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Apr. 21st, 2012 01:07 pm
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[After confirming his method for extending the disappearance of an individual does work, Kiritsugu has acquired all the information he needs.]

[He rejected him. Even without Saber around, Shirou still held on to her memory rather than Kiritsugu. Before the war, he wouldn't have hesitated to criticize such an action, but can he really say the same thing now...?]

[Doesn't matter. Plan A failed. He cannot keep Shirou safe by keeping him away from potential hostiles. Therefore, he has to keep them away from him.]

[Considering his methods, Masters and Servants are unlikely to notice Kiritsugu until it's too late. He's avoiding crowded areas, waiting for his targets to pass through isolated locations at night. Should they be less prone to do so, he assigns them low priority, but Emiya Kiritsugu is not unaccustomed to waiting days on end. The AN/PVS04 scope has been installed into the Walther WA2000 once again, allowing him to be completely unaffected by the lack of light. .308 Winchester bullets fill the magazine, now with a very explicit purpose in being chosen. A radio rests inside his pocket, connecting him to the only person in this city who supports his actions.]

[Kiritsugu knows this can't last. He doubts he could truly bring himself to carry this operation out otherwise. As things stand, in the short-term, Kiritsugu is killing the many to save the few. At least externally. He still justifies his actions as those of a man trying to stop an inevitable war between very skilled supernatural individuals, which would claim the lives of those in Prospero.]

[But deep down, he knows there's more to this than that. He couldn't keep Illya safe from magi, wars. At the very least, he can give Shirou something resembling a normal life.]

[Such are the thoughts of a man that has privately discarded everything else.]

((With the exception of his son, Kiritsugu will attempt to eliminate all former Grail War participants as of right now. If any post, please state whether you'd prefer your character to survive the encounter or not in the subject line. Characters may in all likeliness be killed again the moment they revive, but that's only if Kiritsugu's actions haven't come to light by then. Kiritsugu may also be spotted  trailing his targets by witnesses at night, but he may be subtle enough to avoid suspicion in most cases.))
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[Kiritsugu is not the type to take unnecessary risks for the sake of emotions or etiquette. Going out of your way to visit someone in such a dangerous situation constitutes as one, no matter the importance of the conversation you want to have with them. Kiritsugu is an emotional (maybe overly cheery in times of peace), man in front of his son, but it's not worth making his tracks known to others on the way there. Keeping Shirou safe is the entire purpose of this.]

[Instead, he calls him, intending to talk about a very serious matter.]

Shirou? Are you there?
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[Kiritsugu rests his sniper scope on the roof of a building located at three-quarters of the way from Shirou's high school to a bookstore. Having analyzed Saber's daily route long before Maiya came, he has opted to choose this location as the best spot to strike. His hands lack any sort of trembling as he holds the WA2000 in his hands, the exceedingly rare model looking directly at an isolated street. The sound would be enough to alert anyone nearby of what is going on, but by the time they reach the scene, he would be long gone. Once Saber eventually revives, covering the points between this location and Shirou's house and the police station should give them a nearly endless amount of opportunities to keep her dead.]

[It's not simply a matter of getting rid of Servants, he realizes. Sure, most of them are a potential threat, which Kiritsugu has never suffered, but Saber in particular would never hurt Shirou.]

[Not directly, anyways.]

[By staying with him, Saber denies Shirou adequate protection. Yes, she may have been nigh-unbeatable back in their world, but here, Kiritsugu has the advantage. He realizes how modern times work better. He knows how to deal with both magi and Servants, especially while the latter are denied their powers.]

[That's why he has to do this. To give Shirou a reason to come back. It's not about his own feelings, he convinces himself, as he has done so many times before. It's simply the most logical conclusion.]

[The sound of a radio. Old-fashioned, undoubtedly, but the inability to be tracked should be helpful.]

Maiya. What's your current location?
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[The longer Sola's out there, the more chances there are of someone explaining Kiritsugu's identity to her, the more chances everyone related to her will find out in turn. He was hoping he could go the rest of his life without playing cat and mouse with magi, but unfortunately, the situation calls for exactly that, if only for a moment. While Kayneth is out, Kiritsugu puts his plans into action. Using voice clips would be a valid strategy if it weren't so out of character for Kayneth. In lieu of that, he'll have to resort to something else.]

