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[The feed opened up to the view of... a soccer field, and no person in sight. For a while, the feed was devoid of human presence, but then Endou walked onto the field, looking upset. There was a lone soccer ball nearby him, but he made no move towards it, walking past it instead. To those who knew him, it was an indication that whatever was upsetting him was serious. Endou Mamoru would never ignore soccer in favour of something else, never.

It took a while for Endou to realize his phone was recording him, but once he did, he moved over to the phone, and after staring at the screen for a few seconds, an unreadable expression on his face, he turned it off.]

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[The feed turned on to the sight of a young boy wearing what looked like a soccer uniform, and a bright orange headband. He seemed to be unaware that the phone device had turned on, and was instead looking around and attempting to discern his location.]

Where is this place...? It doesn't look like Raimon...

[As he looked around, his eyes landed on the phone device. He moved to pick it up, and examined it, causing the feed to blur for a bit, before finally settling to stare at the screen.]

What is this? A phone? Did someone lose it?

[Endou fiddled with the device for a bit before realizing that it was on, and was recording.]

Ah, it's on? Uh... hello, is anyone there? Do you know who's phone this is?


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