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[If you're wander around the hospital by now, there's a chaos happening in there, yelling the body is 'missing'. However, that's not the communicator takes the place. Somewhere quiet, probably around alleyway or the streets, you'll be listening a sound of panting like someone had been chased.

The next thing is, anyone who fond with this singer's voice, probably makes you wonder there's more mysteries to solve other than the 'Dark Hour' itself.]

...Please tell me. I'm still dreaming, right? I'm supposed to be in heaven or hell by now. I-I need someone to confirm this.

I really mean it... right now.

[Dead man is awake, and he's certainly confused.]
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[It's passed midnight, and a video feeds accidentally turns on. You would notice there's a man with the police outfit. You will also hear a siren wailing on the background, and location isn't far from the crime scene yesterday. What's going on anyway? The cop still hands on the phone but didn't realize about the video feed.]

"Tell the chief, the killer got the second victim."

"Yes sir!"

[The police dropped the cellphone down, giving a good view for whoever watch the feed. You'll see the lifeless Kaito laying on the ground, and covered in blood. Looks like the news this morning isn't going to be any good.]

[ooc: It's few hours after this log. Open action to everyone, for those whoever want to check him out dead at the scene. This is mingle post, Kaito won't respond to your threads. Action go!]
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[It's exact midnight, Dark Hour time, and the video shows Kaito sitting alone at the open street, humming this song. His voice reaches the alleyways, if someone happened to be there. There's also slight pause in the middle of the song, as he slashes a rather weak Shadow before he sits back.]

So, after everything's happened, the numbers of them decreases after the full moon? That's good. I don't have to patrol around the streets three times a week.

[Continues whistles the song, as he has nothing much to do.]
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[In the morning, the students goes to school, Kaito is having his job as a children daycare worker. Usually, he turned off his cellphone during work. But today, his finger slipped on the video button as he places on the table. He's wearing blue shirt with an apron, as he's teaching a song with his weird kind of dance and it's recording the whole time. The kids sure love that song. When he's done with the teaching, he picks his cellphone and notices the recording.]

Uh... Pretend that you never see this.

[He instantly turns off the video feed.]

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[ basil's been ignoring his notice to go to school for a days now, but ever since, he's constantly hounded by the so-called authorities about his plans. what he'd really like to do is just go home, but that doesn't seem possible at the moment. he's done with school and there's nothing more he wishes to do or learn, and yet there's always something adamant on getting in the way of his free time. not cool, man.

he's also not very interested in getting to know the people here, but even he's smart enough to realize he needs at least one person that has his benefits in mind. maybe two. it doesn't seem like he can get anything done here on his own, in any case. so here's a audio-only broadcast to his fellow prospero inhabitants. ]

Uuuuh- so, summer classes. Anyone going...
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I was wondering, if any of you guys could teach me a proper fight with a weapon? Those creatures seem increasing in number during that time from day by day. It's unfortunate for me to not know how to self-defense. I'm unable to use Google Search.

I'm expecting for volunteers, and if the others would like to join, please respond to this text.
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[There's a few seconds delay before a man speaks through the voice feed.]

It seems I can't access my own system configuration. I think it's already broken, and I can't fix it without the tools. Furthermore, I don't how describe this but I feel very alive, and I've been granted a real human body upon my arrival.

Whatever it is, I need to check my configuration immediately. Does anyone know where I can find a laboratory in here?


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