorry for my absence for the past...week. [That would be a big hint to any long-time residents for what happened to him.] I’ll get back to updating the database as soon as I can.

...I’m also looking for people to team up with during the Dark Hour. My Persona specialised in physicals and support spells, so I’m looking for people who can heal and use elemental magic. If your Persona can scan, that’ll be even better!

[His cheer sounds a little forced. Yeah, his death totally didn’t affect him at all. Really.]
I’m back.

[If anyone want to find him, he’ll be at the business district, not very far from where he died. He’ll go back to the dorm later, unless someone forced him to.]
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[He just wanted to ask her if they can go out this weekend.

When he can’t find her name on the contact list, Atsuro immediately check her room at the dorm, ask some people (Allen said he haven’t seen her for a while) and just...keep on looking.

It wasn’t long until he turns on his own phone.

Hey, everyone? This is Atsuro Kihara, one of the maintainers of the Shadow Database. I’m calling to ask if anyone have seen Madoka Kaname around. Her name disappeared from the contact list, so it’s likely she went home. [To that world with the frightening magical girl system and the dangerous Witches.] Chances are, that’s what happened... But if anyone knows something, let me know.

[Especially once if people know they’re dating. It’s kind of obvious, but probably not to the newer arrivals. His tone of voice seems more cheerful, but it’s kind of obvious he’s forcing himself.]

Now, on another note! To all new people and those who haven’t got it, here is the latest version of the Shadow Database. [An attached program was sent to everyone on the contact list. People who already have it will find their copy updated.] It lists all the current Shadows we identified so far on the streets, as well as from inside Caliban. Caliban is the dungeon inside the tall building, which isn’t hard to find during the Dark Hour. You’re free to call it anything else, if you like, but it’s a good place to train in groups.

And this bears repeating, it’s advised that you fight in groups with people covering different roles in battle. All Shadows have different weaknesses and immunities, meaning if your attacks can’t harm them, your friend’s might. The most, well, infamous example would be Shadows immune to physicals. Spells would be your best bet against them.

[Hm…] I’m also open for more people to help with gathering information for the Database, as I don’t have the analysing skill Madoka have. [His cheery voice almost fell at her name, before it’s up again.] Even if you don’t have it, there’s always maintaining the database and updating it in the event I disappeared!
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[One moment, he was with them. A momentary break after their latest victory, “he” conquered Babel’s trial and became King of Bel. They’re about to depart the building for “him” to declare war.

Only for Atsuro to found himself in a startling familiar city: Prospero.

Just like that, he remembered. His time spent in this city, trying to unravel the mysteries, helping everyone with what he can do, fighting off Shadows, facing his own Shadow and insecurities... facing Madoka’s confessions and reciprocating it. Talking with Naoya when “his” departure was no longer a stinging pain. Just dulled.

Atsuro checked the phone for the date. If he remembered correctly, he’s been gone for about a week. A week away from this city for a week in something akin to ‘hell’, a place filled with desperation and people driven to survival at any cost. It’s almost funny...but Atsuro’s still mentally tired to laugh at it.

Scrolling through the contact list, almost frantically, for people he knows here. He sighed in relief, not knowing he’s holding his breath, when he saw their names.

He took his time to control himself, so any signs of his tiredness wouldn’t show. But it may slip out.]

Hey, everyone. Atsuro here... Sorry for disappearing on you guys but…I’m back.

Soooo, what did I miss, guy? I know I got like, a week's worth of class notes and homework to catch up! And I hope my boss will let me come back... And I'll get back to working on the database as soon as I can!

[Private to Naoya]
[Unlike his earlier video, he's more serious.] ...Naoya, I'm back from the lockdown.
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Yo, everyone! [HEY PROSPERO GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?] I’m here with another update!

[HERE BE THE SHADOW DATABASE UPDATE. New arrivals will just get the latest updated program.]

A little later than normal, sorry about that! And also, for anyone that’s wondering? It seems like Caliban got more votes over Tartarus for the dungeon’s name. There were new contenders for the throne, such as ‘Danger Zone’ or ‘a pain in the ass’. So unless you people vote for them instead, Caliban will be our dungeon’s name!

…Of course, if you guys want to use it. The name won’t stick if we don’t.

[SO...] As always, I’m here to answer any questions you might about the database or anything else.
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[His feelings about a recent arrival aside, there's some things he need to get out of the way.]

Okay, guys. Valentine's coming up, so we gotta get our chocolates ready and probably early. The full moon, as Issei said, is on the twenty-second, so mark your calendars! If it's like the past months, we'd probably have another battle to prepare for in a month.

Now the reminders are out of the way, I know some people are busy with things [COUGH A CERTAIN SERVANTS VERSUS SERVANTS MATCH COUGH], but I'd like to get your thoughts on this small thing.

You guys remember the dungeon in the business district? Madoka and I have been thinking of giving it a name, so we can refer to it as something other than 'dungeon'.

