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[ Good evening, Prospero! Are you ready for the Dark Hour? No? Well, good! Heck it's not even the Dark Hour yet! It's only 11 o'clock! If you're an avid radio listener, you'll notice that like one of the only radio stations with a radio personality is doing something off-schedule! ]

Umm... [ A quiet girl takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. ] Okay, here we go...
He-Hello everyone, and good evening! We're sorry to interrupt your local news segment, but we're bringing a new program over the air!... I'm Yukiho Hagiwara, and this program is called "Sprout"! This show will be all about debunking the mystery of becoming an idol and a pop star! Anyone can do it if you have the heart, and we are here to be your support!

Tonight, I have two special friends who will be cohosting with me! Say hello and introduce yourselves!

[ The youngest of the three girls pipes up, her high-pitched voice somewhat louder than Yukiho's- ] Uu-uuu~! Everyone, good evening, and thank you for- turning? Towning? -- ah! - tuning in! I'm Yayoi Takatsuki, from 765 Productions, and it's nice to meet you all!!

[ And there's that cheery boyish voice joining in now. ] And I'm Makoto Kikuchi, also from 765 Pro! Keep your spirits up and your determination blazing, because with us helping you, you're going to hit heights you never dreamed of!

That's right! We're broadcasting live from the WPRT Radio Center! And--

[ Yukiho turns in her seat and waves at the web cam at the end of the table! Surprise, idols, your every movement and action is being recorded and broadcasted to the millions potentially watching online! ]

Hello to all the internet viewers, too! This segment will be broadcasted on the internet as well!

We will be taking callers throughout the evening, or you could ask us a question at "ask yukiho dot tumblr dot com slash ask"! For the web viewers, I've posted a link to the website.
[ Here! ] Ne, Yayoi-chan? Don't you think Makoto-chan looks super, super cool?! Our tumblr will be very popular because of her!

[ Yukiho turns her laptop toward the two and displays this tumblr post, all of which are pictures of Makoto in cool clothing rather than cute clothing. ]

Makoto-chan, you're so cool!! [ Yukiho has a lecherous face, clicking through the pictures... ]

Dot com slash... eeeh? W-We're on the Internet, too!? That's the, um, the super highway information world web, right? [ There's a moment as Yayoi reorients her train of thought, blinking at the pictures. ] -- ah, she DOES look really cool! Makoto-san, I didn't know you took that many pictures with Yukiho-san!

W-wait a minute, I don't even remember some of these-- [ And Makoto is very slowly paling... ] Shouldn't we be focusing on something else right now?? There shouldn't just be pictures of me on there! And at the very least, let me have one in a skirt...

Ah! Makoto-chan, so cool! Super, super cool!--ah! I-It looks like we have people calling in now! And there are even some questions on the tumblr already! All right! Ask us anything about becoming famous!.. Eh? Who is tumblr user KINPIKA and why is he following me?...

[ Yukiho blinks, then clears her throat to answer the phone: ] Yes hello, caller! What is your question?

[ OOC :: Okay! Lots going on here! Yukiho Hagiwara, Yayoi Takatsuki & Makoto Kikuchi tri-joint post! One, two or all three will respond to you! And this isn't on the cell phone comm per se but through the radio and internet! Feel free to be as creative with replies as you want, be it calling as a local listener on the phone or even posting a question on tumblr! Anonymous questions will be posted and commented on, too! Tumblr shenanigans encouraged if you care! ]
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[ if you're out and about and not staying safely indoors for who knows what reason, you will probably see the.... perhaps not-so-unusual sight of someone in the Shopping District being surrounded by a group of giggling girls.

And by girls, I mean ranging in age from middle school to housewives. It's not like this poor tormented woman-attracting soul can get very far with all the chattering and squealing and flirting going on, but damn are they (politely) trying. ]

No, really-- I just-- I'm just trying to find my way back! Why does this always happen?!

[ A FEW HOURS LATER, there's a video post. Aforementioned poor tormented woman-attracting soul is looking more than a little disheveled, with her baseball cap lopsided and her clothes rumpled, but after a moment of trying fruitlessly to adjust herself, she gives up and grins sheepishly. ]

P-people here are really friendly, aren't they? My name is Makoto Kikuchi, and I have no idea where I am!! It's nice to meet you!

[ she probably shouldn't say that so cheerfully. ]

By any chance, has anyone here heard of 765 Pro?


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