[Recently attaining the ability to detect Shadows and Persona-users through his own Persona proves convenient, as Kiritsugu can now map out the trajectories of different individuals. The relationship between Shadows and Personas is something to be explored, but only to someone who wishes to know more about the intricacies of the system. Right now, Kiritsugu simply wishes for results. The thought that Ryuunosuke's behind all of this has certainly crossed his mind, but he's not one to take chances. Instead, he investigates the locations around the city in which people have been murdered, focusing on the spot where the index is at its lowest. Most other locations would be swarming with police. Then it's simply a matter of putting a bait there.]

[Through proper investigation, one can decipher the printer used to make a document, which is exactly why Kiritsugu buys a used one, disposing of it immediately after he's done printing a message. A threat. He leaves it under the door to Sola's room, specifically directed at her, falsely indicating that Lancer is in danger of becoming yet another victim. Ideally, it would have been directed at Kayneth, who would have been out at this time, so that it would be less evident what its intentions are, but that would imply knowledge of their former Master/Servant relationship, which would rule out suspects unaware of Kiritsugu's world. Therefore, one has to rely on the more common knowledge of Sola having feelings for Lancer. There is no specified time, as Kiritsugu has to rely on the hope that the murderer will show up there at some point before daybreak.]

[He does not observe her progress. To do so would risk the very point of this gambit. Instead, he simply waits until the news report in the morning.]

[It's getting easier. Slowly. Kiritsugu does not wish to go back to his former persona, but as long as Shirou's here... what choice does he have? Being killed himself is inconsequential, making information concerning his actions of little value by itself, but if Shirou's put in danger due to his relationship to him? Then he'll take action.]

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Jan. 22nd, 2012 06:00 am
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[Action; Private to Kayneth]

[Priorities change. Be it through trauma, or sheer old boredom, it is difficult to stick to one motivation your entire life. Eventually, your beliefs are defied in one way or another, forcing you to either adapt or die.]

[Kiritsugu has reached that point, and yet, has not reached that point. The core of his ideas remains the same. Protect. Save. But where once he saw every life as equally valuable, now he no longer strives to save any but those he cares about. Yet deep down, the same desire to be a hero of justice tears him up inside.]

[Yes. Kayneth's appearance inspires feelings in him he does not quite recognize. Regret has been a constant companion since the culmination of the Fourth War, but what currently plagues him is much more akin to shame, an emotion Kiritsugu has never felt before.]

[Yet Kiritsugu did not learn the ability to block out all emotions to reach his goals. He was born with it.]

[Other unnatural feelings well up in him. Bizarre emotions that can only be caused by another incident. He will not let it happen. He will stop the appearance of Shadows before another one emerges. But to do so, he must rid himself of interruptions.]

[It takes a few days for Kiritsugu to find a moment when Kayneth Archibald would be the only man in his floor, but he does not waste a single second of it. Inserting poison gas into the air vent was not too difficult a task. Not when the hotel was of average quality, and thus, possessing a security system easily infiltrated by him. Nothing fancy by any definition. If he could provide the second El-Melloi with a tranquilizer gun, he would have been remiss to not have gotten one himself. Guards are easier to take down than Shadows, and falling asleep on the job is not too rare an occurrence.]

[...Once again, he took precautions against unnecessary losses. It was one thing to do so when lives were at stake and the balance could be tipped too much, but nobody would have truly died here. Poisoning the entire floor for the afternoon was not negotiable, as directing his attack against nobody but Kayneth would have drawn much more suspicion, but to have waited until he was the only one there... it must have been simply to avoid too much publicity. Wouldn't do if this stirred up a frenzy.]

[He can't help but find the irony in smoking at a moment like this.]


[Typical of his afternoons, Kiritsugu can be found at his job at a local restaurant. He's passing the time organizing the service, waiting for his break to come. He seems to have invited Shirou to talk during that time. Whatever news come up on any TVs go seemingly ignored by him.]

[He also seems to be averting eye contact with Saber. While Kiritsugu would typically ignore her, he would not actually display any signs of her presence influencing him. Something's wrong.]

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[Kiritsugu can be found at different hardware shops around the city, purchasing weaponry. One would think he'd be a lot more discreet about it, acquiring them from the black market or under-the-table deals, but that is not necessary today. While purchasing live ammunition would normally cast suspicion on a person, tranquilizer ammo is not quite as incriminating, and actually easier to obtain in hunting shops than through unlawful ways.]