Some of the ideas we have are 'Tartarus' to show that it's dangerous. On the other hand, there's 'Caliban' to go with Prospero. [People who knows Shakespeare's works would get the reference.] Of course, I'm up for better suggestions!
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Yo, everyone! Atsuro here with your monthly update!

[Here there be Shadow Database attachment! People will either find theirs updated or a brand new one if they’re new.]

If you haven’t heard already from others or Madoka earlier, I’m currently maintaining the Shadow Database. It lists all the Shadows we discovered so far, along with their strengths and weaknesses. Meaning you can study up on them before you find them outside, or you can try looking it up during battle. But I recommend having a partner with you if you do that, just to cover for you.

As for other recommendations, make sure you know you and your partners can do in battle. Physical attacks, magic, healing, scanning... just to cover your bases against the Shadows. You never know when you meet a Shadow that can possibly strike your weakness.

On a similar note, this might be obvious and most people already know, but we gotta say it again. There are some Shadows that are immune to physical blows and moves. If you can’t use any elemental spells, you better find someone who can or run away from those Shadows.

[He pause, before looking serious.]

Last month’s mostly uneventful, when it comes to the full moon. [HE WON’T BOTHER MENTIONING DRAMA IN AMONG A CERTAIN CAST] But that doesn’t mean this month’s will be the same, so keep an eye on the moon cycle. Particularly the week before the full moon, things normally happen around that time.

[Then, a grin!]

Other than that, I’m also open for people to help out with the database! So if you can work with programs or can gather information from the Shadows, please speak to me or Madoka if you’re interested.

Now then…if there’s any other questions, ask away!
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[It was after school when Atsuro have enough time for the video recording. He’s been going over his information about the Shadows, what they know about them and what they found out last month.

He also have been resting up from the ordeal, which put off his usual work into the database.

Afternoon, everyone! Atsuro here with the usual update about the Shadows. [Here be the database update. New people will just get a copy of the latest version.] For new people who haven’t got it before, it show all the Shadows we know around the city so far and their resistances.

As always, I recommend going out with a partner or a group, since some Shadows might be immune to your attacks or spells. The most annoying ones are those immune to physical attacks. [VISCERAL MAYA HE’S LOOKING AT YOU.]

And also, if anyone got any new information about the Shadows, please let me know. [He frowns, looking serious for the moment.] Especially after what happened last month, for those who was there to experience it.

[Pause.] With our Shadows, it brings up questions about the other Shadows wondering around. Our Shadows are a part of us, even if we keep them hidden from others. So what does that mean for the…less sentient Shadows? As they can affect people’s mind...maybe they’re born from people, just not as...collected together like our Shadows. Just fragments of the human mind, if you get what I’m saying?

I’m still brainstorming, which is kinda why I’m busy in getting this update out. So if you have any ideas, I’d appreciate hearing them.
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Do you want to go home? But why? Here, you can make a difference, however little. You can HELP and be dependable!

Uh, hey, guys?

C’mon, guys! Is there anything I can help with? I don’t want to be useless! Tell me that you’re glad I’m around, that you’re proud of me!

I think I got my own double here.

Just take that ‘I think’ part out. I am here, you know.

And what? Saying that you're me?

That's right! You gonna disagree?


Database! Shadows! Personas! Hey, guys, ask me questions and I'll do my best to answer! Why bother going back home to normal life when you can have all of this?

But I do want to go home!

Lion's here. You want Yoohoo and Naoya to be stuck here as well, right? If they're here, there's no point going back.

What? No I don't--[Clicks. The feed turns off.]

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Yo, guys! Atsuro here. Atsuro Kihara to those who don't know me, so hello to you guys!

Anyway, a couple of things. First off, I've updated the database to include more information on Shadows that's still around. [Here be that updated database.] As always, even if you've been fighting them for a while, keep your guard up and don't fight alone. Especially when you deal with the Shadows immune to physicals.

[The most infamous being Visceral Mayas, but there's also Calm Pesce and Brave Wheel.]

I also accept any info you guys manage to find out about them, so I can update it accordingly. Some of us are, well, kind of veterans, but new people seems to be coming in at times, so they need all the help we can give.

[At this point, he looks more serious.]

On that note, some of us was aware that some people we know disappeared from the island and that we can't call them over the phones. There don't seem to be any patterns to it, so we'd have to keep our guard up for it.

One of the reason why I brought it up is because in the event of me went away like that, I'd like someone to take over maintaining the database in my possible absence.

[It's necessary to be prepared for it, even if he doesn't really like it.]

So if anyone's interested, let me know.
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[Lion had admittedly been harboring the feeling that something unusual would happen today. Randomly appearing in a place that wasn't even the least bit familiar wasn't exactly it.

The poor headphoned boy had ended up wandering for about... what was it? An hour? Two hours? Before finally giving up on the thought that he had taken a wrong turn somewhere. However he got here, it wasn't a place he'd ever seen before, and not a thing here was familiar, though he could sense some strange, foreboding feeling, like his gut was telling him there was something weird about this place.

