Sep. 19th, 2012 01:14 pm
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Private for himself, a.k.a. some long-ass and unnecessary explanation )


[A day pass after that epic moment last night and it's already past afternoon when Izaya can haz his happy taimu. Video, because that's just how much of a happy creeper he currently is.]

So guys, I am in unusually good mood. Anyone want to play a game?

[Even if you are highly suspicious of that, he continues anyway.]

Win and I'll give you crash course about those who you guys addressed as gods. Or maybe your Personas, since... you know, most of them are divine being, am I right?

Fair enough? Good.

[A small pause, before he bring a well-drawn picture to the screen, his voice follows soon.]

_ _ _ _

Yup, a hangman game, about name of gods. Four letters as the starter is the Easy Mode, right? Keep calm and game on, guys~


Jul. 30th, 2012 11:49 am
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[He was sure last night he tried to... dispose of this card with his own way, yet when the sun rose, the Magician card was by his hand again. Really, he expected that those cards were not just a normal tarot, and his expectation was answered gloriously.]

[So, here's a video of Izaya connecting to the world! At first, he thought he should filter this from Shizuo, but in the end he's against it. Shizuo might say something hilarious from this, after all.]

Hello, Prospero. Want to know some interesting trivia about these cards? [A pause as he shifted his position like in the icon.] No, I know about predictions and fortune telling with them, but I am not talking about them. It's a whole new fact.


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