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[The video feed clicks on to show Yuri sitting back on the railings of one of the tall buildings. One of her hands is holding onto the railing while the other is holding the device. Based on her positioning, if she lets go; she'll fall off. One might think it's a accidental video until she speaks.]

Correct me if I'm wrong. This is America, right? Despite the whole shadows and full moon nonsense, it looks pretty normal. I even picked up some flyers to Florida.

[ A beat passes ]

Can anyone answer me to why we get brought back to life here. I've been wanting to test it out myself, but I figured it'd be best to ask first.
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[Action - mid-day]

[One can find Yuri practicing shooting at targets that she had sent up earlier in the day. This could be a common sight if there wasn't also a large crow practicing with her at similar targets placed close to hers. The two seem to be training in unison as they'd both aim at their own targets in order to practice hitting at the same time.]

Alright! We have this!

[Turning to hit her last target, Yuri ends up falling to the ground instead with her Persona being released. Rolling over onto her stomach, Yuri glances up at the sky. It's obvious to see that training has taken a lot out of her. ]

That wasn't supposed to happen..


[One can see Yuri looking a dazed at the screen, as if distracted for a moment before speaking.]

Is there a difference between using your persona during the day and during Dark Hour. I usually last a... [She breaks to let out a small cough before continuing.] It seems to be more exhausting to use it during the day than at night...

Also.., can anyone tell me more about this 'full moon'. I've heard people mention it, but I'm not certain that I get the dangers of it...


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