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hey, i don't mean to be a bother but (。-_-。 )
when someone's number stops working, does it mean they're no longer here?
that they went home?
if so, then kanji tatsumi is no longer here with us
if you knew him just a bit, could you share a bit about him?
i'm curious how others thought of him
thank you
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[ This video call starts off with an upset girl. She's trying her best to hide it, but it just seeps out into her expression more than she realizes. ]

Um.. I'm sorry for bothering everyone, but I just remembered something. It's a bit late, but with school and everything else going on, I hope it's alright. A couple days ago, it was Kanji-kun's birthday.. [ Maybe this is why she's so apprehensive. ] I ordered a few boxes of pizza and am bringing some other snacks down to one of the conference rooms in the hotel if anyone would like to come and celebrate tonight. It'd be nice if those from Inaba could show up, but anyone's welcomed really..

S-Sorry if this really bothers you, Kanji-kun. I just didn't want you to think anyone forgot.. [ Just kind of like how her own birthday was cause this mun fails hard. ] If you can just do me the favor of showing up at least for a little bit, I'd like to give you something.

Thank you everyone. [ Click! ]

(( party log is up here!! ))

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[ The screen fades in slowly and the first thing that comes to clarity is a gray-haired teenager. Behind him is the recognizable almost gaudy style of the hotel. The teenager stares for several moments before speaking: ]

Ah. There it is.

[ And that's that. Now he's staring again, with his light gray eyes, almost waiting as if you will answer him immediately--at least for a few more moments. ]

The travel brochure says we're in Prospero Island in America. How did we get here? This doesn't seem like a school trip.

[ He is almost emotionless--stoic--his words lacking any trace of what he's feeling or thinking. ]

I don't remember boarding a plane.

[ Something stirs behind him, in the bed. Rather, someone. The teenager hears it and turns around, watching as a black-haired girl slowly sits up from the bed. She looks at the boy, looking rather surprised. ]

Huh? Wha-? ... Where am I? Who are yo--oh, I remember you. What are you doing here?

Ah. [ Souji looks back to the phone then to the girl. ]

We're on Prospero Island. I woke up earlier and was in this room with you.

[ The girl however is staring at the phone--at the feed, realizing something unscrupulous may have just occurred. While she was asleep. She cuts him a sharp glance. ]

What do you mean by that? You just happened to wake up here with me?

[ The boy, unabashed: ] Yeah. [ A very minor pause before continuing: ] If you want to use the shower, the bathroom is behind this table...

I think someone must have kidnapped us.

[ The feed cuts off. ]

[ OOC: Dual intro! Both Souji Seta and/or Yukiko Amagi will respond accordingly. ]


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