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[During the dark hour tonight, a memory is played out on all the communicators for anyone who is paying attention. There's been a lot of that going around recently, of course. But the boy this memory belongs to hasn't been seen in this city since sometime in April. Although he may be recognizable to some of you who have been here a while.]

[The memory starts here. and continues here. ]

[About a minute later, the screen comes back on to show the confused face of John Egbert.]

That was....weird. Anybody else ever get sent back where you came from for like, five minutes?

Well... that or I just had the strangest dream...
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is it me, or did a whole lot of people disappear in the last few days?
i know people leave sometimes, but isn't this kind of weird?
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[If you happen to be living in the school dorms, you may have noticed some strange things on Friday morning. Buckets placed precariously over slightly ajar doors. Many of them filled with glitter or confetti. Careful, they might fall. There is black shoe polish smeared on the light switches in the bathrooms. In the common living area of Deacon hall, all of the chairs have whoopee cushions on them. And a few 'lucky' people have their door blocked off with copious amounts of duct tape. Enjoy. Feel free to ignore the silly pranks. John can be pretty immature.]

[That afternoon, John is getting on the phone.]

Hey guys!

So, it's kind of my birthday today! Would anyone be interested in getting together and watching movies or something?
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[John's phone falls to the ground and the video switches on to reveal him sitting up gingerly and rubbing his head. Waking up in an alley was not what he expected to be doing today. How the hell?

Oh. Wait..... Wasn't he looking for that serial killer? Actually.... did he find him? He certainly remembers a finding this guy and then... a lot of pain.... He still feels like crap.

He glances around and finally notices that his phone is on. He picks it up.]

Hey guys....

Um.... I'm not sure what happened, but I think I've been out for a while.

So.... what'd I miss?
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Hey guys...

[John heard about the murders. How can they be killing each other? Aren't they all on the same team? This idea has been in the back of his mind for a while, and maybe it'll help everyone pull together. Even just a little bit.]

Um, I guess this might seem like a bad time, considering what's been going on, but....

It might do us all some good to work together, and the people at the biggest risk of running into trouble are the people who are newer or don't have their persona yet, or don't know how to fight.

So Yukiko and I were thinking that it might be a good idea to have some kind of list for newbies. So they know who they can go to for help.

What I'm looking for is volunteers. Just let me know your name and what you're willing to help people with, like weapon training or tanking or even just helping them get their persona in the first place. Or whatever else I guess....

I'll get the list together and attach it to the FAQ I wrote. Then we can distribute the whole thing whenever anyone new shows up.

Hehe... so.... what do you guys think?
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hey guys!
i've noticed that a lot of new people keep showing up and they don't always get the full rundown of things.
i know i didn't know about the whole full moon thing until i actually saw it happen.
so i wrote a faq.
you guys can distribute it however, and if there's anything you think i should add just let me know.
mr. edgeworth already had me add something about the hotel.
anyway, here it is!

[ectoBiologist has uploaded a file: ]
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Hey, does anyone know a good way to make money?

Or know of any place that will hire thirteen-year-olds?
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[John's had a few days to settle in, enroll in school, and get bored. He's video posting in deference to the couple of people he's met who've been annoyed with the texting.]

Hey guys!

Uh, for those of you that haven't met me yet, I'm John Egbert. I've been here a few days now and I figure it's time to get started on climbing my echeladder again.

So, anyway, I heard about this weird dungeon that you can only explore during the dark hour. Anyone want to come with me to check it out?

[Anyone with any sense at all will probably say no.]
[OOC: this is intended to be a lead in to an actual dungeon crawl log. pretty much anyone is welcome to come, whether he knows them or not.]

[[Voice//private to Kaoru]]

Hey, Kaoru! It's John. When did you wanna go to that movie?
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guys, what happened?
did we make it through the wall???
i'm in this weird city now but there's a bunch of coffins.
like a graveyard but they're all standing up.
that's kind of a stupid graveyard.
okay haha lets all ignore john. very funny guys!
okay seriously answer me.


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