[Private to Lord El-Melloi II]

[Yes. Kiritsugu wants to learn more about Shadows. For the purposes of going back home, as well as protecting Shirou from any harm they may do to him, temporary as it may be. But they are not the only beings the man is worried about. Having only learned the true identity of Lord El-Melloi II recently, he thinks it would be a good idea to research him a little more, starting with his proficiency with technology. Usually, magi would be nothing short of incompetent with a gun in their hands, but there was the rare magus from a non-traditional family that defied the old ways.]

[It isn't hard to figure out who sent the magus a package, but as they had already discussed the matter, it is nothing to be suspicious about.]

[Though the ammunition has been covered, the pistol is a different matter entirely. Threading the barrel of a new pistol is a delicate matter. Having always been restricted in that regard by his Origin, Kiritsugu has little experience in actually modifying things at such a small scale, usually leaving it to his assistant. To do so in here would require the aid of a gunsmith, which is a contact he does not wish to establish at the moment. Instead, Kiritsugu has chosen a handgun from his own collection, specifically chosen for the caliber, which is ideal for a tranquilizer pistol, if not a gun.]

[However, to acquire a rifle would spell suicide for El-Melloi. He would be found out by the local authorities before he even got the chance to shoot a Shadow. In this day and age, you can't simply carry such a thing in a cliche -- that is to say, something like a musical instrument case.]

[The Magus Killer's well-acquainted with Walthers. His sniper rifle of choice happens to be one. However, the package arriving at the Clock Tower teacher's room, delivered by none other than Kiritsugu himself, is rather different. With a barrel of 3.4 inches, the P22 is known for being a particularly small gun, which should be easy to conceal. Already coming with a threaded barrel, the inclusion of a supressor was made possible, and so, Waver should have no fear of unwanted Shadows overhearing the shot, if not to the unrealistic degree portrayed in movies. 430 grams, and the aforementioned .22 LR cartridge permit the use of tranquilizer ammunition. It may not be the strongest weapon out there, but they don't even know what dose is required to bring down a Shadow, so it makes little difference.]

[Indeed, that is evidenced by a complete lack of notes within the package. The only thing accompanying the firearm is a variety of midazolam darts, each carrying a different dose, and none of them noted as more important than the other. To use too small a dose will yield nothing but an enraged Shadow, and too much of it will simply kill it, rendering the effort pointless. Therefore, it would be best to begin with as much time as possible, so that there's more than one Shadow to experiment on.]

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Nov. 16th, 2011 04:13 pm
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[Kiritsugu didn't want to make a move as overt as this, but with things as they are, and with recent events disabling his chances of having Shirou talk for him, he's left with no choice.]


I need a status report on all Heroic Spirits.

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Nov. 11th, 2011 06:18 pm
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[November 11. Kiritsugu's birthday goes as it usually does: mundanely and celebrated by no more than three people in the building. He's mapping out any strange occurrences around town, finding himself incapable of tracing anything to Shadows. Worrisome, as the full moon means something could happen. Could, but as he's seen, not certain.]

[Pocky day it may be, but Kiritsugu finds himself able to concentrate much better with cigarettes. Lighting one up, he opens the comm.]


Has anyone made preparations for the full moon?

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Sep. 21st, 2011 02:24 am
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[Video; filtered to Shirou]

Shirou. Could you come to my hotel room?


[Unlike his typical daily assessment of the town, Kiritsugu currently allows himself an afternoon of waiting for his son. Things seem to be mellow enough to lend importance to a much more urgent situation, that of Shirou's participation in the Grail War.]
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[It's a few hours before midnight. The screen turns on, revealing what looks like a weary man in his late 20s, though his tired demeanor pushes his apparent age a little further than that. He wastes no time in starting to speak, deciding that this is no time for formalities. While Kiritsugu Emiya would normally opt to reveal himself only through a voice, he no longer believes himself to have any real enemies, and he wishes to see the faces of other people trapped in this place.]

I gather we're in the United States, or at least a technologically superior version of it.

[This is what happens when you take a guy from the 90s.]

However, apart from a name, I haven't gathered any details regarding this city. At this point, I would like to ask: what is going on?


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