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[ A giggle. That's what it is heard when this device starts recording... At first it was dark, until a female voice is heard. ]

Don't play with that. Go back with the others and play with the camel.

[ Yes, that's the voice of Zena, who is unaware that this device is recording for now. Now the video feed shows the classroom with little kids. They are around the age of five or six by how they look, and they are all playing with a camel.

Yes, a camel.

Hassan watches them for a while, perhaps with a small smile on her face. Until she finds out that one of them is sobbing the corner. She decides to approach them and knelt down to see him better. ]

What's wrong, little one?

[ The kid looks at her with some big eyes. ]

I-I'm scared, Teacher... There are bad things happening...

[ Oh, so he watched the TV. Zena sighs a bit and resumes her neutral position once more. ]

If you are scared, it will only be worse. Rest assured that nothing will harm you as long as I am here. Now, why don't you play with the camel too? It'll cheer you up.

[ The boy smiles a bit and runs to play with said animal. Hassan then quickly erases her aura when she feels something dangerous coming at her. Some seconds later, a man holding a gun breaks into the room causing panic among the children. ]

Everyone, close your eyes and hide behind the animal. I will handle this.

[ Before the man could brag about anything, Zena was already behind him with a knife in his neck. Like a mother protecting her children, this was the same thing. ]

May your soul find peace.

[ The screen goes black once more, and then there's silence. ]
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[ After touching some buttons, a video starts with a woman, wearing a mask, addressing Prospero. ]

No matter how much information I gather here, I don't seem to understand where I am or how I am here. For what propose I was summoned here...?

[ It's quite clear that she has no idea what's going on. ]

I believe this allows me to communicate with someone. Is there somebody listening to this?

[ The feed goes for a bit more, Assassin resting somewhere as she tries to know what's going on. ]


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