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[Hello, Prospero. It's time for a short lesson in Spark biology, so sit yourselves down.

It should be no surprise that Spark brains are a bit differently wired than the brains of normal humans. Why does this matter right now? The way they're wired, science and sex are inextricably linked up. They produce the same arousal state and light up the same reward pathways. In short, they activate the same areas in the brain that set off that lovely 'sexy thoughts make you pass out' caveat on this event.

What does this mean?

You can find Klaus passed out in a variety of amusing locations today. He was out the moment the event started and has been blinking in and out of consciousness all day. His Spark may be damped down, but his brain is still wired the same way.

This sucks.]

A; School, Midday [Action]

[Biology class is weird today. Why? Well, it's not the topic, because this class is in the middle of learning all about the wonders of muscles (bet you thought it was going to be the reproductive system, you terrible people). No, this class is weird because the teacher passed out over his desk about five minutes in and as yet hasn't woken up.

Students, feel free to poke him and speculate over whether he's dead or not.]

B; Hotel First Floor Hallway, Late Afternoon [Action]

[Oh come on he was just thinking off-hand about how to improve on Ada's improvements to his lightning sword. OH WELL. Hotel residents, there is a large man blocking the hallway. Wat do?]

C; Lab, Late Evening [Video]

[Somehow he managed to make it to his lab, then promptly passed out at the SCIENTIFIC POSSIBILITIES and has just now woke up again.

And he isn't pleased.]

Does anyone have any idea what these sudden spontaneous fits of unconsciousness may be linked to? I wouldn't bother asking except they are becoming an extreme inhibitor to getting anything done. The Dark Hour is entirely out of the question for me in the state and if anyone else is experiencing such symptoms they would be advised to stay in tonight as well until a cure can be found.

{ooc: In threads where he's unconscious, I'll wake him up after two or three posts from me, so don't worry about trying to play off a brick wall.}

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[Anyone unfortunate enough to be in Klaus's biology class will arrive to find that, on their desk, is a jar. In that jar, besides some suspicious green liquid which is totally harmless upon inspection, is a brain. It's obviously not a human brain -- too small -- but it's still a brain, and it's still on their desk, and it's still accompanied by a stick-on label and a sharpie.]

Good morning, class. Today we begin our unit on the nervous system. On your desk is your new best friend. Give them a name to distinguish them from everyone else's best friends and we can begin.
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[A video feed clicks on. It shows one of the Hotel's many rooms, and seems to be resting on the nightstand. Two figures are visible, one sitting on the edge of the bed and the other standing. The only difference between them is the standing figure's glowing yellow eyes. He also seems to be in the middle of a sentence.]

--turned it on. Now you can tell them the truth.

[The voice is likely one you recognize. It's deep, with a slight Romanian accent, but unlike usual it sounds as though it's been filtered through several synthesizers.]

I don't know what you mean.

Yes you do. [The yellow eyes flash.] Everything I know, I only know because somewhere, deep within that superior brain of yours, you know it as well.

[Is it possible for that voice to get even stranger? Apparently. This is what happens when you layer a Spark voice over a Shadow voice.]

But then, I wouldn't expect you to admit it. I wouldn't. Always had a problem with admitting things, didn't I? But do you know what I can admit? I never really cared. I never did enough. Why do you think I've spent the past few months hiding out in my laboratory rather than fighting during the Dark Hour? I don't care about these people, I can't be bothered to help--!

[It's over in a second. The seated man stands, making an attempt at a blow, and finds his hand easily parried.]

Skifandrian warrior training, remember? The warrior training I received in the four years I was away from the country, happily letting it burn in my absence, just like I let Prospero suffer ever night I'm not out there fighting?

That wasn't--

Wasn't my fault? I could have left any time I chose. [It's unclear whether he's talking about the lab or Skifander. Probably both.] And you know very well why I didn't. I let myself get distracted by a woman.

I didn't know--

I knew very well what was going to happen. I knew what I could expect when I went back, having left Lucrezia unguarded in the hands of a man who never believed me when I told him what I knew she was capable of. And while we're on the subject of Lucrezia and Bill, I wonder why it never occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, he never believed me because I was sleeping with his lover.

Or perhaps that's another thing I simply cannot admit. It was all for a good cause, wasn't it? Keep her distracted. Keep her safe. I never really believed Bill deserved her when he couldn't even curb her tendencies. But he was the hero. Of course he got the girl. I suppose I don't need to tell you of the things jealousy can make a man do to those he only pretends to care for?

[WHAM. The feed cuts out, the phone knocked off the bedside table thanks to the yellow-eyed shadow being slammed into it. Everyone on the first floor of the Hotel probably heard that crash; those closer to room 106 will probably feel it as well, as well as the several that follow. The phone is actually broken (as in, the back opened and the battery is about five feet away from it), so replies should probably be in action format.]
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[After talking to Ingrid, Klaus is feeling more than a little bit... off. For a man usually utterly unflappable, this sudden influx of ~feelings~ isn't usual or welcome.

He isn't a bad parent. He worked for years to make sure that his son was independent and strong. He did his very best to ensure that when, finally, one of the assassins actually hit their mark, Gil would be able to run the country efficiently. Wasn't that the important thing? Keeping Gil alive was far more important than keeping him happy. Dead children can't adore their fathers.

Only now, he's not so sure.]

I have a question for you, Prospero. An entirely hypothetical question.

Say there is a man. He is in charge of a country -- a large, volatile, war-torn country. He was welcomed as a savior when he first took power but almost immediately fell out of favor when he actually began to make decisions and it was discovered that he could not, in fact, please everyone. This man has a son.

He is, naturally, worried for his son's safety. He himself is the victim of several assassination attempts a month. He can handle them. A young child could not. Is it therefore acceptable for him to sever his ties with his child and keep the relationship a secret in order to protect the son and ensure that he grows up independent of the stress of being the heir to the throne, as it were? Especially considering that he did intend to tell him when he was old enough to handle it?

[Entirely hypothetical. Yes. SO HYPOTHETICAL BITCHES DON'T KNOW.]
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[Suddenly, a video feed clicks on. The image is blurry and moving sporadically: this video is clearly accidental.]

--pears to be some sort of... oh.

[The image stabilizes somewhat. It reveals itself to be the face of an older man with absolutely ridiculous hair, looking very Perplexed but altogether Intrigued.]

Interesting. I assume this is some manner of recording or communication device, then. And if you press --

[The feed clicks off suddenly, and then returns a few seconds later.]

-- relatively simple, all things considered. If only the buttons weren't so deucedly small... but it will have to do.

I am Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and, if anyone is listening, I would like some answers. A cursory investigation of this place has made it painfully obvious that I am very, very far from my homeland and, it appears, my place in relative space-time. I would like an explanation from someone more familiar with this universe as to where I am, when I am and, perhaps, the general history of this city. It is discomfiting enough to be removed from one's home when one is in the middle of attempting to stop a war; it is far worse to be removed to somewhere that one knows nothing about. Thus, I require information, if you please, and quickly.

[And he'll just stay on the damn phone until someone answers him, too. How long can you resist that Imperious Stare, Prospero?]


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