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Jan. 28th, 2012 04:16 pm
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[The same pretty anchor that always seems to be bringing on this channel is now on the screen, bringing you today's big news.]

Breaking news. Emery Lis, a former US Senator famed for his hand in founded our community of Prospero and father of current Mayor Bryant Lis, made a public statement today that has already been gaining national attention.

[The video cuts from the anchor to the former Senator. He's standing in front of a crowd of reporters, and appears to already be part way through his address.]

"And thus, my fellow Americans, I believe in these tough times that we should look for guidance in our lives. Not just the guidance of our leaders but the guidance of a force not governed by man. I have found that guidance and as a man of integrity, know it is my duty to share it with you. The guidance of three, a moral stance of belief and understanding of the world around us. A belief in the higher power and what it can show us. Which is why I am going to be spreading the message to my fellow man. Starting with my own beloved city of Prospero, we will be building the churches of the three and starting down the path to a better tomorrow."

[The video cuts back to the anchor.]

No word on this incident by Mayor Lis; calls to his office have been met with replies of 'No comment.' For the full video of Senator Lis's statement, check our home page.
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[There’s a voice coming through your communicator, though the screen shows no information or signs that anyone is using the network. The voice is neither old nor young, neither male nor female; in fact it has no inflection to it at all and sounds more like something being read by a computer. You’ll find that no matter what you do to shut off the communicator, the voice still comes through. Yes, even if you break it.]

We thought you would appreciate some time to recover after your last trial. Did you have a good rest? We do hope so as your next task will not be as easy as the last.

We decided to give more time to prepare this time as you did not seem to heed our warning the last. In the coming weeks we will be continuing to test how worthy you are. We have seen what you can do against corrupted innocents but how well will you fight when facing yourself? We anticipate the end results.


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