Not that he had any idea what, and he had simply dropped onto the nearest thing that seemed even remotely like it could be sat on (what was that sign he had just passed? Felix's Finds? He didn't remember). However, a quick, unusual pressure against his leg made him dig into his pocket curiously, coming out with... a phone that certainly wasn't his. Had he been reversed pick-pocketed or something?

Curiosity had gotten the better of him, though, and a quick look through the phone offered some sort of conversation option, and it was better than wandering around like a lost rat in a maze, even if this idea seemed silly.]

Could someone tell me exactly where I am? I'm kind of... lost. [A pause, then a second text.] Atsuro, Yuzu, if you're here somewhere, let me know, okay?
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It looks like we've got some new arrivals.

Welcome to Prospero, everyone, and I'll just assume you got the usual introduction to this place on where we are and what's going on.

[Because others are usually prompt about it. But he's willing to explain things.]

As some of you might have noticed, every night, for one hour, things change and we see monsters going around. Those are Shadows and they can, and will, attack you if they notice you. We can fight them off with weapons, but a more effective method is with a Persona. I'm sure the others explained about Persona to you by now, so I'll get to my next point.

The Shadows have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on what they are. Learning what they're weak against would mean the difference between life and death in battle. [It's not exaggeration, or a joke.] The most annoying one is those that's immune to physical attacks, which sucks if you don't have an offensive spell.

I'm currently maintaining a database on currently known Shadows so far and their information. Since more will most likely appear, I'll update the info. I'll also appreciate you guys letting me know anything new about the Shadows!

[All new arrivals will get the database sent to their phones. Not counting Phantom King and Brave Wheel, since Atsuro don't know about them, yet.]

If you got any questions, ask and I'll try to answer.
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Hey, everyone. Thanks for the work the other night. The programs up and running, so I’m sending you all an attachment. [In a short moment, everyone would get a copy of the program. For reference, Shadows list.] It’d still be updated, since new ones would most likely appear.

Also, I was told that Shadows only appear in Prospero. Tatsuma can confirm it, since he went out of the island a while ago and experienced that time elsewhere.

[Atsuro is quiet.]

I hope I’m able to help everyone like this. I’m just a normal kid, not a fighter or anything fancy like that. All I got is my skills with the computer, so I sometime feel…normal, not as awesome like some of you guys? I don’t normally complain, since I got my normal life back home and some of you got important stuff, right?

…And I want to be helpful, even to you guys.
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[In a mass text to everyone.]

Is anyone up for information gathering? Last time, I talked about making a database, or 'bestiary', of the Shadows for their strengths and weaknesses. I've done making the program itself and did some testing, we just need to input the info into them.

Basically, it should show the Shadow, its resistances and weaknesses after we put in the info. Even better if we included their skills, too.

So who's up for a nightly excursion?

(ooc: The log for it, if anyone's interested, would most likely be for CR building and general arse-kicking. General info getting and inputting can be handwaved, unless there's a demand for a log.)
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We all managed to get out of that full moon thing in one piece. Since it's like last month, we can assume another one might come up for next month's, too.

[He pause, just for a moment.]

Also, I've been thinking of compiling data on the Shadows. Mostly on their strengths and weaknesses we know so far. I'm pretty sure some of us are aware of one particular Shadow type that's immune to physical hits. [How many people hit those Visceral Mayas before they realise it's futile by now?] It'd be helpful if we put together a database about them, so we can refresh our memories on the enemies. Or be careful of who to avoid.

...On a related note, make sure you're with someone that can use magic. If you can use magic, learn to fight or have someone that can fight with you. It's dangerous to face Shadows you can't even put a dent on alone.

[A thoughtful pause.]

Yeah, that's all I have to say.
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[The following is a mass text to everyone:]

How's this Saturday night sounds? We'd most likely get very tired from it, so we can use the following Sunday to rest up, especially for those of us who got work and school.

This also for anyone that missed my last text: We're going to investigate a building during 'that' time. It'll be dangerous, so keep that in mind if you're volunteering.

[To Akihiko:]

I saw your name on Homura's list. Mind teaching me after school?
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I found something interesting last night.

One of the buildings in the business district changed into something strange during that time of night.

['That' being the Dark Hour.]

I would investigate it myself, but going inside alone is reckless.
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Has anyone seen or experienced anything strange lately?

Stranger than usual?

Also, I heard some people are missing things. Did any of you arrive without any changes?

Even if you don't have anything to say, please message me back. I'd like to get an idea of how many people are actively using this as a means of communication.

Thank you.
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[There's a few seconds delay before a man speaks through the voice feed.]

It seems I can't access my own system configuration. I think it's already broken, and I can't fix it without the tools. Furthermore, I don't how describe this but I feel very alive, and I've been granted a real human body upon my arrival.

Whatever it is, I need to check my configuration immediately. Does anyone know where I can find a laboratory in here?


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