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[ The screen flickers briefly but it seemed to be on someone's pocket. There's a lot of shouting in the background and a lot of gossiping. It seemed like someone was having an annoyed time with the customers and he was preventing himself from saying something vulgar towards them. Since he figured out that a job was absolutely necessary for his own survival, he got a job on top of attending school again so that he could move out and be by himself. He didn't like this place and he wanted to return to his own world and that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. ]

Ya sure you're a guy? Lemme see fo' m'self if you're one!

[ a voice is heard on the recording of darkness as he was reaching out to grab someone and with a sound of something cracking and a faint gasp and possible pained scream as the blue haired boy twisted the guy's arm around. ]

I would remind you valuable customer not to touch me whenever you please. Your filthy hands are grimy and gross. If you have an issue with my gender then perhaps you should confirm it with my co-workers.

[ a flat remark as he gave the man a dark look before letting him go. ]

TOKIYA!!!! That's the third one this week!

[ he seemed so annoyed at this point that he wasn't even able to hide his annoyed demeanor. ]

If those mongrels didn't decide to feel someone up perhaps it might not have happened.

[ There's a sigh as the feed cuts. ]
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[ The feed turns on first by accident as it is flung out of the person's hand and landing on the ground. It seemed there was a quick glimpse of blue hair and a silver pipe. The feed times out with the sound of something be slashed really hard. After a few long minutes the feed turns back on with the teenage boy covered in what looks like splatters of Shadow remains. His nice casual attire seemed to be covered in it. He didn't even look the least bit surprised with the outcome of this. Wiping it off briefly, he goes to pick up the cell phone. ]

Is there perhaps an explanation for this?

[ He knows this was recording for some reason despite it turning on without him knowing. He's just too sharp that way. He pulls the camera angle to the mess he created. There was no surprise in his tone. In fact, it sounded rather dead pan. ]

If there is a way to Japan then direct me.

[ Obviously he knows his geography as well. With that he cuts the feed. ]


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