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Good day, Prospero. In light of recent events and the overall feelings of many of us here, I felt as though we could use a bit of cheering up. It is not much, but I offer anyone who would like to a meal and wine. [Just as she says, you can see a bit of her lunch and a bottle of some ~*classy*~ looking wine.] The weather has been quite nice, so it seemed as good a time as any to dine outside.

Of course, you are free to ignore this message. If not, I look forward to dining with you.

[Seeing as how this has been extended to just about everyone here, well, FREE BOOZE THAT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT RIGHT.]
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[This post is brought to you by ALL YOUR BOOKS ARE BELONG TO US. Except not really; if anyone frequents places like the local library or bookstore, they'll probably be able to spot one girl who doesn't come by so frequently sometime during the day, but that's not so interesting. What's interesting is the fact that she doesn't even seem to be reading the books she's flipping through, merely trying to find something she's looking for.

And all these books seem to be focused around one thing: the Maid of Orleans, Saint Jeanne d'Arc. :|a What's up with that right... So why not ask her why she has her face buried so intensely in a book clearly being interrupted is what she needs right now!!]


[And if that adventure should prove to be unhelpful...] Bonsoir, mademoiselles and messieurs. I fear this is a rather odd question to ask, but...

[She pauses. There really is no subtle way to go about this, but she can't help her curiosity since in the end it is, well, about herself after all.] Is there anyone familiar with saints and the like? I had a question about one of them, and I am afraid the research I attempted did not prove of much use.
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I apologize for the what must certainly be abrupt, but if anyone has seen Saber [a beat]--the polite and reserved Saber I mean, and Alice, could you kindly tell them to come home? Well, not home I suppose [these sudden familial feelings are really weird], but room 306 at the Bay View Hotel. It'd be improper for them to stay out so late, and I would rather like to eat a good dinner together with my daughters. Alice, Saber, if either of you hear this please come ho--to room 306 so that we may all eat together.

Of course, Archer and Sanaki are welcome to join us. [Though she doesn't bother specifying which Archer this time SURELY HE'LL FIGURE IT OUT BY HIMSELF.] Being able to eat and spend time with your siblings is always a wonderful thing to experience, yes? While I can't really say I recall ever having such a family, it certainly feels like I do, and who would I be to deny such a thing.
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This sort of device never ceases to amaze me... [Hello Prospero, don't mind what sounds like a young girl fumbling with the cell phone. Technology is kind of neat okok.... BUT ANYWAYS, for a little while it's just audio until there's a final click and it switches to video. The girl blinks at the camera, seemingly taking a while to understand what's going on.]

Oh, this is... right, yes, of course! This must be a video. I suppose it's only natural to assume that others will see this. In that case-- [brb seriousing the fuck up] Good afternoon, mademoiselles and messieurs. I apologize for the disturbance, but if I may ask for someone's time I am afraid I have a few questions to ask. Though I currently know of no way to repay such kindness if given to me, I assure you I will find a way. Thank you, and farewell until then.

[She's a bit sloppy with turning off the cellphone though, and a tiny sigh escapes before she manages to shut it off.] And to think I was finally done with my duties...


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